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How-To Enema Instructions

Learn how to take an enema, how to make and use essential oil suppositories, and more.

Cleaning Enema Equipment

The best and simplest way to clean your enema equipment is to run hot, soapy water through both the...

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How to Take an Enema

View educational videos on taking an enema series, choosing enema equipment, and more.

Coffee Enema and Enema How-To Videos

Learn more about coffee enemas, how often to take an enema, and all things colon cleanse.

Kristina's Health Video Blog

Explore the world of alternative health with Kristina, her clients, and the rest of the world!

Educational Colon Cleanse Videos

Cleanse your colon, reduce your risk of cancer, help eliminate constipation, cleanse your body.

Optimize Your Health Videos

Heal and thrive using colon cleansing, herbs, supplements, nutrition, and essential oils.

Alternative Health Q&As

We present frequently asked questions about colon cleansing and the importance of colon health.