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Optimize Your Health: Diet, Constipation, and Enema Administration Videos

Keeping your weight on track can be challenging, but in "Changing Your Diet: Emotional Ties to Food" you'll learn how to manage emotions as you make changes in your diet. Essential oils can help you to lose weight safely and detox your body at the same time. You can also learn how to heal from conditions such as chemical sensitivities and anal fissures. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or sebaceous cysts, our video about essential oils may provide information that can help. Suffer from infrequent bowel movements? Check out our constipation video to find solutions for relief.

Many people wonder if there's a difference between an enema and a colon cleanse. Get the facts from a number of our videos on enemas, including "Colon Cleansing Products vs. Enemas." Curious about the history of enemas? Discover how they were used by the Mayan people as part of a ritual to gain higher wisdom. Can the coffee enema help to heal and prevent cancer? The answer may surprise you. Check out our overview or our coffee enema administration video to get started.

Enema Testimonial: How to Cure Constipation

A brief interview with a client who has found great success in curing constipation by doing regular enemas.

101 Reasons to Cleanse Your Colon: Excerpt 1

Kristina Amelong continues to interview people about the colon cleanse. In this excerpt, she films her cousin, who happens to be a colonoscopy prep nurse, which Kristina didn't know at the time. What she learns is surprising and disgusting! Most people have diverticula, which end up holding toxic stool. Yikes! Cleanse your colon!

101 Reasons to Cleanse Your Colon: Excerpt 2

Kristina Amelong continues to interview people about the colon cleanse. In this excerpt, she films a client who comes to the Optimal Health Center each year from West Virginia. What she learns is six more reasons to cleanse the colon: to feel better than you have in your entire life; to increase your energy levels; to make dietary changes easier; to be rid of pain; to give up chewing tobacco; to improve an overall bodily cleanse in combination with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis; and to promote prostate health, along with supplemental prostate herbs. You can heal!

How to Take a Coffee Enema

Dee Dee Delkamp of the Optimal Health Center describes the benefits of coffee enemas and gives step-by-step instructions for taking a coffee enema on your own at home.

You Can Do It!
A Colon Cleanse Documentary

This is Kristina Amelong's trailer for her upcoming documentary, You Can Do It!

A Contemplative Colon Cleanse

Kristina Amelong of the Optimal Health Center features Greta Casey in this meditative journey through the digestive tract. We encourage you to use this guided journey of compassion to "cleanse" your colon in a unique way by letting it speak through your writing.

Echinacea for Immune and Gut Support

Kristina Amelong of the Optimal Health Network and Vanessa Teff of Standard Process discuss the powers of echinacea, an herb that not only supports the immune system but can help with gut problems.

By Kristina Amelong