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How To Choose the Best Enema Kit for You

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Disposable vs. Reusable Enema Kits

Bags vs. Buckets

Choosing the Right Nozzle

Flowmaster Kits vs. Easy Enema Kits

Which Enema Kit Is the Best?

When choosing which home enema kit to buy, there are numerous factors to consider, which we know can be a bit overwhelming if you're new to enemas. Which enema kit is the best? Which enema nozzle is right for me? Should I purchase a bag or a bucket? Which enema bag size is best? Latex or silicone material?

We're here to help! It's important to understand that each option for each component within an enema kit has its pros and cons. We provide key information below so that you can weigh your options wisely and then choose the perfect home enema kit for you!

Disposable vs. Reusable Enema Kits

When choosing an enema kit, one of the first things to consider is quality. Should you buy a disposable enema kit or a reusable one? While disposable enema bags can allow you to effectively take a home enema (or a few, if you clean the bag between uses), they aren't a good long-term option, and the hard plastic nozzles included with these kits are uncomfortable for most people. With the right quality equipment and nozzle, enemas should never be painful or uncomfortable.

enema bag vs. enema bucket

Bag vs. Bucket

Should I use a bag or bucket for my home enema set-up? This is one of the common questions we get from those trying enemas for the first time. Both bags and buckets have their pros and cons.

ENEMA BAG — Optimal Health Network's silicone enema bags come in three sizes — 2-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart capacity. Our silicone bags are translucent, which allows you to easily monitor your intake of the enema solution while you're doing an enema. Our bags are also more compact than buckets, so they are a bit easier to store and to travel with if you plan to do enemas on the road. On the other hand, if you purchase a kit with a bag, you'll need to make sure that you have access to a place to hang it, because bags can't be placed on surfaces like a bucket.

ENEMA BUCKET — Our stainless steel enema buckets are available only in a 2-quart capacity. While this is large enough for some people, many prefer using 3 to 5 quarts of solution to do high-volume enemas, so the bucket size would not be adequate for that. Some people find buckets a bit easier to clean out than enema bags, although our open-top silicone bags are actually quite easy to keep clean. The biggest benefit of buckets over enema bags is that if you don't have anywhere to hang your enema equipment, buckets can be set on tall stools or other elevated surfaces next to you while doing an enema, while bags can only be hung up.


Latex vs. Silicone

While most of our enema bag kits are made of silicone, we do have 4-Quart Easy Enema Kits that come with latex bags and tubing.

Important: We generally recommend choosing silicone over latex for your enema equipment, especially if you ever plan to use essential oils or coffee in your enema solutions. Essential oils and coffee will degrade latex over time, and you don't want the chemicals contained in decaying latex to enter your enema solution and your body!

home enema nozzles

Choosing the Right Nozzle

Choosing the right nozzle for you can be the most daunting part of selecting an enema kit, and it may take some experimenting, especially if you've never taken enemas before.

Enema nozzles come in different shapes, diameters, lengths, and materials. In general, the most important aspect of a nozzle is that its diameter is a good fit for you. If the nozzle's diameter is too large, it may be uncomfortable, painful, and more difficult to insert. If the diameter is too small, the nozzle may easily fall out during the enema.

For many people, either our silicone colon tube or our standard flex tip nozzle will be a good fit. These two nozzles are both flexible, and most people find them to be very comfortable.

The silicone colon tube has a slightly smaller diameter and it is longer, so it can be inserted much further into the colon than the flex tip nozzle. The flex tip nozzle has a slightly larger diameter, and can be effective even if only inserted a few inches, making it a great nozzle for beginners.

For some people, however, a larger nozzle will be necessary. We offer a selection of inflatable silicone retention nozzles as well as larger Delrin nozzles. These options often work well for those who have a loose anus (either from age or childbirth) or for those who struggle with leaking or retaining enemas when using standard size nozzles.

Delrin nozzles can also be a good option for those suffering with hemorrhoids or anal fissures, because these nozzles are extremely smooth and have no seams or irritating edges. Alternatively, if you're suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures and you want to do enemas, but the Delrin nozzles are too large for you, the silicone colon tube is also a fairly smooth nozzle, with a smaller diameter which makes it easier to insert.

If you purchase an enema kit (see below) and find that the nozzle isn't perfect for you, don't be afraid to try out something else! We sell all of our nozzles as stand-alone items as well, so it's easy and affordable to experiment with different nozzle options.


home enema kits

Flowmaster Kits vs. Easy Enema Kits

Optimal Health Network offers two basic types of enema kits: our Silicone Flowmaster Enema Kits (which include a bag and a choice of nozzle) and our Easy Enema Kits (which include a bag or bucket and a choice of nozzle).

The big difference between these two types of kits is the tubing.

Our Easy Enema Kits come with one continuous 6-foot length of tubing. These kits are very easy to use, and are a very affordable option.

Our Silicone Flowmaster Kits, on the other hand, include a Smooth Flow Higginson-type syringe bulb inserted into the 6-foot tubing length. This bulb allows you to gently push the therapeutic solution further into the colon, past colon blockages, which can help relieve cramping and pressure during the enema.

Both of these kit types are great options for taking home enemas, but if you struggle with cramping, or want an enema experience that is more similar to a professional colon hydrotherapy session, you may want to try out a Silicone Flowmaster Enema Kit.

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Optimal Health Network enema kits are all high in quality and safe when used as instructed. Features vary slightly from kit to kit so that you can find the perfect enema kit for you!

If you've read through this article and are still asking yourself, "Which enema kit is right for me?" feel free to call us at 608-242-0200 or email us at customerservice@ optimalhealthnetwork.com with any questions you have!

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