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Optimal Health Center Colon Hydrotherapy Services | Colonics and Enemas | Madison, Wisconsin

To schedule an appointment for colon hydrotherapy services in the Madison, Wisconsin area, please contact Dee Dee Delkamp, CCT, at (920) 253-1790 or visit www.theoptimalhealthcenter.com.

colon hydrotherapy services

Regular colon cleansing can be an important tool for detoxification, recovering from chronic illness, and regaining a general feeling of well-being. The health professionals at the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin, have worked with clients for over a decade, perfecting the art of colon hydrotherapy.

Colon hydrotherapy is a process in which purified water and other therapeutic liquid solutions such as herbs or coffee are introduced into the colon via the anus. We offer two types of colon hydrotherapy: colonics and enemas.

Colonics: This alternative health colon cleanse treatment is done on a massage table with an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist using a medically approved colon hydrotherapy machine via a disposable, single-use speculum and tube set.

Enema Series: This alternative health colon cleanse treatment is similar to colonics in that it is done on a massage table, but the equipment used consists of an enema bag, enema hose, clamp, and enema nozzle provided by the client. During the enema series, the client can be taught how to effectively cleanse the colon at home using this same enema protocol. Enema equipment can be purchased from the Optimal Health Center at the time of your appointment.