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Optimal Health Network offers the best colon cleanse equipment for sale, with numerous products and kits designed by colon hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC for safety, durability, and ease of use. Our natural colon cleanse products include enema kits, enema bags, enema buckets, nozzles, colon tubes, lubricants, implants, additives, and more.

Our online enema supply store offers a variety of clinically tested home enema kits developed to cleanse your entire colon as thoroughly as a visit to a professional colon hydrotherapist. If you are seeking safe enema supplies to achieve the best colon cleanse possible, purchase from Optimal Health Network. You'll enjoy high-quality products and caring customer support from experts with many years of clinical experience!

Easy Enema Kits

With multiple bag, bucket, and nozzle options, these are quality home colon cleansing kits for the beginner.

Enema Bags and Enema Buckets

Explore latex-free enema bags and stainless steel enema buckets for your home enema system.

Nozzles, Colon Tubes, Lubricants

Browse enema nozzles, colon tubes, and natural lubricants for your home colon cleansing set-up.

Colon Cleanse Implants, Additives and Solutions

Learn about therapeutic solutions for your colon cleanse, plus implant options after cleansing.

Enema Retention Inflatable Nozzles

These are hands-free nozzles when colon cleansing, as well as a helpful tool in preventing leaking.

Economy Enema Kits

Browse quality, low-cost enema equipment for your home health program. Lightweight and easy to pack!

Enema Tubing/Hose, Connectors, Clamps

You will need these accessories to complement your enema bag or bucket if not buying a full enema kit.

Enema Soaps

Browse therapeutic enema soaps for colon cleansing. Two contain essential oils; one is mild and unscented.

Anal Fissure Healing Kits

Our anal fissure kits include therapeutic essential oils and supplements to help you overcome fissures.

Kristina Amelong

▶︎ Need more detailed guidance in creating a home enema program that's right for you?

Personal Health Consultations with
Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC

For personalized support with your home colon cleanse program, including selecting the best enema equipment for your needs, I would be happy to assist via a scheduled phone consultation. I charge an affordable $2.25 per minute, for as many or as few minutes as you need!

First complete any relevant sections of my secure online intake form. Upon submitting the form, you will be prompted to schedule a consultation time with me via my online booking system.

If you are an international client who would like to use WhatsApp for your scheduled consultation, you can find me on the app at +1 608-242-0200.

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