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Colon Tube Safety

How To Use Colon Tubes in Your Home Enema Program

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Colon tubes are effective nozzles to use in a home enema program for those seeking a deeper, high-volume colon cleanse. Colon tubes are ideal nozzles for those new to home colon cleansing due to how smooth, thin, and easy to insert they are, and can also be the best option for people suffering from anal fissures or hemorrhoids for the same reason.

Colon Tube Material

I recommend using silicone colon tubes rather than the latex/rubber colon tubes. It's generally better to avoid latex enema equipment, firstly because many people suffer from latex allergies, which in some cases can be severe. Furthermore, if you are using essential oils in your enema solution, latex can be degraded by these oils, and you don't want the broken-down latex to be absorbed into your body.

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Colon Tube Usage

Once your enema bag is full, hang the bag from a towel rack, showerhead, shower curtain, or IV stand. I recommend lubricating your colon tube with either Super Salve or Surgilube (links). Lie down on either your side or back, whatever is most comfortable for you, near a toilet, and insert the colon tube. (How the colon tube is inserted varies between individuals.)

The preferred way to insert a colon tube is to begin a flow of the enema to create a channel of water or solution, then insert the tube in stages, gradually. Again, make sure the end of the colon tube is well lubricated.

It is not really necessary to get the entire colon tube into your colon in order to accomplish a "high" enema. Many people will only need to insert the colon tube about 10 inches, maximum, for a highly effective enema, and even 4-6 inches may be enough. Use time, patience, and gravity to your benefit. Unless your colon is congenitally abnormal or something similar, the enema should be able to reach the "high" areas of the colon.

Remember that it’s not necessarily how deep the colon tube goes in, but rather how deep the solution goes in that really counts. This takes time, relaxation, and listening to one’s own body.

Slowly take in the enema solution over 5 to 15 minutes. (In the case of a coffee enema, we recommend holding the solution for 12 to 15 minutes.)

Once you have taken in the entire solution and have retained it for the recommended length of time, sit on the toilet and release the solution.


Colon Tube Safety

A snug connection between the tip of the colon tube and the rest of the colon tube is very important. This connection can loosen over time and with frequent use, so if you notice that that connection is no longer secure, it’s time to replace the colon tube.

Above all, never force a colon tube deeper. If you feel any pain or resistance from your body, stop inserting the colon tube. Listen to and check in with your body throughout the enema.

Each person reacts differently to a colon tube, even when a channel of enema water or solution is created. You might never get the tube all the way in, and you should never force it.

Always lubricate your colon tube or nozzle.

Thin colon tubes actually can be dangerous. You run a higher risk of puncturing the colon when using thin colon tubes. Thus I strongly recommend a medium-diameter colon tube, about French 30 to 34.



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By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC
I-ACT-Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Certified Nutritional Consultant

Kristina Amelong

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