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Kristina's Health Video Blog

Become a healthier and happier you with our Optimize Your Health video library. Find out how enemas can relieve constipation and why it's crucial to keep your colon clean. Learn about how coffee can do more than perk you up in the morning. You can learn about the many amazing benefits of a coffee cleanse in "How to Take a Coffee Enema," a health video blog user favorite.

From detox videos to diet, colonics, and more, we offer a huge set of health videos online at Optimal Health Network. Learn about how herbal supplements can help to overcome chronic fatigue caused by adrenal exhaustion. Natural herbs can also strengthen your immune system, regulate cortisol levels, heal gastrointestinal problems, and correct hormonal imbalances. Our video "Echinacea for Immune and Gut Support" explains how a herbal supplement called echinacea can boost your immune system while aiding in the process of digestion.

Essential oils may smell good, but they can also relieve back pain, prevent hair loss, clean your colon, and much more. Watch our Spring Cleanse detox video for an annual detox regimen, or view any of our health videos for improving your well-being. Join us and optimize your health today!

Changing Your Diet: Emotional Ties to Food

Kristina shares some guidance on how to support yourself emotionally when you make dietary changes.

How to Heal from Anal Fissures

Kristina explains anal fissures and the protocol she developed to treat them.

How to Heal from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Kristina shares the truth about multiple chemical sensitivities: you CAN heal!

Journey to Optimal Health - Why Colon Cleanse?

Kristina shares how she came to regular colon cleansing.

Cleanse, Lose Weight and Detox with Essential Oils

Kristina and Michelle Buchanan of Isthmus Acupuncture discuss how to cleanse, lose weight, and detox safely using Young Living Citrus Essential Oils.

How to Enema: Using Enema Soap

Kristina addresses how to use the enema soap in the enema series.

By Kristina Amelong