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Kristina's Health Video Blog

How to Detox: Spring Cleanse

Kristina addresses how to detox using the enema series, fish oil, therapeutic water, a low-carb diet, and chlorophyll.

How to Colon Cleanse with Essential Oils

Kristina addresses using Young Living essential oils in the colon cleanse and with coconut oil suppositories. By using essential oils, you can enhance the therapeutic effects of your colon cleanse and in home enema treatments.

Oprah and the Colon Cleanse

Kristina addresses a statement made on Oprah.com about colon cleansing and encourages Oprah Winfrey to look into it more.

Where Do I Take an Enema?

Kristina suggests several options to pick from when deciding on where to take an enema.

Cancer and the Coffee Enema

Kristina describes the healing benefits of coffee enemas for people who have cancer or wish to prevent it.

Colon Cleansing Products vs. Enemas

Kristina describes the benefits of using enemas to colon cleanse as opposed to oral products to which many people are intolerant.

Cleaning Your Enema Equipment

Kristina explains how to keep your enema equipment clean and shares some unique beauty from Cherokee Marsh in Madison, WI.

By Kristina Amelong