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Travel Size Economy Enema Kits

These are the best on the market in low-priced, quality enema kits. They are great starter kits for someone trying colon cleansing for the first time. They also make inexpensive travel kits as they are small, lightweight, and fit easily into luggage.

All Optimal Health Network enema kits, enema bags and enema buckets come with a downloadable booklet on "How to take an Enema." Please read our download instructions here before purchasing.

Plastic Enema Bucket Kit 1.5-Quart Plastic Enema Bucket Kit

This 1.5-quart plastic enema bucket kit is easy to clean and excellent for taking coffee enemas.

Gent-L-Care Enema Bag Kit 1.5-Quart Gent-L-Care Enema Bag Kit

This 1.5-quart soft plastic enema bag has a pre-lubricated tip for one-time use, but it can be reused.

Fountain Style Enema Bag Kit Fountain Style Rubber Enema Bag Kit

This kit includes a red, 1.5-quart, latex fountain-style enema bag.

Traditional Water Bottle Enema Bag Kit Traditional Water Bottle Rubber Enema Bag Kit

This kit includes a red, 1.5-quart, latex hot-water-bottle-style enema bag.

Clear Enema Bag Kit- 2500cc Capacity 2.5-Quart Clear Enema Bag Kit

This 2.5-quart plastic colon cleanse enema bag kit is a great choice for doing enemas while traveling.

Super XL Enema Bag Kit 2500 cc Super XL Enema Bag Kit

Recommended for the experienced user because of the high-velocity flow from the 1/2" diameter of the hose, this kit features a 2.5-quart clear vinyl enema bag.