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Fast, Easy, and Healthful Weight Loss

Client Testimonial

"I had tried the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, and Weight Watchers. None of these programs really made sense to me and I never felt all that great while I was on any of them. I would lose a little bit of weight but then I would gain it right back again. I hated dieting. Now, after 6 months of working with the principles in Ten Days to Optimal Health, I have lost 65 pounds and I feel happy."

Yes, we can help you lose weight fast, easily, AND HEALTHFULLY!

What are the core elements of a fast, easy, and healthy weight loss program?

  • Diet of the Ten Days to Optimal Health Program
  • Eat small meals often.
  • No sugar for ten days. Low carbohydrates.
  • Lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and fats.
  • Water every 30 minutes.
  • No gluten grains for ten days.
  • No commercial dairy.
  • Fitness Essential Oil Blend helps to balance blood sugar and reduces food cravings. Use 3-4 drops nightly in a suppository to support weight loss.
  • Also, orally take 4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil one to three times daily. The lemon will help to break up the toxins in your body and in your fat cells. The peppermint will help to regulate your digestion. It's a powerful combination.

Cleanse, Lose Weight and Detox with Essential Oils

Kristina and Michelle Buchanan of Isthmus Acupuncture discuss how to cleanse, lose weight, and detox safely using citrus essential oils.

It's fun. It's easy. It's fast! Repeat this cycle as often as needed in ten-day increments. You will be amazed at how much you change in each of those ten days!

fresh fruit

Caring for Our Bodies through Dietary Choices)

(A quote from Ten Days to Optimal Health)

"Optimal Health [weight!] is a path; it is not just a place to reach or a set of skills to attain. It is a journey. It is the daily decision to do things as though your health really matters. When this new lifestyle becomes second nature, we have attained our goal. When we make daily rational choices that promote our health, as naturally as we would choose to remove our hands from a hot oven, then we will love the way we feel and feel more fully the way we love to feel...

...Did you know that at this point in history, all of us, unless we are killed by a tragedy, will die of a disease created by the way in which we care for ourselves? This is unacceptable to me. I take issue with the standards that we collectively hold regarding what it means to care for our bodies."

The Afternoon Slump

How often have you experienced that afternoon slump? It's midway through the day, you're tired, and your "get up and go" seems like it's all gone. When your blood sugar levels are naturally out of balance, energy feels like it's draining away. Your blood sugar levels can drop naturally, often in the late afternoon, triggering sugar cravings.

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For more than 2,000 years, Gymnema sylvestre has been used traditionally as a key herb to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within a healthy range. In India, it's called gurmar ("the sugar destroyer"). That's because, since ancient times, natural clinicians have noted that it suppresses the taste of sugar.

Try this simple test and be amazed, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Just place one 4g Gymnema tablet on your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds. It might not taste great, but you'll love what happens next. Swallow the tablet, wait a minute, then try something sweet -- perhaps a few sugar crystals. Surprise -- no sweet taste!

Gymnema supports healthy pancreatic function and the normal production of insulin in the body. By helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels within a normal range, it can help support weight management and balance energy levels.

To order Gymnema, call or email the Optimal Health Center.


thyroid gland

People with hypothyroidism struggle with an inability to lose weight. Hypothyroidism is a common hormonal disturbance and affects millions of people of both sexes and of all ages. One in four people may suffer from hypothyroidism.

Slight imbalances in thyroid function are common and can often be corrected by making simple dietary adjustments. However, some people find it necessary to supplement their diets with thyroid-boosting nutrients and/or to take some form of natural hormonal support.

A hair tissue mineral analysis can assist you to determine the health of your thyroid gland and if you could benefit from thyroid-boosting nutrients.

Removing Toxins

Regular colon cleansing assists the body in dealing with toxins removal during a weight loss program.

Well-placed enemas and colonics can play a crucial role in weight loss because environmental pollutants trapped in fat cells are released back into circulation when people lose weight.

"According to data collected from among 1,099 adult participants age 40 and over in the CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), serum concentrations of six persistent organic pollutants were significantly correlated with weight change, according to Duk-Hee Lee, MD, PhD, of Kyungpook National University in Daegu, Korea, and colleagues." (from MedPage Today)

If you have weight loss goals, you can quickly, easily, and healthfully lose weight starting today. Please do let us know if we can help.


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