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How To Cleanse Parasites from the Body


How Do People Get Infected with Parasites?

How Do I Know If I Have Parasites?

How Can I Naturally Remove Parasites from My Body?


What Is a Parasite?

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from the host, and often harms the host in order to survive. There are many different types of parasites that can live inside of humans, and many can have serious consequences for your health.

Intestinal parasites are one of the most common types of parasites to infect humans, and it is estimated that millions of Americans are unknowingly infected at any given time.

How Do People Get Infected with Parasites?

There are several ways humans can become infected with parasites.

  • One common way is through our house pets. Pets can carry parasites and pass them on to their human owners through close physical contact. These are called zoonotic diseases.
  • Farm animals such as cows and pigs can also pass parasites on to humans through physical proximity, particularly if one accidentally swallows food or water that is contaminated by stool from these infected animals.
  • Some parasites can be bloodborne and can be passed to others through blood.
  • Numerous parasites can be transmitted by food, such as through undercooked seafood or meat, raw aquatic plants, or raw vegetables that have been contaminated by human or animal feces and are not washed properly before consumption.
  • Encountering inadequate sanitation and hygiene standards during international travel is another common way in which people get parasites.
  • Parasites can also live in natural water sources, so drinking or having other contact with untreated water can lead to unknowingly ingesting parasites.

How Do I Know If I Have Parasites?

There are many lab tests available that can diagnose parasitic diseases, including fecal (stool) exams, endoscopies, colonoscopies, and blood tests. The most common way that doctors test for parasites is through a fecal test.

abdominal pain

Symptoms commonly associated with parasites include:

  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain or cramping
  • fever
  • nausea or vomiting
  • skin bumps or rashes
  • weight loss, increased appetite, or both
  • generally feeling unwell or weak
  • passing a worm in your stool

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, it's best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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How Can I Naturally Remove Parasites from My Body?

There are a number of things you can do at home to naturally kill off parasites and help detoxify your body. Here are some of our parasite detox recommendations:

  1. Standard Process Black Walnut Hulls 1:10 — This product supports healthy digestion, gastrointestinal function, and elimination. Black walnut hulls have been used for decades to rid the body of intestinal parasites and tapeworms and can help reduce constipation and improve skin health. Take 1 teaspoon (approx. 5 ml) diluted in water or juice daily.
  2. Wormwood — This herb has been used for centuries to remove worms and parasites from the body. It can also help improve digestive health and decrease bloating. Take 1 teaspoon (approx. 5 ml) diluted in water or juice daily.
  3. Enema Series Protocol — This colon cleansing program is an excellent way to fully clean out the colon of stool, which can contain harmful parasites and toxins. I recommend doing the enema series protocol from 1 to 7 times per week as a parasite cleanse.
  4. Vit-Ra-Tox Colon Cleanse Kit — This program combines fasting, fibrous intestinal cleaners, nutritional supplements, and colon cleansing to fully clear out the colon and detoxify the body, and can assist in ridding the body of parasites.
  5. Vit-Ra-Tox
  6. Eating raw garlic and drinking a lot of water to help flush out your system have been used traditionally to help kill parasites.
  7. Taking digestive enzymes can help restore your intestinal tract to its normal, healthy state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites. I recommend Endo-Met GB-3 as a digestive enzyme supplement.
  8. Immune support supplements such as vitamin C and zinc and probiotics such as Ortho Biotic can help support your microbiome while you are cleansing the body of parasites.

DISCLAIMER: This material is presented for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or prescribing from a licensed healthcare professional. We make no claim or guarantee for cure or relief of any specific symptom, medical condition, or disease when using any of the products or protocols referenced here. Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment, or care, or starting any diet, exercise, cleansing, or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention.

By Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC
I-ACT-Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Certified Nutritional Consultant

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