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Sample Alternative Health Consultation: Colitis, Heartburn, and Insomnia

Over the course of 3 consultations, Kristina documented her client Don's healing journey, from which she developed an individualized program to assist him in his struggles with colitis, poor digestion, a compromised immune system, heartburn, low energy, trouble sleeping, sinus infections, and candidiasis.

Client Testimonial from Don after 3 Consultations

"Hi Kristina. I am so grateful to you for the help you gave me in these sessions. My main problems which have plagued me for years are gone! Changes:

  1. A year of chronic diarrhea stopped abruptly after taking one serving of bone broth each day for 15 days! (Also vegetable juicing.)
  2. My "delayed sleep phase syndrome" vanished, and I am sleeping perfectly well. No more late, late nights of being unable to feel tired enough to fall asleep.
  3. No more incidents at all of acid reflux discomfort.
  4. I'm enjoying a daily half-hour walk.
  5. I'm not buying any packaged foods and I am eating better than ever. I have incorporated more fish and healthy fats.
  6. I feel healthy, energized, and happy.
  7. I took the prescribed echinacea and Saccharomyces boulardii and continued vegetable juicing as well."

Kristina's Recommended Individualized Program for Don:

Consultation #1

Saccharomyces boulardii

Great to talk to you today, Don. Here are the changes we discussed. Do let me know if you have any questions.

  • One (1) tsp echinacea, three times daily. We are using this liquid echinacea to build gut immunity to support your body to eliminate unhealthy microbes. There are many scientific articles referencing the use of echinacea for this purpose.
  • Two (2) Saccharomyces boulardii, four times daily. We are using this non-pathogenic probiotic yeast to inhibit bacterial toxins and clear them from intestinal mucosa.
  • Bone broth soup, one to three cups daily.
  • Continue with vegetable juicing.
  • Continue to increase amounts of healthy fats and protein such as avocados, meats, olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oil.
  • Add organic rice to your diet.

Consultation #2

Endo-Met GB-3

It was a pleasure speaking with you today, Don. I look forward to our continued work together to bring optimal health and wellness into your life. Below is the protocol that we discussed today:

Consultation #3


I look forward to working together in the future, Don. I am certain the issues showing on the HTMA can be shifted beginning with the following protocol:

By Kristina Amelong