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Testimonials Archive 2

Helped Eliminate Acid Reflux

Not only have the enemas helped the eczema, but they have helped rid me of my bouts with acid reflux, which was keeping me awake several nights per week. In addition, the headaches, backaches, and constant tired feeling that I had believed to be just part of the aging process are nearly gone after six weeks of your programs of enemas and diet regulation.

My appetite has improved to where I don't crave sweets and carbohydrates as prior to the colon flushes. Now I feel like getting out and doing things.


New To Colon Therapy

I am a recent newcomer to colon therapy, and I believe my experience is similar to many who come seeking relief from a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, joint and muscle pain, bloating, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, PMS; the list goes on and on. After six weeks of periodic colon therapy and fasting, combined with a diet rich in vegetable fiber, high-quality protein and essential fatty acids, and low in sugars, carbohydrates and dairy products, I am symptom-free. My energy level has returned to what it was in my early 20s (I am 37), and best of all, I took no drugs to achieve these results.


Excited About New Enema Video

I am excited that you have a new video out. I learned so much from your other one. You seem to always have new ideas. I was wondering if you will ever do a video with someone giving themselves the enemas. That seems to be harder than giving someone else one. Also, do you recommend children having enemas to keep them healthy? If so, at what age should a parent start?

I love your ideas, and all your knowledge.

Thanks for all your help.


Constipation From Medication

I have a lot of trouble with constipation imposed by medication for hypertension. I'm in my 70s. To maintain daily regularity, in addition to a good diet with plenty of fruit, I need to take Senokot. That means difficult clean-up. In order to be sure, I have to use a washcloth and soap and water.

If I have more then one movement a day, my bottom gets sore and requires hemorrhoid cream. Worse than that, if I have a day in the city and am caught requiring a public restroom, even with a small package of baby wipes I keep in my car, I can't get clean enough not to be uncomfortably itchy and unpleasantly aware my shorts have "skid marks."

Hence, I gave up on the effort to be "regular" and have resorted to a 2-quart tap water enema every two or three days.

I then shower and, as the feminine hygiene ads promise, I'm confident. I never have hemorrhoids. Plus, I have a stool sample examined once a year and a flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, both of which are always negative. My conventional doctor would probably have a kitten if I were to tell him how I cope. For reasons I'll never understand, established medicine eschews the enema as at least unnecessary and at most harmful. I have yet to see a statistic that supports any of that.

Not all, but definitely most women, think enemas are deplorable, nasty and don't even want to talk and use the E-word! Yet, they suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, etc., etc. I wish we all could be free to talk about and engage in the wonderful world of enemas.

This fall I decided to get back into dance and skating full time. Jazzercise on Monday and Wednesday, ballet on Friday, and figure skating classes on Saturday morning. Being so active, I also decided to raise my level of hygiene. Enemas have been part of my life for many years, and there were times in the past where I went daily with them and decided that this would be an excellent time to go daily again. While it does sometimes takes upwards of an hour out of my evening, I feel it's time well spent as my needs are taken care of for the next 24 hours, the feeling of being empty is exhilarating, and there's no fear of feeling stuffy during class. Plus, it does help keep the weight down, something all dancers (especially those of us who are adults returning to dance or skating) are concerned with.


Colon Cancer Survivor

I have just returned home from my doctor. He advised me to keep up what I am doing. Twenty months ago I had a part of my colon removed, and was quite despondent as colon cancer is very often fatal. In my search of the web, I found Kristina Amelong. This was a true stroke of luck. In January of 2002, I started my consultations with Kris. She was always available for me. I followed the diet and lifestyle she prescribed for me, and when I fell off, she was there to pick me up. In less then half a year, I lowered my cholesterol from 325 to 190, and I lowered my triglycerides from 300 to 150. To this day, Kris still has time for me when I call for advice or with my frequent e-mails. I take this time to let all know how grateful I am to have such a friend as Kris. I thank you for every day that I am cancer-free.

C. Corson

Intriguing Website

I am very impressed by your intriguing website on a subject as controversial as the enema. For me this topic is by no means new, because I have been brought up with enemas since my early childhood in the "Freudian" city of Vienna, Austria. Most of my relatives used them frequently, but never talked about them. Having a chronic constipation condition prompted my mother to administer soap enemas on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, the only time I did not use them was during my service in the military. After that I suffered from digestive problems for years, making the enema sessions the ultimate relief. In the 1970s I used the "Back to Eden" book as a guide and also the "Getting Younger" book by Walker.

For a long time I was quite concerned if the treatment could do any harm. There was so little information and no one would talk about it. Since I am now 80 and suffer only from mild arthritis, the almost lifelong enemas must have been the right thing for my colon.

Well, one is never too old to learn and I am learning a great deal from you, a trained professional getting the message out to open up people's minds on this controversial subject.


A Sincere Thank You For Kristina

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the thorough information you provided me with. If I could, I would fly to Wisconsin to visit you at your clinic and be treated there. That's how impressed I was with you.

Point is, I came to Canada for chiropractic treatment by a special chiropractor who practices the ABC methodology. That stands for Advanced Biostructural Correction. While my right leg is improving, it's not at the pace I had hoped to achieve.

Once back in the States, I'll be sure to contact you. In the meanwhile, I'll be reading about a variety of topics on your website.

Thank you for your help and sincerity.


Enema History

I stumbled across your website when hunting for replacement colon tubes. Your "easy on/easy off tube" looks like a great idea that will help prevent coffee stains on the way to the toilet. I look forward to using it.

The following is a rather long story but it might be helpful to some of your younger visitors who may be hesitant to embark on a regular program of colon cleansing.

My enema experience goes back to my childhood almost 70 years ago. Diet during the Great Depression wasn't ideal and my parents were regular laxative users. My childhood constipation was first treated with glycerin suppositories then, at about age 5, my diet was enlarged to include the family favorite: Milk of Magnesia. I quickly inherited the family habit and became laxative dependent.

At age 8, I went to visit my grandmother for several weeks. After a couple of days, I asked where she kept the Magnesia bottle. She made it very clear that the laxative habit wasn't healthy and introduced me to the low enema. I remember her telling me that it wasn't very smart to get the whole digestive system in an uproar to treat a problem in the last foot of the large bowel. During one summer month, she completely changed my toilet habits. I left Grandma's without a laxative habit and needed only an occasional enema. My mom was understandably surprised when three weeks following my return home I asked her where we kept the enema bag. While she disagreed with Grandma, she relented and told me I could use her old douche bag; she bought a new one. During my teen years I found that a small, quick enema was a lot more practical than waiting hours for a laxative to work. My younger brother was curious but he stayed dependent on the laxative bottle.

Now I reflect back on the loss of both parents and my brother to colon cancer. I feel that regular use of chemical laxatives was largely responsible for their disease and early demise. My other sibling, younger than me by 10 years, has had colon polyps removed twice in a span of 12 years. With this family history, my M.D. orders a colonoscopy every four years and I've completed each of these with a clean bill of health.

I had suffered several back injuries over the years and at about age 45 started experiencing chronic back pain and became unable to play golf. My M.D. both diagnosed a deteriorated vertebrae and ankylosing spondylitis. The M.D. wrote standing prescriptions for muscle relaxants and multiple painkillers. He said that if simple aspirin didn't work that I should scale up to codeine. I sought a chiropractor. After two years of treatment, the chiropractor suggested that I might be a suitable candidate for occasional colon therapy. The next week I had my first professionally administered colonic. I settled on a monthly after-work appointment for a colonic. After a colon cleanse I always felt very fit but never realized that I was usually without back pain for a week or so after the colonic. I was again golfing and credited all of my success to chiropractic manipulation.

About the time I turned 50, our state enacted public laws that nearly outlawed colon therapy. My chiropractor closed that part of his practice and dismissed a colon therapist that had helped members of our community for over 30 years. Within several months my backache had returned on a steady basis and I returned to aspirin and occasionally Tylenol with codeine. I was back off the golf course. Regular chiropractic was of some help but did not keep me pain-free.

At age 52 my doctor moved me from an annual flex-sig exam to colonoscopy. Armed with a Fleet Prep Kit and instructions for a 72-hour prep, I undertook the liquid diet, two types of laxative and two or three "large volume enemas until clear." The next day, I recovered from the anesthesia hangover and felt remarkably good. Two days after the procedure there was no backache! Finally, I made the connection that a thorough colon cleanse might help alleviate my back pain. It had taken seven years to stumble upon this thought. I now realized that a couple of large volume enemas would yield benefits similar to those following a session on the colonic machine.

In the 1980s internet sites such as this one did not exist and information on self-treatment was limited. It took me time to evolve a routine that wasn't time-consuming and yet gave good results. By age 55, I was well established on an every-other-week cleanse using simple soapy water followed by a tap water rinse. At the chiropractor's suggestion I graduated to an isotonic rinse to balance electrolytes and stayed with that for another ten years. I was back on the golf course but, not wholly pain free.

Several years ago, I was on an extended but fast-moving vacation and I skipped colon care for about six weeks. One morning, following a steak dinner with plenty of red wine, I suffered acute foot pain. My wife took one look and told me I was experiencing my first attack of gout. The cruise ship's M.D. confirmed the gout and put me on colchicine and told me to increase the dose until the pain subsided. This caused me to vomit. He also told me to avoid red meat and alcohol for the balance of my trip and the rest of my life. After returning home, I researched gout diets and treatments. I read how doctors in India dealt with gout by using seasoned oils in the basti (enema) they administered to patients. I experimented with variations in enema solutions. I juggled frequencies to keep me away from back pain and gout. I've settled on a conservative diet with plenty of dairy protein, occasionally some meat, plenty of fruit, and supplemental fiber.

Every other week I hydrate with drinking water and take a large garlic and fennel seed retention enema. This seems to be a good diuretic and my uric acid level is low. (It's now 2.4 mg/liter less than it was two years ago -- a far greater change than diet alone would be capable of making.) On the alternating weeks, I take a pair of coffee retention enemas as a liver cleanse and intercept the bile output with a dose of cholestyramine (a prescribed cholesterol med). My serum cholesterol is lower then it's been in the last ten years.

My M.D. remains critical of my use of enemas. After almost 25 years of regular colon care I'm quite pain-free, maintain a regular personal fitness program, enjoy executive golf, and unlike some friends my age, I have the body flexibility to fit into and operate a sports car. I don't have an enlarged prostate. I still enjoy sex and my first great-grandchild is expected next month. My blood pressure is 115/68. I'm not sure what it is that I'm doing wrong.

I thank Grandma that I'm still alive and quite healthy!

Michael E.

Prostate Relief With New Enema Soap

Thanks for e-mailing me back. Just that one session with the frankincense and myrrh enema soap made a world of difference for my prostate! I had bladder pressure, increased urges to urinate, slowed urine flow, and Jeanne had discovered a node as she inserted super salve into my rectum. It was hard and callous-like to the touch through her rubber glove. After just one session this past weekend, Tuesday I woke up with no pressure, normal urine flow the rest of the day, and with no increased urges to urinate.

Obviously, the swelling of my prostate had reversed. That alone would have been worth the purchase; however, Jeanne was curious to examine the node after I described my improvements. She went inside to find absolutely NOTHING! The node had totally disappeared. She feels all around with her bare finger, and she said all the tissue was healthy and normal. It was gone! Hallelujah!!!

We'll continue to use it as a regular part of our cleansing regimen, and monitor things as we go. Do you think the frankincense and myrrh would help Jeanne's pre-cycle headaches and menopausal symptoms? What should we look for from the soap?

Many, many thanks, Kristina.


Grateful for This Health and Colon Cleansing Experience

My name is Christina and through my own interest in health and the colon I came across your site over a year ago. My friend David and I were eager to purchase some products. We had some enemas and had all intentions of committing to the OHC plan for an intense cleanse. Well, 12 months later I finally created the time and place in my schedule to devote myself to this... and I just wanted to let you know how great this experience was for me, and how thankful I am to you, who have ultimately done a lot of work over the years, and through your efforts of study and dedication I was able, and many others as well, to benefit from such an amazing, empowering health experience.

I don't have any major health issues that caused me to seek healing methods, but I do have a concern and interest to better my health... I actually thought I was quite healthy... now that I am on the other side of the OHC plan, I realize that my body was quite polluted! How do I know this? Because I feel incredibly clear-minded, better focused, and more grounded emotionally. I feel like my body is happy, that it's not struggling on some level that I couldn't quite pinpoint. Exercise is so much easier, like a machine that runs smoothly after a complete oil change... and yes, I feel more control over my diet intake choices, as you had stated in the OHC plan as naturally as we would remove our hands from a hot oven. I remember reading those words before I started this plan and I wanted this instinctive ability, but I couldn't quite grasp how to truly achieve it! (I love sweets!) But now I can honestly say I am firmly on the road, passing by the need to stop for sweets, and feeling grounded in my control over that!

As I read back over your OHC plan, now that I have done it, your words have so much more meaning as I can truly experience what you are saying. Your words are so true, I knew they were, but it's like I can feel them and truly grasp why they are so important. My whole body understands them now and I just wanted to tell you... that I am so grateful for this experience. It's so educational and powerful. My friend David is excited by my results and has commenced the plan. Other people at my company have noticed "something" about me and of course I'm telling a lot of people about it, and some are truly interested... I highly recommend the OHC plan. Thank you for making it so possible.

This detox has inspired me to follow my passion and study naturopathy by distance education over the next 12 months while I am still living in Tokyo. Do you offer any courses or training/education of the bowel and administering enemas?... I would like to learn more!

Thank you, Kristina.

With great regards and healthful appreciation,
Christina G.

Cancer Survivor Works With Colon Cleansing

I am plowing through your excellent book and will probably finish tomorrow. Your tone and your gift is that our bodies will heal. It is so positive and gentle, like you! Other practitioners are very dogmatic about their program and feel okay about telling you all the things you did WRONG and how they will FIX you ONLY if you behave EXACTLY as they prescribe.

Alternative people are worse than the regular docs. When you have cancer, everyone tells you EXACTLY what cure will work. It has the tone of, "just do it, stupid."

Since I've known you, you are different, and that is a relief. Even before I knew you, your e-mails to me and your website...

I drank a cup of the raw milk with no stomach upset. It felt awesome to drink milk again. I love milk! Thank you for your liver gift. I ate some liver every day last week. Now I will just keep going. I feel better. Emotionally. I feel hopeful.

Your personal experiences are the best part of your book. Like your story of giving up coffee. So sad, wonderful, and compassionate. It underscores my belief that all of it is important and connected, spiritually. Also, coffee is my favorite addiction: the smell, the idea, the atmosphere... the whole karma of coffee is so alluring. The way it was tied to your grieving was so real and powerful.

Well, I could go on but... that would be another book... mine!!!

Cancer Survivor

Enema Soap

I used the 15% coupon for some more goat milk enema soap. I LOVE that enema soap! It sure works. I'll want to tell you about this later, how it worked on me. I got some Celtic sea salt too. I used that up pretty fast!

I couldn't believe how quickly OHN sent out my order! You sure have a great shipping department!


Wonderful Enema Products and Fast Service

Thank you for the wonderful enema products and the fast service. I've already found out today that my order placed a day or two ago has already shipped!

I can't express the relief and sense of safety I have felt since discovering Kristina and the Optimal Health Network! Her guidance on every subject removes the fear from home colonic therapy and enemas. I'm so grateful!

Now I know somebody in the enema business! (That's a joke based on a commercial by a jewelry company out here in the SF Bay Area.) :)

Blessed be!

The Enemas Do Make Me Feel Better

I began letting my friend Marianne give me the enemas every Tuesday and Friday. I did feel a lot better after the second set of enemas this past Tuesday. She will be giving me my enemas this morning again. I will write in a few weeks, as I will know better how these enema treatments are going. She prefers to give me the enemas in the morning. I usually get up and have breakfast around 7:30 in the morning and then she prepares the enema and begins the treatment around 8:30. She told me just to continue my routine of getting up and sitting on the toilet each and every morning, and not to worry that the enema will still do its job. I did speak to her about me getting a large enema bag that she can re-use over and over again.

The enemas do make me feel better, even though they are somewhat uncomfortable at times. She also checks the results of each enema to see what I am passing. She said a nice honey-brown color of well-formed quarter-size stool is what is a good solid BM.

One question: I showed Marianne the flowmaster enema bag with the Higginson syringe and she said that could help make the enema go easier. She also feels that using a barium-type nozzle will also make it easier to keep the enema nozzle in place as she sometimes will massage my belly and it will make it easier to change positions, like from Sims to knee-chest or onto my back as the enema is being given. She usually will let it go in a while and then stop it at times. She never just continues to let it flow in like I remember my mother doing when I was younger.

One thing for sure, Kristina -- the gas has really been reduced a lot. I will keep you posted.


Nutritious Liquids Improve Colon Cleanse Experience

I started your program because I have an anxiety condition and a related sleep disorder. I have been on anxiety medication for 5 years. Today is day #35 of working through your book, Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health! My blood sugar was all over the top for the first 3 1/2 days of the fast. I hated the fast and my anxiety was rearing its little head. And then I drank some of raw milk kefir and I evened out! I felt full, calm, relaxed, and good.

The reason for all this is a doozy! I had your old 10 Days to Optimal Health PDF that we ordered last year. On the night of my third fast day our new Ten Days to Optimal Health book arrived. Like you say, information changes so fast, and the new book said raw milk was a go during the fast. I drank a small glass of kefir and it kept my uneasy jittery feelings at bay for hours! I was like, "Man, the new book has certainly evolved!" Even though I was drinking a gallon of nutritious green drinks and soups, I still felt awful. The kefir helped me through! It was like a magic potion! Finally, the coffee enemas were fine as I was able to hold 3- to 4-tablespoon brews for between 12 and 17 minutes.

Back to you,

Colon Was Pain-Free After Particular Enema Solution

I really enjoyed sharing ideas with you last Tuesday during our phone consultation. You gave me several valuable ideas that I will continue to implement and experiment with for taking an effective enema to fully cleanse my sensitive colon. I have had almost a week to try a few of your suggestions. In particular, I tried using sugar, dissolved aspirin, and Celtic sea salt in the enema solution. This enema solution was particularly soothing to my colon; my colon was pain-free for an entire week.


Far Infrared Sauna Heals Skin

Before coming to the Optimal Health Center, I had a lot of skin issues -- rashes, dry flaky skin, eczema, and a general feeling of fatigue and poor health. After a couple of colon hydrotherapy sessions, probiotic supplements, and not even a month in the FIR sauna, I feel like my health has done a 360-degree turn. My skin is miraculously smooth and healthy like it has never been before. I can wake up in the morning now without feeling so drained. I believe the sauna has had the biggest effect on ridding my body of toxins which had caused my problems.


Benefits Have Surpassed My Most Optimistic Expectations

It took some effort in the beginning to shift our eating lifestyle (our daughters are still wondering if this is just another diet fad), but once we had a few recipes figured out, things settled down into a smooth routine. I was absolutely dedicated to giving Kristina's recommendations a chance, so I followed her guidance to a T. I didn't succumb to any food temptations during the month that we worked together. Kristina was a delight to work with. She dealt with topics that I consider to be very personal (primarily related to body waste). The benefits have surpassed my most optimistic expectations. My health goals as I entered into the process were to increase my energy level and clarity of mind. We certainly achieved these goals, as well as the following positive benefits:
  • Our entire family is consuming healthier food.
  • The color of my skin has shifted from yellowish to pinkish.
  • I am no longer taking antacids before bed to avoid acid indigestion (which translates into better sleeping).
  • I no longer wake up in the night with phlegm blocking my airway. (Once again, this helps me sleep more soundly.)
  • Chronic hip pain that has plagued me for years has almost completely disappeared.
  • Lower back pain has been reduced.
  • I've lost almost twenty pounds, which enables me to move much more easily (and this wasn't even why I pursued this direction).
  • My energy while exercising has increased.
Christopher G.

Successful Weight Loss

I had tried the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, and Weight Watchers. None of these programs really made sense to me and I never felt all that great while I was on any of them. I would lose a little bit of weight but then I would gain it right back again. I hated dieting. Now, after 6 months of working with the principles in Ten Days, I have lost 65 pounds and I feel happy. I absolutely love the foods that I am now eating and I don't even mind doing an enema once in awhile. Thanks so much. I think I even have my mother talked into starting up with the first ten days of the plan. I told her, just try it for ten days, and if you don't like it, you can stop. Personally, I think she will feel better and not be so cranky from her arthritic pains.


Caring and Professional Staff, Reliable Information, Superior Products

I am now a three-year customer of Optimal Health Network and have purchased their videos, books, equipment, oils and have partaken of their in-house services. The professional quality of the entire staff is top-notch, as are their products, information, and customer support.

My original enema background had been strictly "old school" from the 50's. "If you needed enemas, something was wrong with you -- and you should be ashamed. Take a two-quart strong soapy enema, fast and furious -- get-er-done -- with the discomfort, maybe it will work." My irritable bowel syndrome meant an abnormal gut. In my case, constant travel aggravated this and enemas were my way to relief. I looked for better techniques and equipment that would make my enema treatment more comfortable and effective.

Then I found Optimal Health Network and discovered their professional information, and equipment, and answers to my many questions. The All About Enemas video by Kristina introduced the Large Volume Enema equipment and then the techniques for making these enemas comfortable and effective. DeeDee added consultation about additives, healing essential oils, and gentle soaps -- instead of the foamy Ajax dish detergent. DeeDee recommended taking a weekly maintenance enema series, finishing with a retention coffee enema. This process was VERY rejuvenating but was not always possible weekly.

Summer is here with a heavy work schedule and strong commitments for volunteer fund raising work. Hot weather requires drinking more water (not always available). Three weeks of overextending myself and poor eating finally caught up. By late Saturday, it finally hit me. The aching, swelling, bloating and just plain tired feeling hit hard, and it was time to do what DeeDee had recommended and I had ignored be cause I was just too busy.

The deep clean large volume enema series started. I will spare the gross details and just say that it took three soapy enemas just to finally work its way in to finally clear the system (constipation) and clear the tons of toxins that had drug me down and bloated me up. Vitality and energy finally returned thanks to DeeDee's advice for making large enemas comfortable and effective.

So -- what did I learn from this?

1. Solid, slow and chunky stools is partial constipation, as described in the recent E-Newsletter. It is the slowing down and start of toxic build-up, and a bad gut. Left to continue, things can only get worse. Kristina and DeeDee talk about the need to address these symptoms as warnings that need attention NOW.

2. Weekly maintenance enemas prevent toxic waste build-up and gives the colon a fresh start. I was just too busy to take the time and paid the price for weeks of toxic accumulation. Kristina and DeeDee are the experts -- listen and do what they recommend. My weekly maintenance enema treatment is now scheduled -- firmly. The reward is a healthy cleansing, rejuvenation and a clean start for the week.

3. Hydration is very important. Dr. Oz, Kristina and DeeDee stress drinking small amounts frequently. If you get thirsty, then it is too late -- you are already dehydrated -- and the body is sucking water from all your organs. The mineral balance breaks down and nothing but trouble results. Listen to your body and DON'T wait for it to crash before taking action.

The Optimal Health Network people are very caring and professional working with reliable information and superior products. It just don't get no better.


Outcome with Enema Prep was an Easy Colonoscopy

I have two friends that suffered the horrors of Golytely, and many years ago I suffered through Fleet Phosphosoda for a gall bladder X-ray prep. My friends spoke about Golytely as being as bad as a serious case of "stomach flu," sitting on the toilet exploding and simultaneously vomiting into a waste basket. The Fleet product worked explosively for me, and left me very uncomfortable. In addition to the Phosphosoda, I was still advised enemas until clear the next morning. I realized I could have just done enemas and achieved the same result.

Growing up my mother believed enemas could cure anything from hangnail to the plague, so I've never had a problem taking them, and already knew if I fasted I could be squeaky clean for the exam. My gall bladder issues turned out to be spastic colon (now called IBS). So when I went back for the first of a dozen or so barium enemas I've had in my 65 years, I just prepped with a series of enemas. Never a problem, never a complaint from a radiologist, and never a problem holding and retaining the barium for the series.

When I was scheduled for my first colonoscopy, Golytely was prescribed, and when I told my physician I would be just fine with a series of enemas, she said no. Like Scott from Salt Lake City, I was told Golytely or no exam.

I said nothing, did my fasting and series of enemas, I was squeaky clean after the third, but took two more to be sure. The outcome (no pun intended) was an easy colonoscopy, and when I advised my physician she said I was as clean as any colon she had examined and that the reason for the objection to enemas is that most people don't know how to use them effectively.

Oh, back in the days of my IBS, after several doctors and a number of useless medications I had an older physician who suggested that enemas give the best relief, and he was right. After a routine of weekly and sometimes twice weekly enemas, always a series of three, during my 30's I got permanent relief from spastic colon.

Now I do at least one series a month and colonics about once a quarter. My daughter and 14-year-old granddaughter also use both colonics and enemas and are very healthy. In fact we always notice other kids seem to be sick far more often.

Keep up the good work you are a great resource.

L. R. N.