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How To Make Coconut Oil Rectal Suppositories with Therapeutic Essential Oils


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Ingredients and Supplies


What Are Essential Oil Suppositories For?

Targeted essential oil implant recipes support healing from hemorrhoids, constipation, yeast infections, and other colon-related ailments, and more broadly support a healthy colonic mucosa. An essential oil suppository is plant medicine delivered into the rectum, where it melts and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Coconut oil is an ideal carrier oil. Do-it-yourself (DIY) coconut oil suppositories offer healing plant compounds both systemically and locally. Essential oils are transporters of fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture all the cells of the body.

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organic coconut oil for essential oil suppositories

Ingredients and Supplies

How To Make Essential Oil Suppositories

  1. In a rounded 21-cube suppository tray, fill each cube of the tray 1/3 to 1/2 full of coconut oil. (At cooler temperatures, coconut oil is solid, so you may need to first set your coconut oil in hot water to melt it.) After you've filled each cube, put the tray in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours.
  2. Remove the suppository tray from the freezer.
  3. Carefully dispense your essential oil drops onto the top of the frozen coconut oil in each cube. The amount of essential oil needed depends on which oils or oil blends you are using and what issue you are working with in the body. See our suppository recipes for recommended amounts of essential oils. Generally, we recommend 2 to 3 drops per essential oil. Sometimes a single suppository might have up to 8 different oils in its mixture. In this case, you would use a total of 6 to 10 drops of the essential oils.
  4. Once the essential oil is dispensed onto the top of the frozen coconut oil, fill up the rest of the each cube with more coconut oil.
  5. Put the tray back into the freezer, and in a couple of hours you will be ready to use your first therapeutic suppository!

NOTE: You don't need to make only one type of essential oil rectal suppository per tray. Rather, you can make a variety, as essential oils are best used in rotation. In other words, alternate different oils on different days. For example, one day you might use frankincense and orange, and another day you might use OHN's Candida Essential Oil Blend, which contains lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, and eucalyptus globulus.

How To Make Essential Oil Suppositories

Dee Dee Delkamp, CCT, CNC, of the Optimal Health Center explains the many benefits of using coconut oil suppositories containing essential oils and demonstrates how to make them.

Insertion into the Rectum

  1. Pop one coconut oil suppository out of the tray by pushing up on the bottom of the individual cube.
  2. Place the suppository on a small plate. You will see that it has a rounded edge that allows for easy insertion into the rectum.
  3. Leave the suppository on the plate for 5 to 10 minutes to allow it to soften slightly before you insert it into your rectum.
  4. With your fingers, gently insert the suppository into the rectum, rounded edge forward. The suppository is self-lubricating: as soon as it touches a warm part of your body, it begins to melt.
Coconut Oil Suppository with Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils and Colon Health

Even though the suppository may look large to you, it is easy to insert. You will find that it just slides right into the rectum. Some people find the size of the suppository to be daunting, but the rectum is just like a tightly closed mouth and has a tremendous capacity to open.

Note: If possible, insert the suppository after a bowel movement or after an enema series.

Most people do not leak when they use these coconut oil suppositories. It is best to try your first suppository on a day when you can easily get to the bathroom or to wear a sanitary pad. Some people find it best to use the suppository while they sleep. If you don't know whether you will leak, sleep on a towel your first night of using a suppository.

If you find that the suppositories cause you to be gassy, you will want to work to optimize the types of bacteria that live in your colon, as gas from a suppository may indicate high levels of unhealthy microorganisms such as Candida albicans.


Rounded 21 Cube Suppository Tray Rounded 21-Cube Suppository Tray

Placed in your freezer, this BPA-free silicone suppository tray creates 21 easy-to-use essential oil suppositories for smooth insertion into the rectum.

Coconut Oil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - 12 fl oz

Coconut oil can be both a liquid and solid, which makes it the perfect carrier oil for essential oil suppositories, facilitating the absorption of other oils.

Coconut Oil Ellyndale Liquid Coconut Oil - 16 fl oz

Organic liquid coconut oil is great to use as a carrier oil for essential oil suppositories. Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal.

BPH Essential Oil Blend OHN BPH Essential Oil Blend - 10 ml

REDUCED PRICE! This essential oil blend supports overall prostate health. Many of our clients report less pain and improved urinary function when using this product.

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This essential oil blend is formulated to assist the respiratory system and to be beneficial for bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and laryngitis.

OHN Candida Essential Oil Blend - 10ml OHN Candida Essential Oil Blend - 10 ml

REDUCED PRICE! This essential oil blend is safe for long-term use and will gently assist the body to heal from fungal infections and eliminate toxic byproducts, while supporting the healthy flora.

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This essential oil blend is beneficial to your colon health, supporting healthy gut bacteria and strengthening overall immunity.

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Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml

This essential oil blend may assist with colds, bronchitis, respiratory congestion, flu, cold sores, pneumonia, sore throat, and mucus.

Prostatitis Essential Oil Blend OHN Prostatitis Essential Oil Blend - 10 ml

This essential oil blend provides support in healing from prostatitis. Our clients report reduction in swelling, improved urinary function, increased circulation, and improved sexual function.

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We strongly advise you to consult with your medical doctor or a knowledgeable health practitioner before using any essential oils internally. While all oils and oil blends sold by Optimal Health Network are certified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA with very few reports of ill effects, working with a healthcare professional is highly recommended to ensure a safe and optimal program for your individual body.

When planning to introduce a new essential oil into your healthcare program, test one drop on a small patch of skin first (e.g., on the underside of the forearm). Sensitivity to particular essential oils is highly individual. If the skin feels hot or turns red, this indicates sensitivity, and this essential oil or blend should NOT be used in your healthcare program. Apply a vegetable oil (e.g., olive or almond) to the area, which will dilute the essential oil. Washing with water is less effective.

Apply only one new essential oil or blend at a time to the patch of skin to determine how your body responds. Wait 30 minutes before testing another new essential oil.

DO NOT attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances for health conditions that require professional attention. Consult your healthcare professional about any serious disease, medical condition, or injury, or if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.

DO NOT use wild tansy, clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen, or hyssop essential oils during pregnancy.

LATEX ENEMA BAGS: Do not use essential oils in latex (rubber) enema bags. Essential oils degrade latex over time. Use essential oils only in silicone, stainless steel, or plastic enema equipment.