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Enema Series Supply Kit
Enema Series Supply Kit for Colon Cleansing at Home




Why Choose the Enema Series Supply Kit?

Clinically, the enema series is more effective than a single enema. The first two enemas in the series prepare the colon by emptying out toxic byproducts...

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The enema series — the most optimal way to cleanse the colon and promote healing — consists of three enemas, taken one after another, each with a different solution.

This supply kit includes all products required for our three recommended enema solutions:


Goat Milk Enema Soap Ingredients: Oils of olive, coconut, and palm; goat milk, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, and nutmeg

OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend Ingredients: Rocky Mountain Oils therapeutic-grade citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavender, myrtle essential oils; fractionated coconut oil (160 drops in a 10-ml bottle)

We guarantee the therapeutic quality of our enema coffee for one full year. If you will not be using your enema coffee right away, you can freeze it for up to one month. Once you are ready to begin using the coffee on a regular basis, remove it from the freezer and store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place. (We do not recommend re-freezing.)

Client Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the Enema Series Supply Kit and all the included products. The series of enemas was very doable. I feel terrific! Thank you." ~ Karen C.

"I got the Enema Series Supply Kit yesterday and followed the instructions to the letter. It was my first time doing an enema series and I definitely could not hold as much as the suggested amount, but I did feel so much better afterwards. My stressed out liver is in so much less pain. I also got rid of the brain fog that had been plaguing me for so long. I plan on doing the series of enemas again tomorrow. I am hoping for a change in my stamina and I believe, even after only one use, that this is going to help. I felt rather euphoric last night for hours. My pain was less and I had this wonderful feeling of happy endorphins. It was almost like I had taken a drug for pain. So thankful to feel human today. Thanking God for your company and the knowledge you share online." ~ Leslie P.

"I truly wish that everyone could experience the complete feeling of the enema series you prescribe. They wouldn't believe it..." ~ Tyler S. Read Full Testimonial

"I have had bladder cancer for 14 years. It has a high re-occurrence rate. I have to be examined every six months and have had surgery three times in those 14 years. After talking to Kristina and doing a lot of research on my own I found that frankincense oil shows promise in defeating bladder cancer cells. I follow her suggestion and take at least one enema series each week, putting frankincense essential oil into the coffee enema. I also use a few drops each day on my tongue. I have hope!" ~ Simon J.

"The enema series is a very pleasant experience. It greatly improved my allergies and my girlfriend's IBS." ~ Joe M.

"I recently healed an anal fissure using daily enemas. I think I did them almost continually for 5 weeks since I was traveling for some of that time and was afraid of being constipated and re-opening the wound. It appears to be healed now, and I've been taking two tablets of reactive magnesium daily, and have managed to go to the bathroom normally for a few days in a row." ~ Rebecca C.

"Wow! This enema series thing really works. I am 71 and I haven't felt this great in years. My prostate is no longer bothering me. I didn't want to go the route of pharmaceuticals, and now my whole body seems to be appreciating what you are having me do. It's a great process. Additionally, I've lost all the weight I set out to lose - all 80 pounds. Whatever you tell me to do from here on out, I will do. I completely trust you." ~ Sam A.

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Excellent Product September 21, 2018
Verified Purchase
R.S. from Lake Havasu City, AZ United States
My wife and I find our health to be much better after two years of taking the Enema Series. I take it twice a month, my wife weekly. Kristina and Optimal Health Network are always ready to help and guide. I won't buy my enema products anywhere else.

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Transformed My Life February 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
Anonymous Customer
The 3 part enema series and using essential oils have certainly transformed my life. I use the oils in enemas, implants, suppositories, topically and as aroma therapy. Thank you for introducing me to high quality essential oils and for insisting on using the highest quality oils.

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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Enema series dealing with cellulite January 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
G. H. from fox river grove, IL
I am doing your 3 enema series everyday.  I have been doing just the coffee part for 3 years and what a difference the first 2 steps make.

I have always had an issue with cellulite even though I am slim and eat healthy.
When I did the 3 steps enema for a couple days I could actually feel the cellulite soften and is almost gone -in a very short time.
I guess I have been holding a lot of toxins disguised as what I thought was simply fat storage.
And my energy is amazing and my mind is clear.

Thanks for your knowledge , you are greatly appreciated!

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