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Tyler's Healing Week with the Enema Series

Here is one client's account, expressed to Kristina via e-mail correspondence, of his experience with the enema series.


I have set aside a week during May for improving my health. I've read quite a lot on your website, and my plan is to do an enema series each day. I do have one question, though.

Since I am planning to do an entire enema series daily, it would seem that the first two enemas might not be so necessary. Not doubting, but simply wondering if I've taken the entire 3-enema series, say on Monday and Tuesday, would it be entirely necessary to take BOTH of the first two enemas on the third and subsequent days? It would seem that taking all 3 enemas might not be needed after a couple of days.

Thanks for all you do. I know that there are many healthier people around directly because of you and what you promote.


Hello Tyler,

Thanks for being in touch. Most people will find that taking the 3-enema series each day will give the greatest results. However, you can choose what works best for you.


Dear Kristina,

Thank you. That is the path I will take.



I e-mailed you a couple weeks back, telling you that I set a week in May aside for my health. I will be doing a full enema series every day. I began it today, and I just wanted to check in after my first enema series.

It was fantastic. I was a little concerned about taking three large enemas in a row. I was only able to take about 1.5 quarts of the made-for-enema goat milk soap solution, but managed right at 3 quarts of the OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend and mineral-rich salt solution. I believe the success of the coffee enema was predicated on a thorough cleansing prior.

I was left feeling truly invigorated and like a new person after the coffee enema. I absolutely will be doing all three for each day this week, and will "stick to" the enema series afterward. It REALLY does work!

Thanks, Kristina, for all that you and your site does!

Dear Tyler,

Thank you for sharing! I am delighted to hear about your experience!


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Day two was just as incredible as day one. I haven't felt this level of energy and general well being in a VERY long time.

It's kind of like I've discovered the fountain (syringe) of youth!



Day three began pretty much the same as the previous two. I put on some relaxing music, filled my bag with the soap solution and took the first enema. Having done it for the prior two days, I was completely relaxed and better "rehearsed" at it. I was able to take in over three quarts of the soap solution.

The OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend and mineral-rich salt enema was pretty much the same — completely relaxed — and I was ALMOST able to take the entire 4 quarts. I believe that the first two enemas are vitally important in the series now.

For the coffee enema, I was able to hold it without ANY discomfort at all, making for a far more pleasant experience.

This week has been nothing short of amazing, Kristina. To say that I feel like a new man would be somewhat an understatement - and there are four days left!

I truly wish that everyone could experience the complete feeling of the enema series you prescribe — they wouldn't believe it!

I will keep e-mailing daily (unless it is somewhat annoying to get daily updates).

Thanks SO much,
Tyler (the BRAND NEW Tyler)


I love hearing about your healing experiences! Please keep writing.



I took a couple of days off of updating you. Apologies for that.

Days four and five were somewhat "transitional", if that makes sense. The first three days of the enema series, I felt like a million dollars cash, but it would sort of "wear off" after several hours. I still felt fantastic, but the energy level and the overall wellness would wane slightly.

Those things changed on days four and five. I am doing nothing different. No dietary changes, no sleep changes or anything else. ALL I am doing is taking the enema series, but on days four and five, the energy level and the "well" feeling didn't decrease at all. I felt the same wonderful feeling ALL day long. It is an "every minute" general fantastic feeling now. I know now why doing the enema series for a full week is the plan. Similarly, I know why a person should take ALL THREE enemas daily. Those two things are, I believe key components, and they REALLY work!

This is incredible! It has been life-changing, and I owe it all to your website.

I am getting ready to do the "day six" series in a few minutes, but I just wanted to drop you a very quick update and a sincere THANKS!


Hey Tyler,

What a gift it is to share in your healing journey! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience in the way that you have.


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Just a "last check-in" about last week's health improvement week.

I am SUCH a believer in you and your advice. When the week began, the enema series' were really sort of an awakening of sorts. They truly gave me a higher level of wellness. As the week went along, they became more of a life-changing thing!

As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, during the first few days, it sort of felt like the coffee enema "wore off" after a while. That changed the latter part of the week, and the feeling of 100% improved vigor stayed there 24-7. Does that make sense?

For what it's worth, I am going to go right by "the plan" from now on. I will be doing the complete enema series every week, and I truly believe that feeling of vigor and vitality will not go away.

Should it wane, might I do the series a little more often? I can't believe how "light on my feet" and full of energy the whole process made me.

You've got a big believer now, Kristina. Thanks again for all you and your website do for our collective health and well being!

By the way, I am preparing for my new "Saturday ritual" right now. What a fantastic way to start every weekend!


Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, as it is stories like this that can help other people to also try this healing tool. It also deeply nurtures me to hear of people's successes and to continue to grow this work.

It absolutely makes sense that the duration of vitality increased over the week of doing the daily enema series. Not only does this do-it-yourself colon cleanse program clear out the entire colon, but it also has the potential to improve immunity; to provide butyric acid* to the cells of the colon which then may protect you against colon cancer; to support healthy bacteria and reduce parasitic bacterial and yeast overgrowth; and to support liver health. The enema series is truly a powerhouse of biological support. And, given that the colon is "the second brain", this easy-to-do, 3-step colon cleanse also offers emotional and spiritual support to your heart and soul!

You can do the enema series more than once a week. Use the sense of vitality after the treatment to help you find your optimal frequency. You might also consider a seasonal hair tissue mineral analysis, which can give you a cellular look at the effects of frequent enemas.

Please do keep in touch,


- - - - - - - -

*Butyric acid is a vital food for cells lining the colon. Without butyric acid for energy, colon cells undergo self-digestion and die. These short-chain fatty acids benefit the colon cells by increasing energy production and cell proliferation and may protect against colon cancer. They are supplied to the colon by our Optimal Health Network made-for-enema soap in the first enema in the series.

It really made a significant difference in my life. It may sound corny, but since I started the enema series, the birds seem to sing louder!

Thanks, Kristina - I'm a convert!


(4 months later)

Hi Kristina,

I just wanted to say hello again and to let you know that I am still doing the enema series weekly, and it still is just as invigorating as the very first time. I will be doing it from now on. It has become one of the more pleasant experiences that I have! I still can't believe what a change it has made.

Thank you again and again!

(9 months later)

It has been quite a while since I e-mailed you. I just wanted you to know that I have been continuing the enema series. I do it every week - with only a couple of weeks' exception - and it has kept me feeling completely invigorated.

I exercise regularly, and I try to maintain a healthy diet, but those two things combined don't bring the youthful feeling that the enema series does! It is the most effective thing that I've discovered for truly feeling healthy.

I mentioned it to one of my friends (obviously a very close friend), and she gave it a try. I can't speak to whether or not she is continuing it regularly, but I know she experienced much the same thing that I did. She mentioned to me that it "made (her) feel well all over."

Take care, and many thanks (now from BOTH of us) for your website and the information it gives.

By Kristina Amelong