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Celtic Sea Salt - 1 lb
Celtic Sea Salt




Quality Certified  •  Unrefined and Sustainable  •  Alkaline pH  •  Organic  •  Gluten-Free  •  Kosher

The mineral content of Celtic Sea Salt makes this salt an important part of both a healthful diet and colon cleansing program. An unrefined whole salt, it naturally contains a variety of minerals that play a role in keeping the body's electrolytes in a healthy balance. In contrast, common table salt (sodium chloride) affects the body in many negative ways. Common table salt lacks minerals and trace elements because it is purified and refined, leaving only sodium and chloride. After refining, common table salt is mixed with iodine, bleaching agents, and anti-caking agents to create a purely white, free-flowing product. Even many salts labeled "sea salt" are washed or boiled, which removes vital minerals and trace elements from them.

Celtic Sea Salt is harvested near the coast of northwestern France. Ocean water, rich in a wide variety of minerals, is channeled into a series of clay-lined ponds. The wind and sun evaporate the ocean water, leaving a mineral-rich brine. This live mixture is briskly stimulated by the salt farmer, and dazzling salt crystals form. The Celtic Sea Salt is then gathered by hand using wooden tools. This harvesting method preserves the vital balance of the minerals found in unrefined Celtic Sea Salt.

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ENEMA SOLUTION DIRECTIONS: Salt is a beneficial mineral to add to your enema solution. To mix the enema solution, hold the salt in the palm of your hand or place it in a small bowl, drop your desired essential oil(s) into the salt, mix well, and then add this mixture to your enema water. Use 3-5 drops of oil and 1 teaspoon of salt per quart of filtered water.


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