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Researched Nutritionals ATP 360 - 90 capsules
Researched Nutritionals ATP 360 - 90 capsules



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Next Generation Mitochondrial Complex

Mitochondrial health can be influenced by a multitude of environmental factors. To improve mitochondrial function, both the number of mitochondria and the function of mitochondria need to be supported. ATP 360™ was designed to offer complete mitochondrial support including promoting normal mitochondrial growth, supporting a healthy mitochondrial membrane, and supplying the necessary cofactors for optimal cellular energy production. Preliminary in vitro research has shown ATP 360 to increase mitochondrial mass, promote ATP production, and help provide protection of the mitochondria during exposure to oxidative stress and low oxygen.

This product is vegetarian.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take 3 capsules once daily with or without food.

CAUTIONS: If pregnant or nursing, consult your health care professional before use.

ATP 360 constituents

NADH to convert food into energy - NADH is the reduced (electron-energy-rich) coenzyme form of vitamin B3 or B-Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. This "reducing" power (its ability to donate electrons) is what drives ATP production.

NADH is fundamental in the chemical process of converting the food we eat into cellular energy. Each unit of NADH creates three units of ATP (the body's energy fuel).

Coenzyme Q10 for ATP energy production - Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound found naturally in the energy-producing center of the cell known as the mitochondria. CoQ10 is involved in the making of ATP. ATP serves as the cell's major energy source and drives a number of biological processes including muscle contraction and the production of protein. CoQ10 also works as an antioxidant.

CoQ10 promotes healthy energy levels, enhances the immune system, and acts as an antioxidant. A growing body of research suggests that using coenzyme Q10 supplements alone or in combination with other drug therapies and nutritional supplements supports the body's health in promoting a healthy heart, promoting healthy periodontal (gum) condition, and in supporting cognitive and nerve health.

Mitochondria: What are they and why are they so important? Mitochondria are the primary energy producers in the body. The typical cell contains an average of 1,000 mitochondria. Given that there are roughly 10 trillion cells in a healthy adult, healthy and productive mitochondria are critical to maintain the body's energy and resilience.

ATP 360 ingredients

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