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Enema Retention Flexible Inflatable Nozzle System
Enema Retention Flexible Inflatable Nozzle



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This is a flexible plastisol enema nozzle with a silicone retention balloon and inflator. This enema retention nozzle combines the comfort of a normal enema nozzle with the retention capability of a balloon-type inflation device. The nozzle is gently inserted, then the inflator is squeezed and clamped, inflating the small balloon inside the rectum. After the enema is taken, the clamp is released to deflate the balloon, permitting easy removal of the nozzle. This enema nozzle is designed for one-time hospital use, but with proper care can be used many times. It will need replacing with frequent use.

WARNING: Inflate the balloon no more than 1 to 2 syringe volumes per enema. Over-distention of a rectal balloon catheter may cause it to burst, which in some cases could tear the rectum wall, which can lead to serious or fatal illness. DO NOT overinflate your enema retention nozzle. The effectiveness of the inflatable retention nozzle is strictly in its ability to allow you to retain an enema solution. The retention of solution can be achieved with a MINIMAL amount of inflation. As a careful test, always inflate the nozzle before you insert it into your body to ascertain how much the balloon actually inflates. Be sure to deflate the balloon before inserting into the anus AND before removing it, as well.

How to use this nozzle:

  1. Attach the small tubing that comes out of the tan nozzle to the balloon inflator connector. This may take a couple of tries because the tubing and the balloon connector are similar in size, but the tube that comes out of the nozzle does fit over the balloon inflator connector.
  2. Insert the tan flex tip nozzle into the rectum. Squeeze the air pillow only once and then move the orange keyhole clamp over the connector to stop the air flow and keep the retention nozzle inflated.
  3. When you are ready to pull the nozzle out of the body, release the orange keyhole clamp from the connector and that will deflate the retention nozzle.

Buy Replacement Inflator Pillow

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How To Use a Flexible Inflatable Retention Nozzle

Kristina Amelong provides easy-to-follow how-to instructions on assembling and using the retention nozzle in your colon cleanse enema series.

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Great Product! June 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
T.K. from LA
I have to say I really like the retention nozzle. It allows me to have a hands free enema and really helps with the whole procedure so I am able to relax. Whoever designed this nozzle did a great job! Thank you for providing me with so many wonderful options.

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