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3-Quart Silicone Easy Enema Kit with Inflatable Retention Nozzle
3 Quart Silicone Easy Enema Kit with Retention Nozzle
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This 3-quart, open-top silicone enema bag kit with retention nozzle provides a leak-free and hands-free colon cleansing experience.

Sale Price: $89.99


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• • Save $28 when buying these products as a kit rather than individually!

The 3-quart enema bag capacity will enable you to clear out the entire colon. The enema bag's open top allows for easy cleaning. The latex-free silicone material of the bag and hose allows you to use essential oils for the first and second enemas in your enema series. (Oils will degrade latex equipment over time.) The ramp clamp offers easier flow control of your enema solution. The stainless steel hook offers versatility in where you hang your enema equipment.

Enema Series: Instructions and Recipes

How To Take an Enema

This kit is ideal for those who leak easily or wish to be hands-free in taking their enema. The inflatable retention nozzle system consists of a flexible plastisol enema nozzle with a silicone retention balloon and inflator. This system combines the comfort of a normal enema nozzle with the retention capability of a balloon-type inflation device. The nozzle is gently inserted, then the inflator is squeezed and clamped, inflating the small balloon inside the rectum. After the enema is taken, the clamp is released to deflate the balloon, permitting easy removal of the nozzle. This enema nozzle is designed for one-time hospital use, but with proper care can be used many times. It will need replacing with frequent use.

lifetime warranty silicone enema bags

This kit includes 1 each of the following products:

WARNING: Over-distention of a rectal balloon catheter may cause it to burst, which can possibly cut or rip the rectum wall, which can lead to serious illness. DO NOT overinflate your enema retention nozzle. The effectiveness of the inflatable retention nozzle is strictly in its ability to allow you to retain an enema solution. The retention of solution can be achieved with a MINIMAL amount of inflation. Always inflate the nozzle before you insert it into your body to ascertain how much the balloon actually inflates. Be sure to deflate the balloon before inserting into the anus AND before removing it, as well.

The silicone enema bag included in this kit carries a lifetime warranty. (The warranty does not apply to other items in this kit.)

• • This kit is also available with colon tube or Delrin nozzle or flex tip nozzle.

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5 of 5 Helps Measure Enema Volume and Flow September 28, 2021
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Anonymous Customer
Having a transparent bag takes the worry out of mixing the right amount of enema solution. The first time the bag is filled measure the amount in a measuring cup and with a magic market draw a line on the bag to show how much is needed for one quart or two and so forth. Transparency also allows the administrator to better gauge the flow.

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