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Optimal Health Network Download Instructions

how to download

If you purchase a downloadable video or booklet OR if you have purchased a product which includes a free download, please read and follow the instructions below.

Your download(s) become available once your order is submitted AND payment processing is complete. This is almost always within a minute or two of placing the order.

Electronic video files are delivered in compressed "zip" format for faster downloading. Even with compression they may take several minutes to download. You must also know how to extract (unzip) the files to their viewable MPEG format.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend attempting to download zip files to an iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone or tablet. We recommend downloading only to a laptop or desktop computer with a traditional file management system.

IMPORTANT: We are not a "help desk" for computers, so we expect that you will be familiar with downloading and unzipping video files. We do not offer refunds if you are unable to view your download.

Once you have completed your order, you can download your file(s) from our website as follows:

  1. Log in with your email and password if you have not already.
  2. Click the My Account link at the top of our website.
  3. Under My Orders, click Review Orders / Track Packages.
  4. Locate your order. By default, only orders placed in the past month will be displayed initially. If your order is older than one month, use the search order history feature near the top of the page to locate your order.
  5. Follow the yellow download link associated with your order.