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Ten Days to Optimal Health: A Guide to Nutritional Therapy and Colon Cleansing

Supportive Case Studies

"Alternative therapies that help us contact the regenerative powers that lie within us, that help us take care of ourselves and prevent disease, and that give us greater control over our lives have a major role to play in the future of health care, and in the healing of our society."

— John Robbins, Reclaiming Our Health

Injury-Induced Bowel Problems

Fibromyalgia and Emotional Stress

Candida and Infertility

Anal Fissures

Diabetes, Obesity, and Candida

Conclusion: A Body in Balance

Every new idea, because it is new, must stand up to scrutiny and real-life challenges. The Optimal Health Plan must also hold up under real-life application, and for that reason I felt that sharing background information on some of my most definitive clinical case studies seems appropriate.

Remember, always consult your medical doctor before trying any health plan.

Injury-Induced Bowel Problems

One of the most exciting cases involved a young man faced with continual and severe pain throughout his entire body and extreme bowel irregularities:

Case: WB, age 42, December 1999

Problems: WB injured his back at work in 1991. Since that time he has had persistent back pain, and had found that on many days it was hard to walk. His health was being managed poorly through drugs, with subsequent unpleasant side effects. He had a lack of appetite, nausea, and irregular bowel movements, including painful diarrhea. Exercise was not possible due to pain. The back pain had radiated into the groin area so that sex was impossible. Due to his physical health, his psychological health had dropped to the point where he was having daily panic attacks. He was frustrated and angry for not being able to find help.

Sessions and Treatment Recommendations: He sought the Optimal Health Center out despite the fears of his family due to his chronic constipation. At the first session, he spent a great deal of time explaining what he was going through, what he ate, drank and took by way of drugs. We did a colon hydrotherapy session that lasted for 15 minutes the first time. WB was an extremely picky eater. I got him to cut out all the alcohol, sugar, and grains. He would eat only chicken, fish, eggs, raw milk, olive oil, asparagus, and broccoli, for the most part. He also drank a tremendous amount of water. I was able to supplement his diet with Living Fuel, l-glutamine, magnesium, cod liver oil, a daily lemon, Super Aloe, and MSM. He had a weekly colon therapy session.

Status: March 2002: WB now has normal bowel movements 1-2 times a day without medication. He is no longer throwing up. His anxiety attacks have gone away. He still experiences pain in the back, but not throughout the whole body as it had been. If he stretches and gets regular massage, the pain is almost gone. Groin pain has decreased and seems to be getting better. He is exercising everyday with minimal discomfort.

Fibromyalgia and Emotional Stress

According to the American College of Rheumatology, three to six million Americans have fibromyalgia and ninety percent of the fibromyalgia occur in women. This case demonstrates how toxicity in the body can cause pain and emotional problems.

Case: JG, age 40, October 2001

Problems: JG presented herself at the clinic with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, a spastic bladder, intense carbohydrate cravings, anxiety, depression, a sleep disorder, and severe mood swings. Her bowels were moving only 1-3 times per week. Her mood and temper were at times extreme.

Sessions and Treatment Recommendations: Our discussion often included reviewing her eating habits. Originally, her meals consisted of cereal or toast for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, meat and vegetables for dinner, and fruit smoothies and bread sticks for snacks. Each time I saw her, we would fine-tune her diet.

In her first colon hydrotherapy session, she removed 20 feet of stored stool in a 40-minute period. The bowel issues were taken care of within 35 days, by using the OHC Plan. Plus, her long term nutritional habits were refined and brought into sync with her lifestyle needs. Supplements were used to help her with the other problems: magnesium, an antioxidant, 2 liver-supporting supplements, a probiotic, a pH balancer and flax oil.

This first round of treatments got her feeling 50% better. Three months later, after 2 fasts, she finally regulated her sleep schedule and was able to cry and rage a lot. She now spent 90% of her days with no pain. She has had to maintain a strict diet or else her symptoms would flair up. Her anxiety and depression were completely gone, and she found that if she gave herself permission to cry when she felt like it, she would quickly move through any mood swings.

Status: December 2002: Approximately 90% of her problems are gone as she continues to maintain her new eating habits, practice emotional release, and take her supplements.

Please visit www.rc.org for assistance with healing from past distress experiences.

Candida and Infertility

Case: LA, age 27, weight 190 lbs., May 1999

Problems: LA presented herself to me with irritable bowel, migraines, infertility issues, no menses, seasonal allergies, endometriosis, swollen glands, brain fog, teeth grinding, plus she was overweight. She also had erratic bowels movements 1-5 times per day. Her eating habits were very bad and consisted of fruit, coffee, donuts and cereal for breakfast; sandwiches, chips, and beans for lunch; potatoes, fish, and soy products for dinner; and cookies, fruit, soda, and ice cream for snacks.

Session and Treatment Recommendations: LA was very excited about changing her diet because she knew it was imbalanced and she very much wanted to have a baby. I started her immediately on the OHC Plan. She removed very little from her colon on the first session. Subsequent sessions were very successful.

After completion of the 35-day plan, she continued with colon therapy for 3 more months, having 3 sessions a month. She also continued following the OHC Plan diet to the letter for these 3 months. We set up an exercise plan at about the 2-month mark, which for the first time in her life she was able to follow faithfully due to how good she felt about herself. The supplements she took included a pH balancer, multivitamin, high doses of magnesium, grape seed extract, DHEA, an anti-fungal rotation, a probiotic, and iron. She also eliminated all the mold that was present in her house.

Status: November 2002: Today, LA has lost a total of 43 pounds. She has 2 healthy bowel movements a day, no signs of irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, teeth grinding, swollen glands or brain fog. Her period returned on a regular monthly schedule after 6 months. Her seasonal allergies are no longer a problem unless she eats dairy, sugar, or wheat products. After 2 1/2 years of finding and maintaining her optimal health level she is well ... and now has a very healthy 6-month old son.

Anal Fissures

Case: JS, early 50s, April 2002

Problems: This client sought conventional medical treatment and was examined by doctors, yet nothing was diagnosed. So, after more inquiries, a surgeon was recommended as an option. But after two consultations with the surgeons, he got scared off by the prospects and the problems involved. As his pain and bleeding increased, he researched the web and finally self-diagnosed a classical anal fissure. With this information and a consult with a new doctor, he finally got confirmation of his diagnosis. For two years, he used prescription cortisone creams and other ointments. Cortisone relieved the pain, but cured nothing. All mineral-based ointments did nothing but further agitated the fissure. One day, a friend he discussed this problem with recommended a holistic approach and possibly seeing a colon therapist. This brought him to our center and to a solution to his problem. By the time I was working with him, he had an anal fissure that for 6 years had slowly grown into a severe problem, causing extreme discomfort and anxiety. He was unable to sit down for any length of time and was at his wit's end.

Sessions and Treatment Recommendations: This client was hesitant to follow the Ten-Day Plan to the letter, so we improvised. I recommended he use a combination of nutrition, herbal medicine, and timely colon hydrotherapy, plus self-administered enemas to heal the fissures. His eating habits were in need of change as well. For his new diet, he added fruits daily, ate more green vegetables and ate only rice, spelt, and quinoa for his grains. JS also stayed away from chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and dairy for the better part of 2 months. Besides the deeper benefits of colon cleansing, the hydrotherapy gave him a clean rectal area and a break from the strains of defecation. He took an enema every other day and an enema implant every fourth day, for about 6 months, until the fissure was completely healed. He used the enema implant recipe using aloe vera, olive oil, and MSM that soothed the area and promoted healing. I also had JS use Super Salve as a topical treatment that would prevent fissure swelling and infection. This was applied to the area two times a day.

Status: February 2004: JS has torn the fissure during defecation only once in the last year, but this healed up quickly with a renewal of his OHC plan for 2 weeks. Otherwise, except for some occasional itching, he has been free of pain and bleeding, and has been able to pass occasional hard stools. He has also been able to moderately drink alcohol, eat chocolate, and has eliminated the use of any medications. Basically, today he feels good and enjoys life!

Through our experience with this client and many others, the Optimal Health Center now has an anal fissures healing program.

Diabetes, Obesity, and Candida

Case: MZ, 59, weight 259 lbs, September 1999

Problems: Her excessive weight of 259 lbs. was a big concern of hers, as well as her diabetes, high cholesterol level, and an overgrowth of Candida. These problems caused MZ daily pain, 3 to 4 watery bowel movements and largely limited her activities to her home. She had tried all types of diet plans without success. Her goals were to get off Glyburide for diabetes, eliminate her pain, lose weight, and detoxify her system.

Treatment Recommendations: MZ went through the 35-day plan with great success. The first week she became quite ill. Once she got through the first week, she started to feel energetic, which inspired her to continue. She lost 3-6 pounds per week. Instead of being in constant pain, she was only in pain for short periods throughout the week. She continued the OHC plan, switching to a monthly colon hydrotherapy session. She fasted every 3-4 months. During the fasts, she would do 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions. She drinks Living Fuel daily. Her supplement program included olive leaf extract, magnesium, calcium, cod liver oil, DHEA, B6, B complex, chlorella, CoQ10, and a probiotic formula. She also gave herself a weekly essential oil implant.

Status: October 2002: MZ now weighs 169 lbs. and is off all medications. She mainly sticks with the OHC Plan (but eats pie or something similar a couple times a month as a treat). Her body pain is largely gone except when she doesn't stretch and the day after she eats pie. Her cholesterol levels are normal. She is very pleased with herself and is experiencing a much fuller life.

Conclusion: A Body in Balance

Generally, you will have found that you are much healthier today because of completing the OHC Plan. Also, you probably have a much better understanding of what your body needs in order to have optimal health. Some people may choose to continue to use the OHC Plan in their day-to-day lives to maintain their newfound state of wellness. Others may choose to return to the plan only when their bodies tell them that they have regressed and are struggling with less than optimal health. Whatever you decide, I hope this compilation of facts, ideas, philosophies, and healthy strategies is useful to you for years to come.