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Ten Days to Optimal Health: A Guide to Nutritional Therapy and Colon Cleansing

Table of Contents

About the Author

About This Book



Chapter 1: The Optimal Health Center

Nutritional Plans, Supplements, and Colon Cleansing

Your Body's Healing Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions


Chapter 2: Genetics, the Environment, and Nutrition

The Role of Genetics

Linus Pauling's Thoughts on Genetics

Environmental and Political Factors

Profitability Before Health

Limited Access to Quality Food

Nutritional Content of Food

Principles of Healthy Diets and the Work of Dr. Weston A. Price

The Traditional Diet

Price's Dietary Principles


Chapter 3: The Optimal Health Center's 10-Day Program

The Optimal Health Center (OHC) Nutrition Program

Colon Cleansing Options: Hydrotherapy or At-Home Enemas

Quick-Start Guide to the OHC Nutrition Program

Shopping for Food

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fats


Chapter 4: Understanding the OHC Nutrition Program

Adopting a New Normal




Small Meals

Non-Starchy Vegetables


Healthy Fats and Oil

Food With High Enzyme Content

Soups Prepared With Bone Broths

Raw Dairy


Chapter 5: What Foods To Avoid and Why

Summary Guide to the "Foods To Avoid" List


Starchy Vegetables

Pasteurized Dairy


Beans or Legumes

Alcohol, Coffee, and Soda

Processed Food, Preservatives, and Artificial Ingredients or Additives

Processed, Smoked, or Commercial Meats Including Farm-Raised Fish


Chapter 6: Five-Day Nutritious Liquids Fast

A Fasting Experience That Will Change the Way You Feel

Resting and Healing

Nutritious Liquids are the Key to a Successful Fast

Planning Your Fast

Shopping and Planning

Raw Milk

Living Fuel

Fresh Vegetable Juices


Herbal Teas

Beet Kvass



Eliminating Toxins From Your Body

The "Ropes" Called Mucoid Plaque

The Importance of Supplements

Five-Day Fasting Calendar

Daily/Hourly Schedule for the Five-Day Nutritious Liquids Fast

Helpful Hints

The Day After: Breaking Your Fast


Chapter 7: Colon Hydrotherapy

What to Expect

A 35-50 Minute Session

Cleansing Strengthens the Colon

Why Use Colon Hydrotherapy?

The Colon's Main Structural Parts

The Composition of Stool

The Colon Needs Help

We Live in a Polluted World

Diminish the Toxic Load in the Entire Body

The Colon 's Job is More Important Than the Mouth's Job

Frequently Asked Colon Hydrotherapy Questions


Chapter 8: Therapeutic Enemas

Enemas Throughout the Ages

Enemas as Tools in Hospitals

Dispelling the Myths About Enemas

Buying At-Home Enema Equipment

How Do I Take Therapeutic Enemas?

Step-by-Step Procedures


Chapter 9: Implant Recipes

Coffee Enemas

Butyrate Detox Enema

Olive Oil/Aloe Vera Implant/MSM

Bifidobacterium Bifidum

Human Fecal Matter


Wheat Grass Enema

Epsom Salts


Flax-Seed Tea

Green Tea

Slippery Elm

Sesame Oil and Herbs

Essential Oils

Raw Milk and Molasses


Chapter 10: Supportive Case Studies

Injury-Induced Bowel Problems

Fibromyalgia and Emotional Stress

Candida and Infertility

Anal Fissure

Diabetes, Obesity, and Candida



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