OHN Heavy Metals Detox Kit
OHN Heavy Metals Detox Kit

The OHN Heavy Metals Detox Supplement Kit contains four key supplements to help you detox from toxic heavy metals such as copper, mercury, aluminum, and lead.

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The OHN Heavy Metals Detox Supplement Kit contains four key supplements to help you detox from toxic heavy metals such as copper, mercury, aluminum, and lead.

This kit includes 1 each of the following products:

  1. Ortho Z-Binder — 60 capsules
  2. Researched Nutritionals Tri-Fortify Liposomal Glutathione (Orange) — 8 oz.
  3. Ortho Reacted Magnesium — 180 capsules
  4. Endo-met GB-3 — 90 tablets

Suggested Use:

Start by taking the following supplements for one week in order to support your detoxification pathways:

  1. Researched Nutritionals Tri-Fortify Liposomal Glutathione (Orange) — Take 1 teaspoon twice daily, before a meal. Swish it around your mouth for 1 minute to help cleanse teeth, gums, and sinuses.
  2. Ortho Reacted Magnesium — Start by taking 2 capsules twice daily and increase by 1 each day until stool becomes loose, then decrease dosage slightly. Can be taken with or without food.
  3. Endo-met GB-3 — Start with ½ tablet per meal and increase dosage up to a maximum of 2 tablets per meal. If you experience diarrhea or burning in the stomach, you are taking too many. Reduce dosage until diarrhea goes away. You may only need ½ tablet per meal.

After 1 week, add in Ortho Z-Binder — Take 2 capsules, 2 times daily, for at least 1 month, and no more than 3 months continuously. Some people are sensitive to the recirculation of metals in the body, so you can start by taking 1 and increase dosage by 1 every 5th day until you are up to the full dose (4 total daily). Take away from food.

Many people choose to either take Z-Binder for a short period of time (1-2 months) or take intermittently for longer (one month on, one month off, etc for 4 or so months, depending on your heavy metal load). Binding supplements like zeolite should not be taken continuously long-term as they chelate not only toxic metals but metals like iron that the body needs. Optimal dosage and amount of time to take Z-Binder will vary depending on the individual, and we recommend setting up a consultation with Kristina for specific dosage guidance. Monitor your mineral levels during chelation therapy.

NOTE: This kit includes at least 24 days worth of each supplement, but you may not fully run out of each product at the end of that period. Some will likely last you longer than others depending on the dosage that is right for your body. Each of these products is available for individual purchase if you need refills.

Recommended HTMA Follow-up:

After 3 months of this protocol, retest your heavy metal levels with a hair tissure mineral analysis (HTMA). During your consultation, Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC can advise on which supplements to continue and whether you should add any. Due to constant exposure to heavy metals in our environment, detoxing is an ongoing process and some dosage of detox supplements should always be taken. Optimally, everyone would continue to test their heavy metal levels every 6 months, even once symptoms are under control.

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  1. Ortho Z-Binder (60 capsules)Z-Binder is a broad-spectrum binding formula containing natural ingredients from the purest sources to support enhanced clearance of heavy metals and unwanted organisms and organic compounds from the GI tract.

    INGREDIENTS: Zeolite Clay (G-PUR®), Activated Charcoal, Shilajit (PrimeaVie®), Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid. Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose (Natural Vegetable Capsules), Stearic Acid, Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.
  2. Researched Nutritionals Tri-Fortify Liposomal Glutathione (Orange) (8 oz.) — Glutathione is an antioxidant that is essential for detoxification in the body. The unique liposome structure of this product allows it to combine effectively with the body's natural fluids and penetrate its protective membranes, bypassing the digestive system and directly entering the bloodstream. By avoiding the process of digestion, nutrient absorption and utilization is much quicker and more complete.

    INGREDIENTS: Glutathione (450 mg), vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) (50 mg). Other Ingredients: Glycerin, Phospholipids (soy), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Orange Flavor.
  3. Ortho Reacted Magnesium (180 capsules) — Magnesium is the number one mineral that Americans are deficient in. Magnesium is an essential catalyst for the heavy metal detox process, by supporting cell growth and stimulating cell activity to release toxins stored in the cells into the bloodstream.

    INGREDIENTS: 2 capsules contain: Magnesium (Malate, Citrate, Lycsinate Glycinate Chelate) 235 mg. Other Ingredients: Natural vegetable capsules, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid.
  4. Endo-met GB-3 (90 tablets) — GB-3 is a formula containing bile acids and synergistic factors. GB-3 acts to enhance biliary output, assisting in the removal of toxic metals (particularly copper) from the liver. It also supports overall digestive health.

    INGREDIENTS: Serving size: 1 tablet. Per serving: pancreatin 4 X USP (porcine) 160 mg; black radish root (Raphanus sativus) 130 mg; ox bile extract 112 mg. Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose NF, stearic acid USP (palm), magnesium stearate NF/FCC (palm), gum guar, silicon dioxide FCC, hydroxypropyl cellulose, glycerin.

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