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Sample Alternative Health Consultation: Healing from BPH and Enlarged Prostate

During this 45-minute phone consultation, Kristina documented the details of her client P.G.'s health journey, from which she developed an individualized program to assist him in his struggles with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate, frequent urination, mercury and copper toxicity, adrenal exhaustion, teeth grinding, and weight management.

Testimonial from Client P.G.

"Thank you for your time and expertise, Kristina. I will follow up on all your recommendations. You are the only person I have ever spoken to in such detail about my bowel movements. Thank you for normalizing a natural and important function for maintaining good health."

prostate diagram

Healing from BPH and Enlarged Prostate: Kristina's Recommended Individualized Program for P.G.

By Kristina Amelong