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5-Quart Silicone Flowmaster Home Enema Kit with Colon Tube
5-Quart Silicone Home Enema Kit with Colon Tube
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This innovative 5-quart home enema kit system is an effective, high-quality cleansing program that can be used to optimize your health over the long term. Includes a lifetime warranty on the silicone bag!

Sale Price: $128.95


Product Details

• • Save $37 when buying these products as a kit rather than individually!

lifetime warranty silicone enema bags

Our signature Flowmaster system allows you to cleanse the entire colon without cramping or leaking, and without the expense of numerous colon therapy sessions or the bulkiness of a colon board.

This home colon cleansing kit includes 1 each of the following products:

  • 5-quart silicone, open-topped enema bag. This high-capacity, heavy-duty bag has a double eyelet (one on each side) for stable hanging using the included vinyl-coated S-hook. Latex-free, this bag is safe for those who are chemically sensitive or who have latex allergies.
  • Vinyl-coated stainless steel S-hook
  • 6 feet of silicone hose
  • Higginson-type syringe bulb
  • Enema hose ratchet clamp (12 flow positions, including off)
  • Silicone colon tube - This 30" latex-free colon tube has a smooth, tapered end that makes insertion easier and more comfortable, and it disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. The colon tube is able to go 5-8 inches into the colon for a deeper cleanse.

▶︎ Watch Video: Colon Tube Safety When Doing Home Enemas

▶︎ Further Reading: How To Use A Colon Tube Safely

HOW TO ASSEMBLE: Connect the 6-foot silicone hose to the enema bag so that the arrows located on the clear valves of the black syringe bulb are facing away from the bag. The arrows indicate the direction in which the solution flows.

A free downloadable enema booklet is included. This booklet will teach you how to easily take an enema series in order to clean out the entire colon.

The silicone enema bag included in this kit carries a lifetime warranty. (The warranty does not apply to other items in this enema kit.)

• • This kit is also available with flex tip nozzle or inflatable retention nozzle.

Which Enema Nozzle Is Right for You?

How to Assemble and Use Your Flowmaster Colon Cleansing System

Videos presented by
Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC
I-ACT-Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

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5 of 5 Super High Quality - These are Made to Last Year'. March 28, 2024
Verified Purchase
Drew Gmitro from Eden Prairie, MN United States
My first order from this company arrived  thus week and I'm very pleased to say, each and every item, has exceeded my expectations. I'm truly shocked that the quality is really thue good

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5 of 5 Love this product December 5, 2022
Verified Purchase
Reviewer: David J
I love this kit, the 5 quart bag ensures you don't need to refill for a full enema for one pass. The bag, nozzle, and clamp is high quality. I dedicate several hours to do this right – usually 5 to 6 enemas until I just see plain water coming out. I recommend drinking an electrolyte beverage like Pedialyte to keep your blood sugar stable while doing this – this can tire and drain you. I have the 30" colon tube that comes with it. At first I was apprehensive about inserting it, you don't need to insert it all the way. I ended up doing that and was surprised how easy it was going slowly and carefully while releasing the water into me. There was no cramping, the first pass I got 2 quarts in me, and then the second and additional passes I got 4 quarts easily. Wonderful product.

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5 of 5 What a difference September 16, 2022
Verified Purchase
Anonymous Customer
Until now I have only used a drug store enema bag. I can’t believe what a difference this kit makes. The bulb really help get the water in further. Only had time tonight for a test run. I’m sure I’ll be taking all 5 quarts in no time.

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5 of 5 I love the capacity, the pump, and colon tube August 19, 2017
Verified Purchase
Anonymous Customer
from NC, United States
My largest enema bag (I also have 4-quart bags, one red rubber and one clear/translucent).  Good for two smaller enemas without refilling the bag or, if you can take the capacity, one very filling volume.  I use several different nozzles with this system.  The colon tube is just stiff and flexible enough to follow the colon up to the splenic flexure without folding back on itself to allow enema solutions to be introduced at the transverse colon.  With my double-balloon retention nozzle I can take and hold the larger volume enemas that this system can provide.  I like being able to see the progress (volume left) that this bag provides.  I ordered and use a second hook to fill this bag to its maximum capacity.  Make sure whatever you hang this bag on can hold the weight.

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5 of 5 Rediscovering Relief January 21, 2017
Verified Purchase
Anonymous Customer
from California
Over the years, I fell out of the practice of regular enemas and cleansings.  As a result, my body paid for it. A combination of medications I take for chronic pain, menopause and hypothyroidism sent me into a tail spin of constipation which proved resistant to dietary fiber and laxatives.  Therefore, colon cleansing is ESSENTIAL in order for me to maintain an unobstructed bowel. Kayla was extremely helpful in getting me what I needed to get back on the road to wellness!  The 3 qt Flowmaster allows me to take a thorough enema comfortably and without terrible cramping. I love the design of the bag too. It's easy to get inside of and clean. Anyone with severe constipation needs the bulb design in order to push past those pesky hard blockages to deliver the solution all the way into the colon.  For me, the Flowmaster has saved me from impaction and a sluggish lazy colon.

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