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Colonic Photos

The following three photos were taken during a single colon hydrotherapy session. These are the results that you can expect while on the last five days of Kristina's program, Ten Days to Optimal Health. As seen in the photos, you can remove mucoid plaque, Candida overgrowth, mucus, parasites, and a tremendous amount of toxins by means of your colon. In conjunction with lifestyle changes, this process of colon cleansing can bring the body into a state of greater health.

Learn more in our downloadable instructional video, Cleansing Using Colon Hydrotherapy, in which I detail the process of a colonic session from beginning to end.


If you take a close look at the stool in the photo above, you will see a large amount of Candida albicans. This is the white, foamy substance in the middle top and on the right side. Colon cleansing and dietary changes are essential tools to recover the body from Candida overgrowth and its related biochemical imbalances.


As you can see in the photo above, the colon stores much more than it releases on a daily basis. As you use colon cleansing and the Ten Days to Optimal Health program, you can potentially remove 2 to 25 feet of stool daily. Remember, these photos were taken during a single colon therapy session. I measured about 8 feet of release during this session, and this client removed three times that much in the course of that day.


The photo above shows how much mucus can accumulate in the colon. The body creates mucus in order to protect itself from irritants — Candida albicans, stool that isn't leaving the body in a timely fashion, toxins, undigested food, etc. A colon filled with mucus will eventually cause chronic health problems.