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Coffee Enemas Saved My Life!

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I'd like to share a customer's story in hopes it might help you and yours. (The following comes from a 45-minute phone conversation with this customer.)

"I have been taking coffee enemas at least once a day since I was 27 years old. I am 59 now. I had struggled with horrible migraines; hurting myself emotionally; environmental illness including chemical sensitivities and neurological issues. I was extremely depressed, overweight, and absolutely broke. Imagine trying to put your life together when you have no money and your brain won't work. I was even suicidal at times. For two years, I had a mask on my face because I was so sensitive to everything around me.

It was a tremendous blessing when I learned about coffee enemas. Now, believe it or not, I look like I have never been sick a day in my life! I am truly a miracle and I credit coffee enemas as a cornerstone of recovering my health.

I also use a far infrared sauna daily. And, I cleanse! I cleanse often! I'll tell you a SECRET right here and right now! You need to detoxify your body over and over again. The liver needs continual support! I currently and regularly use Ortho Molecular's Core Restore Kit, a 7-day cleansing program. Of course, I take coffee enemas each day during the program, also.

I never eat sugar, absolutely NEVER! I also continually support my adrenal glands. I use castor oil packs, mud packs, and Epsom salt baths.

What I especially love about coffee enemas is that everyone can afford this treatment. It's a valuable foundational tool for anyone suffering from a chronic illness. It takes "good guts" to get well. Thus I believe that the road to health is paved with good intestines. It's the foundation from which we can build back our health and regain our lives."

Another Client's Experience with the Enema Series

"I truly wish that everyone could experience the complete feeling of the enema series you prescribe. They wouldn't believe it!"