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One Client's Healing Experience with Essential Oils and Coffee Enemas


Hereby I would like to share with you on how I have journeyed knowing, learning and trusting enemas and essential oils for long-lasting and optimal health.

There were several episodes in my life that triggered my search for alternate treatments.

trigger finger

One unforgettable incident or experience that was almost a miracle to me is my remarkable recovery from trigger finger. I think the medical term used is stenosing tenosynovitis. It would manifest itself in the form of mild nerve pain at the base of one or several fingers that wouldn't go away and in some cases, mobility of affected fingers would be affected. For me it was just my middle finger of my right hand. It is a condition that most clinical doctors would diagnose it as a form of nerve degeneration (damaged tendon nerve) resulting from overused or simply aging and there is no known cure and patient has to either live with it or resolve to surgery which was the recommended option for me (surgically removing the affected tendon nerve).

At that time upon diagnosis, I did not like the idea of surgery which to me would be the last option hence I decided to seek elsewhere for cure. I went to a reputable Chinese physician to seek help and was put on a course of acupuncture for several months at least twice a week. The treatments did relieve the pain but only temporarily as the pain came back stronger and was getting worse. Even the acupuncture treatment itself was not pleasant and uncomfortable. I continued Chinese acupuncture for almost a year and never seem to get better and the pain continued to haunt me.. Simple actions such as clenching my right fist, carrying a bag that involved the finger and shaking hands with people were painful for me. Pain medicine did help but I did not want to depend on them. I was then almost at the verge of considering surgery to help me normalize my life without the pain. But just before it, I was searching the internet for anything relating to my problem and suddenly came to know about helichrysum essential oil and how it would heal nerve naturally aiding regeneration.

I did more research and became convinced that this wonder oil might help me. It was like nothing to lose for me to give it a try so I took the chance to walk into a specialty shop dealing in pure essential oils and bought my first bottle. On my first application, I had a pleasant surprise as truly I experienced almost immediate relief so much so that I carried it along whenever I went applying several times a day. Initially the reliefs were temporarily as the pain did come back but with a difference. The pain became lesser and lesser as I could actually feel the difference. That motivated me to keep going and in about 2-3 months, I was very sure that helichrysum has healed my affected nerve because the pain level though could still be felt was just about 2 on a scale of 10 when the condition started. Subsequently in the next 4-6 weeks of continuous application, my affected finger recovered fully. It was truly remarkable and it was from that moment I learned from my own experience and became a strong believer of essential oils in helping and aiding our body to heal, recover and regenerate naturally.

yellow fields

Another episode that followed was even more awakening for me. It was a very nasty shingles attack about two years ago. I remember it to be the year when I turned 50 years. Accordingly every one of us who has had chicken pox in earlier years are susceptible to it particularly for those who are 50 years and older.

Here are some facts to start with. About 1 in 5 people have shingles at some time in their life. It can occur at any age, but it is most common in people over the age of 50. Most people have chickenpox at some stage (usually as a child). The virus does not completely go after you had chickenpox. Some virus particles remain inactive in the nerve roots next to your spinal cord. They do no harm there, and cause no symptoms. For reasons that are not clear, the virus may begin to multiply again (reactivate). This is often years later. The reactivated virus travels along the nerve to the skin to cause shingles. Another explanation is that it would strike one when one's immune system is compromised or weak.

In my case, it came so suddenly and I had no idea at all that it was shingles. It started with an unbearable constant pain at my right temple that standard pain killers had on effect and it lasted for days. At that time I had no idea at all that it was the onset of shingles, I went to the emergency at the hospital and the doctor could not diagnose the cause and only gave me pain killers that did not work. It was repeated visits to several clinics that finally my family physician confirmed it to be shingles based on symptoms but unfortunately as told by the doctor, it has reached a stage with possible nerve damage and that recovery would be long and could take several months even up to a year and pain might linger. At this time, this sickness began showing prominent rashes on one side of my face and the pain was extricating. I was put on anti-viral and various nerve specific pain killer medication. Immediately I knew I could not take my condition lightly and could not depend solely on drug to help me.

Realizing that shingles has to do with nerve issue, I turned to helichrysum essential oil to help with my pain and recovery. This time I was wiser as I have understand more about essential oils requiring dilution and hence diluted the oil appropriately before application. And within 3 weeks, I recovered fully from it which was not expected by my doctor who then accounted my speedy recovery due to my good health which was contradictory to how the virus had activated in the onset. Anyway I moved on with a stronger belief in using essential oils to heal. I would say that it has to be the anti-viral drug that helped most but combined with helichrysum, it enhanced the healing process more holistically particularly on the nervous system avoiding long term complications.

Upon recovery, I was concerned and wondering on my own state of health which could have caused the two episodes in my life -- trigger finger and shingles. I went for a full body check-ups and a series of blood tests. I passed most if not all tests confirming that I was generally healthy and fine but one reading indicated that I was a little off and that was my liver profile -- SGPT/ALT -- U/L -- (<37 as the good range) -- my reading from several tests showed 45, 55, 58 (all > 37). What doctors told me was that I did not have to worry as it was only off marginally and hence no medication nor further action required to correct. I was of course not knowledgeable enough medically to fully understand what this one reading implied on my health but common sense told me that my liver was not functionally optimally.

I then turned to the internet to research about liver health hoping to find appropriate essential oils that would help. However my understanding of essential oils then was limited only for application. There was not enough information about how safe oils could be consumed internally. And if so, what purity, what grade as well as what dilution. Unless I could ingest internally, I could not figure out how I could help my liver. Along this direction of searching, I came to know of coffee enema and that is a natural way of liver detoxification and at the same time stimulating glutathione production by our body naturally enhancing overall immune system. Initially I was very skeptical and relied on the internet to learn and know more and finally took the plunge to experiment making sure I got all the procedures right. It was not easy without Optimal Health Network then or getting the procedures as well as equipment right.

After my first attempt of which the process was not so comfortable, the after effect was tremendously uplifting with an explainable renewed energy. It was precisely this wonderful feeling despite some inconvenience and trouble that kept me going on a daily routine of coffee enema protocol for the next three months. Then after I had my blood tests to check my liver condition and to my relief, consecutive readings at 2 months interval showed my SGT/ALT as 34, 31, 30, and 28. My last test was just 3 months ago. To me this has proven beyond doubt that coffee enema has helped my liver to improve along with many health benefits that I would not be able list them all. I said it here because I first intended for coffee enema to help my liver but I feel my total health has benefited way beyond. I am feeling better, have a clearer mind, have more energy and did not fall sick since then. I have learned that when our liver functions optimally, everything falls in place as our other organs works well too. It is indeed a holistic natural approach for optimal health.


Above experiences have helped me to appreciate natural healing through use of essential oils and believing in coffee enema for good health. Just when I thought I was all on the right path to healthy living, I encountered yet another condition that I was told again that nothing could be done medically and I would have to accept it as part of the aging process.

It was my low testosterone shown from a hormone test report suggested by a family physician during a routine check-up. I then repeated it a few more times with intervals and they were showing below the normal range <8 nmol/L (8.4 ~ 28.7). When I asked about the likely outcome of this condition if left untreated, I was told blankly that I would age faster, lose mobility and even die prematurely of which the condition has no cure and irreversible. The only option given to me was testosterone replacement therapy by way of using a skin patch on a specific body area or gel application daily and long term. My reaction was disbelief. My experiences have taught me not to believe fully what conventional doctors tell you but to find out more. I did not wish to be dependent on artificial testosterone. If my body stopped or failed to produce enough testosterone to maintain healthy living for me, there must be a reason that could be addressed and corrected.

In fact when I searched more about this problem, I gathered that if one would resolve to testosterone replacement over an extended period and the body got used to having artificial testosterone, it would then sense and stop producing testosterone altogether which would truly be difficult to reverse as it would take a long time to get the body to produce on its own again should artificial testosterone be unavailable for unforeseen reasons. I was desperate and turned to the internet again but this time to seek more in the direction that I knew and believed which was natural healing through use of essential oils and enemas.

This has thus led me to your website. I am truly glad I discovered Optimal Health Network. To me it is the best health website that puts together the best of both worlds that coincidently were two health practices that I was and still are believing firmly with my mind and heart, which are oils and enemas. What I knew were just a little about essential oils and coffee enemas from internet research and some books. But what you are sharing and providing on your website illustrated more than just words, giving guidance and instructions through videos which are so important for anyone seeking good health with oils and enemas requiring self-administering in most cases. Everything was so right for me when I found OHN. It has since become my one-stop solution for health. I already knew some about essential oils and coffee enemas, but your site enlightened me more from a total perspective and approach about essential oils and enemas and most interestingly for me to know was the use of oils together with enemas in the right combinations. To me, it is an absolute perfect combination for total healing. What was most helpful was your personal attention to receive and reply to my mail addressing my problem which was unique and personal to me.

You took time to write and understand me more and suggested an excellent protocol combining different essential oils using the enema series and Idaho Blue Spruce suppositories to get into my system. I following the program which I did not doubt and expectedly my testosterone levels came back within normal range within two months. And that same level continued to maintain within range for more than year till now. Some of my test results were -- 10.00, 11.70, 11,90, 10.90, 10.80. My last test was taken on 3rd Jan 2014. You would note that my testosterone did not go up high up in the range which I perceive it as perfectly fine and normal because unlike using artificial testosterone which may elevate my levels way up making me feeling different maybe too good. That to me isn't graceful aging. I would say our body needs to achieve equilibrium and this level changes as we age and in natural way through natural means, our body would adjust itself optimally and appropriately subjectively and individually. What matters most now is that I am within the normal range and I feel good and positive living my life aging actively.