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OHN Anti-Inflammatory & Flora Booster Essential Oil Blend - 5 ml
OHN Anti-Inflammatory & Flora Booster Oil Blend - 5 ml

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80 drops in a 5-ml bottle

An association between inflammation and the development of cancer has long been appreciated. Use this essential oil blend in your enema series to reduce inflammation and to support healthy bacteria levels in the colon.

The essential oils in this blend along with aloe vera juice (Aloe barbadensis) can be used to help overcome a Candida overgrowth, relieve constipation, alleviate digestive problems associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or overcome ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation of the large intestine and rectum, which leads to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

INGREDIENTS: Therapeutic-grade copaiba, palmarosa, and myrtle essential oils; liquid coconut oil

Liquid coconut oil is used as a carrier oil, because it facilitates the absorption of other oils and provides antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

HOW TO USE: Place 8-12 drops into a few granules of quality salt, mix in one cup of aloe vera juice, and implant with a bulb syringe. Aloe vera is a also prebiotic. Best results will be seen by first taking an enema series or taking implant immediately after bowel movement.

NOTE: In addition to the essential oil blend, you will need both a bulb syringe and aloe vera juice to do the implant above.

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• • Also available in 10-ml size

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5 of 5 IBS with diarrhea March 8, 2015
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Anonymous Customer
I followed the instructions and took the recommended implant doubling the aloe vera and used the colon tube as well as the enema plug. After a 2-hr nap with the implant, I felt much relief. The high dosage of Anti-Inflammatory oil blend really does work. I will take 2 more series with 2 more implants in the next 2 days.

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