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Video Transcript: How to Colon Cleanse with Essential Oils

Kristina addresses using essential oils in the colon cleanse and with coconut oil suppositories. By using essential oils, you can enhance the therapeutic effects of your colon cleanse and in home enema treatments.


"There's lots of scientific research that shows that the colon is the most absorptive place to take in therapeutic substances. So if you’re using essential oils anyways, it's much better to use them in the colon. You're going to get a greater benefit from them if you use them in the colon than if you put them on your skin or if you take them by mouth. Okay, so that's the first thing: if you're using oils, try to take them in your colon, either through the enema or through the suppository, because you're going to get more benefit from them. If you're doing colon cleansing and you want to figure out, well, which oils should I use? I just want to start talking a little bit about that today.

OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend: If you want to enhance the therapeutic properties of your colon cleanse, add this blend to the water. In any enema series or colon cleanse that you want to do, even bring it to your colon therapist and have them put it in the tubing.

Citrus Oils: Any of the citrus oils will help to build up the mucosa throughout your digestive tract, so if you're having any issues with digestion or leaky gut or keeping your healthy bacteria populations up, or you’re getting sick, that's often an issue with the mucosal barrier throughout the system, in the colon, the small intestine, the stomach, and great oils to use for that are the citrus oils. Tangerine is a good place to start, Citrus Fresh™. So the citrus oils for building up the mucosal barrier. Those are great oils to add, both in the enema series as well as to do in the suppositories. And take them orally. I do all three, as well as with the Purification, take it orally, put it in your enema series, and take it as a suppository.

If you’re doing any kind of tissue healing, the Melrose is a great place to start. It will regenerate tissue that is dead, it will help to heal any kind of tissue, any ulcerative issues you might have.

If you have anxiety or you need calming assistance, I put Lavender essential oil in your suppositories as well as in your enema series.

Again, each of these methods of delivery enhance the other, but if you’re only going to do one, definitely use it in the colon, probably as the suppository because that is going to stay in the colon the longest.

And then, if you read that an oil is helps with something, for instance with Transformation™ oil, this is to help with any kind of transformation you have going on. So during that period of time when you want an extra boost, you might use this in your enema series. The same is true with any oils, like Longevity™, Joy™, Abundance™; they are blends made to support those qualities in your life and if you use them in your colon, they will help you that much more.

When using the oils in your enema, mix them with the sea salt so that they will thoroughly mix throughout the enema solution and not just sit at the top of the water. With the suppositories, use about 10 drops per suppository, and you can mix and match the oils or you can just use one kind of oil.

It’s important to rotate the oils. One night you might take a Tangerine suppository; another night you might do Transformation™; another night you might do Joy™. And then maybe you’ll rotate those oils over three nights in a row.

If you need any support figuring out what oils you want to use, we can give you a consultation. You can also check out the body feedback methods that we have on our website about how to self-test. So if you need any support with using essential oils in your colon, give us a call at the Optimal Health Network."


How to Colon Cleanse with Essential Oils