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Video Transcript: Cancer and the Coffee Enema

Kristina describes the healing benefits of coffee enemas for people who have cancer or wish to prevent it.


"Taking coffee enemas on a daily basis is proving to be an effective alternative to cancer treatment for many people. I would say that using coffee enemas on a weekly to monthly basis is also a fantastic tool for avoiding cancer, as well. I want to talk about what to do to prepare the body for a coffee enema.

The Three-Part Enema Series:

The standard belief is that you just take the coffee enema straight up and you don’t do any cleansing before the coffee enema. To me, that method of taking a coffee enema is very counterintuitive because, once in the colon, the coffee is stimulating the body to absorb whatever is in the colon. So, if you have stool in the colon, discarded hormones, toxins, all sorts of different things, you’re going to also absorb these already discarded waste products back into the blood stream, back up into the liver. You don’t want to add to the load on the body with the coffee enema; instead, you want to clear out the colon completely before you take the coffee enema.

We have lots of educational material about how to clear the colon fully using the enema series, but I’ll just say a little bit about it here: for the first enema in the series you want to use a therapeutic soap, like our made-for-enema goat milk soap; the second enema in the series you want to use a high-quality salt and also OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend; and then you have your third enema in the series which is a coffee enema. Always use a made-for-enema coffee, because the made-for-enema coffees are higher in caffeine and higher in palmitates than regular coffee, which are the therapeutic ingredients that your body is using to clear out the cancer and optimize your health.

Enema Equipment:

A lot of the standard wisdom about the coffee enemas is that you can use the inexpensive, drugstore variety bags, but actually you’ll end up using a lot more time using that enema equipment because the tubing is very thin and it’s a very slow flow. I get calls every day about this. People trade out their equipment and they find the process to be quicker and easier. And, when you’re struggling with or recovering from cancer, you’ve got so much work to do and things to do so it’s much better to spend the least amount of time with your enema series and your coffee enema.

So, if you’re using coffee enemas to recover from cancer, if you need any support about how to do that, about what kind of coffee to use, about what kind of enema equipment to use, about frequency, give us a call and we’ll help you out. We do consultations and we also provide the made-for-enema coffee and lots of different types of enema equipment."


Cancer and the Coffee Enema