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Our Safety Commitment

During this very difficult situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our customers. Per the CDC's guidelines, we want you to know that the Optimal Health Network team is taking extra precautions in its assembly and shipping protocols to help ensure the safety of your family, our community, and our staff!

Can the new coronavirus hitch a ride on packages delivered to your home from across the U.S. or overseas? Information is still evolving as we learn more about the virus, and the ability of the virus to survive on packages may vary greatly depending on the type of surface. Furthermore, whose hands touched a package along its journey, and at which points in its journey, are important factors. Therefore we certainly encourage you to take any precautions you feel are necessary for your safety and peace of mind.

If you wish to be fully cautious, discard outer packaging outside your home if possible, wash your hands thoroughly after handling, wipe down all surfaces of inner packaging and individual products with an alcohol-based solution (60% or higher), let all surfaces fully dry, and wash your hands thoroughly one more time.


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