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Testimonials Archive 4

Colonic Cleansing and Enemas

When I read through Kristina's website, I was very drawn to her. I knew I had to do something about my health. After I ate, I always had to run to the bathroom with diarrhea. I was not digesting my food very well. I felt tired and weak, depressed, and needed to lose weight and worse of all I had horrible nerve spasms all down my right side of my body.

For ten years I had to deal with that. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong and said it was stress. When I read that Kristina herself was ill for six years and now she's healthy, it brought me some hope. Here was a woman I never met before and I only knew what I read on her website. Her earthy look, from what I saw from her photos, made me feel at ease since that's the kind of person I like the most.

It was like a higher power took me over and led me to her. I e-mailed her about my problems and got positive responses from her. I bought her DVD, All About Enemas, and it was the way she said, "Enemas work," that I believed her. I did enemas now and then in the past and the experience wasn't good. I was almost afraid of them. But I believed Kristina and was willing to give it a try and to give colonics a try and even her diet. Kristina said I should get her CD book and of course I did. She could have helped me long distance. I wanted and needed one-on-one help.

As a musician, I don't make that much money, but I had to make that trip to Madison. Being a classical flutist and a singer, it takes so much energy. I lacked energy, which affected my performance. For my career's sake, and for the sake of just my everyday life, I had to do something. I pulled out my lowest interest credit card and off I went to Madison.

When I arrived to Madison I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I even made a great vacation out of it. I made two appointments with Kristina over two days. Day one she gave me an enema series; day two she gave me a colonic. The morning of my first appointment I wasn't even nervous. I knew I was doing the right thing and I felt like I knew Kris already. It was wonderful to finally meet her.

I was surprised by her short haircut; she looked very different but really cool! She was very friendly. When she took me into her office we talked first mostly about my background. When I got on the table for the enema series, then it hit me. I was nervous and even started to cry. She was very soothing and held my hand and was talking to me.

I asked her if there is hope for me and she said yes and that she was 100% sure I would heal fully. I calmed down a lot and by that time I realized there was no pain at all from the enema. When I left her office, I felt the best I ever felt in my whole life! Kristina is truly a healer. The most important piece of information I got from her was that NutraSweet is a nerve poison and that could be causing my nerve spasms. I drank many diet drinks and I quit cold turkey and when I do get the spasms, they're very mild. They use to be so bad that it would make me jump. I hardly have them at all anymore thanks to Kristina's knowledge. The next day I went back for the colonic. It takes me some getting used to, but I was fine with it. I already felt my body healing. Saying goodbye was sad. I loved being with her.

When I got back to Austin, when I woke up in the morning, I would have a smile on my face. That never happened before. I started on the 30-day diet right away. As I'm writing this, I have three days left on the diet. Not hard at all and I feel I'm on the path to recovery. In less than a month I lost eight pounds. I'm going to keep on eating healthy and keep in touch with Kristina. I'm planning on once a month to have an appointment with her by phone. My trip to Madison was a month ago today, and I feel a huge difference in my health. Sure, there are hydrotherapists in Austin, but not like Kristina. Since I'm a phobic person, I needed to be with someone I fully trusted. I found Kristina Amelong and believe in her work. Now I need to believe in myself.

OHN Website Endorsement

I would like to endorse this OHN and explain why it's such a great and helpful website.

What a wonderful place!!

First maybe I should tell you all a bit about myself.

I'm 32 years old and live in California. A few years ago I read about enemas on the internet and decided to try one. I got an enema bag from an online site (just a normal 2-quart red bag, but it did have a cap so it could be used as a hot water bottle as well). The reason I decided to try using an enema is I had been depressed, tired, and having problems in the restroom for quite a while. I also had a few other symptoms that I read might be helped by taking an enema. I had had severe acne as a child, and always felt sick when exercising too vigorously.

Well, I tried it, and it did seem to help, but I was very worried about hurting myself or doing something wrong. So I did more research on the internet and I found all these websites saying how dangerous taking an enema is, how you can die from it, how if you don't have enough salt you can pass out, etc. This scared me enough that I decided to stop taking enemas all together. There was no Google back then, and the amount of information available about enemas was way less then there is now.

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I decided to start really dieting, as opposed to "sort of" dieting (I wouldn't drink soda, and didn't eat a ton, but I still would often only eat once a day). While doing research on ways to help me lose weight, I came across suggestions that enemas might help as well. This sparked my interest, and after going to college and learning techniques to do research on the internet, I decided to do exactly that about enemas.

This website, along with many others, helped me figure out that enemas are not really as dangerous as they were made out to be. Common sense should have told me that if so many people were dying from enemas or even getting seriously hurt, it would be reported on all the time. In fact, I think many of the doomsday websites use only one or two incidents to scare people into not using enemas at all.

So I went to my local drug store (after reading online that you can buy them there now) and bought a 2-quart red enema bag. I have been taking enemas now every day, mixed with baking soda, and I feel so much better.

Not only have I not been having the problems on the toilet (it's always been an unenjoyable process for me), but I feel so much lighter and have more energy. (I'm also exercising more, so that may be part of the reason.) I am thinking of getting the Flowmaster Cleansing Program. Although I have never used a colon tube and I'm not sure if I will want to or not, still it would be nice to have the video, good enema equipment, and more options for later as I become more experienced.

I can take about 4 quarts or so (not sure of the exact amount since I don't let my bag empty all the way before refilling it so there is no more air to let out), but am still a bit worried about taking too much, so I am stopping at 4, at least for now. I can't always take that much. For instance yesterday I could only take 2 quarts even after the first time. But by 4 quarts the pressure seems to be large enough that no more water will enter my colon from the bag. I do not want to increase the height any more as that could be seriously dangerous, and I seem to get cleaned out quite well with only 4 quarts.

Anyway, everything seems to be going pretty well so far. I am currently 250 pounds and I'm hoping to get down to 200-210 or so. (I'm 6 foot; 190-200 is optimal, but even when I was a teenager in excellent shape I was about 200.) There is so much information on taking enemas that it is a bit scary. For now I am using baking soda and eating a banana to help with potassium every morning. (I am eating many small meals as part of my diet anyway.) I have read that you should also eat yogurt (yech!!), to help replenish something else, but I have not been able to stomach that yet.

I do feel way better lately, more healthy, more positive, and I have way more energy. It does unfortunately still take me a while to give myself an enema series (I usually just do two, the first to clean out most of the junk and the second to get the rest). The process takes me about 2 hours or so right now, but probably with practice it will become a bit faster.

I think this website and its board are really awesome and incredibly helpful. The amount of information available here to help someone just starting off is amazing. The people on the message board are so friendly and smart, and of course the supplies you can purchase are excellent with just about everything you could possibly need available (and it seems that Kristina can even find ways to get things not on the website!).

I highly recommend purchasing items from OHN and suggest you join the message boards as well. This site has helped answer many questions for me, and stopped me being nervous about the process. It's very reassuring just communicating with other people doing the same things you are, and knowing that if you need help or information, it is available.

Glad to meet you all *virtually*.

Doctor Approves of Enemas

Hello Kristina,

My name is Lynn and I am a young 61-year-old woman. I have hepatitis C and cirrhosis. I have been constipated all my life, and I have irritable bowl syndrome. For the past five years I haven't been able to have a bowel movement on my own. I started gaining weight about a year after I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Now I am very overweight. My youngest son, age 30, was killed in a motorcycle accident. I have a lot on my plate. But I still feel blessed because I do have the gift of life that is so precious and I can see the beauty in life that still surrounds me.

I have been taking enemas every other day. Sometimes every day. I only have a 1-quart bag that I fill up four times. Recently I've had to take off the tip from my bag and just use the hose. I have to hold it in my rectum, otherwise it will start pushing out. I lie on the bathroom floor when I do my enemas because there isn't enough room to put in a colonic board. I hang the bag on a towel bar, but I don't really know if this is high enough. I hope you can help me pick out the best enema equipment I need for my situation. You have so many. I don't know which one would be best for me. Please take it in mind I am on SSI. And my income is limited. Maybe something in a mid-price range. I need something that will work on a daily basis and give me the best results for the rest of my life.

My doctor does approve of my daily enemas, because it keeps the encephalopathy away. I have tried Lactalose, MiraLax, etc., but nothing works for me except the enemas.

First High Enema

I couldn't wait to tell you how excited I was to take my first high enema using the 3-quart amber bag I purchased from you last week! I finally was able to take a full three quarts without stopping to refill the smaller "drug store" bag I had been using! I was able to relax and enjoy the full cleanse! I was raised by a mother that believed in the merits of a periodic high enema, given in a gentle and caring way. When I was a child, a 2-quart enema was usually sufficient to reach the cecum. But as an adult, the larger volume is required to do the same job. As you might guess, I have always been a believer in enemas and I welcome the service you're providing. Keep up the good work!

Cleansing Techniques

I just wanted to thank you for your help with the consultation a few months back and give you an update on my progress.

First, my weight loss is going well with the program you outlined for me. I have lost 44 pounds and I am continuing with the changes you proposed in your program. I am doing so well that I have not bothered to use my other consultation.

Also I downloaded your enema booklet last week and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the booklet and the information on your website. I have taken enemas regularly (at least weekly as a child and three to seven times a week as an adult) since I was an infant.

My mom was an old school nurse when nurses gave HHH enemas routinely to hospital patients, their children, and themselves. Mom started teaching me how to give myself an enema when I was about 5, and by the time I was a teenager I think I must have known everything she knew about enemas. (I am sure I was the only 12-year-old in my neighborhood that knew the difference between a number 28 and a number 32 colon tube.)

With my childhood training, including reading my mom's nursing texts and journals, I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about enemas. However, your suggested technique of stopping and starting the flow to introduce small amounts of water, stopping roughly a 1/2 minute between each to let your bowel adjust, is a real help. I know a lot of texts indicate slow is better, but they generally lower the solution to between 12 and 18", which is so low that I don't get a good result from the enema.

The hanger in mom's bathroom was about 36" above the padded bench she used for giving enemas. Unfortunately for me, mom was also of the opinion that you should try to breathe through the cramps and discomfort with either short ah-hees like Lamaze or deep breathing. Mom taught me not to stop the flow unless I was really cramping or very, very uncomfortable.

Your technique still gives me good results but is far more comfortable than mom's method. Using your suggestion, I have started unclamping the hose at least two times each minute with my enema bucket elevated about 30" above the bed. I use the minute indicator on a digital clock as a guide for time.

Each time I stop the flow at the first sign of any discomfort or I let the enema run for maybe ten seconds if it does not make me uncomfortable. Using this technique, I can take a pleasant 4-quart enema in about 8 to 12 minutes.

Your booklet and the writing on your various sites made me aware of something I knew but had never fully realized the significance of. The key thing that I have learned is that when I take an enema, I need to repeat the enema until clear. Mom always gave enemas until clear. Over the years I tended to morph this into repeating enemas only until *I felt* like I was clear.

As a result, I would generally take two and if I had really good results I would just stop at that point. What I did not realize was that without completely flushing my bowel, the water that my system absorbed from the enema was carrying toxins back into my system which caused me extreme arthritic pain after taking enemas two or more days in a row.

In trying your technique, I felt so much more relaxed that I wound up taking four enemas until the water came back clear. Guess what? My arthritis was much better the next day. I have taken an enema series to clear my bowel for the last five days and you would not believe the difference. It seems that instead of irritating my arthritis, enemas may be my source of relief.


Al M.
Personal Journey Towards Health

I want tell you about my personal journey toward health using your products and advice.

For the last 7 years I have been dealing with some health problems that I couldn't find a solution for. The major issue was my metabolism, or the lack thereof. I have had hypoglycemic problems for years and complicating that was my addiction to alcohol (I am now 2 years sober), hepatitis C, a past history of bacterial dysentery and malaria (souvenirs from the service). My main problem was lack of energy: I was always fatigued. With this was a major problem with eating. I would eat and virtually pass out. Didn't matter what I ate; I would get so sleepy it was like passing out.

After seeing about 4 different doctors, 2 endocrinologists, fighting with HMOs to get tests authorized, the best advice I would get was, "Get more exercise." I have been very conscious of my body for most of my life, and something was very wrong. I am in my early 40s and feeling like I was 80. Being at wit's end, I started data mining the internet and the local bookstores to find any information I could on what these symptoms might be attributed to. I found some in-depth information on Candida, which really started me thinking. After finally overcoming my alcohol addiction, I found I had a new one with sugar. I would do things that I couldn't understand: buy a bag full of sweets and eat them until I passed out. It was a real binge behavior and a true addiction. I would find myself on my way home from work, mustering all the willpower I had to drive past the market without stopping for a "fix."

The more I read about Candida, the more all the symptoms fit. After reading a number of different articles, I was of the belief that I had a severe infestation. It seemed the only logical solution was a detox and that's when I happened upon your website.

Your site seemed to be more focused on helping than making a buck. I bought the Vit-Ra-Tox kit and I am on my third day of fasting. I am doing intense colonics on a nightly basis. I cannot believe what is coming out of just about every orifice of my body. I have heard about "mucoid plaque" but wasn't sure if it was true or not. Well, take my word for it, it is VERY true!! I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it. The results of my colonics has made me wonder if I needed to call the HAZMAT team! I estimate I have eliminated about 5 lbs. of the stuff so far. The most profound side effect of all this has been my energy level. I feel like I am 20 again! Instead of going home after work and trying to stay awake, I have split half a cord of wood by hand in the last few days. I was very concerned about fasting and my blood sugar problems. For the first time in years, I feel like it has stabilized. I really think I am onto something. Instead of finding what I needed to take, I found what I needed to get rid of. Funny how things work. I have already made definitive plans to change my diet. I bought a juicer and have been supplementing my fast with small amounts of miso soup, kale, and spinach juice. I am going to give up all the crap that made me so sick in the first place. The point of this note was to thank you for having that information out there. I really appreciate it.

Ten Days To Optimal Health CD

I bought your CD, Ten Days to Optimal Health, in an effort to address chronic constipation and strong sugar cravings. Within the last few days, I completed all three 10-day eating/5-day nutritious fasts cycles. I feel great! I am having daily (two today!) eliminations and my cravings no longer exist. I love this eating plan. Thank you so much for putting it all together in a user-friendly, real-world plan.

Now that your program is concluded, I can focus fully on training for my first marathon, scheduled for March 1, 2004. I will be going through two build-up cycles before the "real" training starts. My question to you is, can I go on eating this way (not including the fasts) even though my activity level will be steadily increasing?

At present, I work out pretty intensely with weights 3 times weekly, and perform 30-40 minutes of moderate to hard cardio exercise 3-4 times weekly. During the "Ten Days" program, I kept track of everything I ate: carb intake was usually around 80-90 grams, protein 90-110 grams, fats 30-35 grams, for somewhere around 1200 calories daily (give or take - paperwork not in front of me now). During "Ten Days" I didn't experience a lack of energy due to restricted carb intake, although I did lose about 4 lbs. (and look as great as I feel!).

The recommendations in the resources that I have (bodybuilding manuals and running references, etc.) suggest that I am not taking in enough calories or carbohydrates, and the nutritional advice conflicts with yours, at least in terms of carbohydrate quantity and sources. I'm reluctant to reintroduce the usual carbs recommended (oatmeal, grains, potatoes, etc.) for fear of losing the benefits that I have gained, but I also want to maintain my muscle (and physique) and run the marathon in less than four hours!

Do you have any advice, or can you recommend a resource for my situation?

Thank you so much for your time.

Seanna M.
Silicone Colon Tubes

Your recommendation to use the silicone colon tube has been exactly what you said it would be. I have used it for several weeks now and find total cleansing much faster and easier. I had mentioned in my initial e-mail that I take an acidophilus capsule following each cleansing. I have been browsing the equipment section and came across Ortho Biotic 60 count. I have no health issues of concern, but would like to establish the best environment for the colon possible.

As usual, thank you for caring and your assistance. Fred
Order Arrived in Perfect Condition

My order arrived today, well-packaged, in perfect condition. I look forward to using the castile soap in my next enema.

I want to express my appreciation to Kristina Amelong for operating this wonderful website for responsible adults with special needs. Ms. Amelong has helped educate so many people about the importance of colonic health, and made available the products they need to promote and achieve it, and I, for one, appreciate it.

William K.
Downloadable Enema Videos

I just wanted to share with you how informative the new downloadable enema videos are. I loved them! I had not seen an enema given before and had a hard time doing it before watching these short demonstrations. They really helped me to "get" how simple it is to give and take an enema. Thanks for sharing so much information to the world! Your freedom to share and heal others is outstanding and I want you to know that we are grateful!

Thank you, Susan
Customer Learns from SVE and LVE Downloads

I downloaded the two videos on enemas today and followed the instructions in the videos. I took the SVE (Small Volume Enema) first and waited an hour or so before taking the LVE (Large Volume Enema). I was amazed that I was able to take 3 quarts without any problems. Had some cramping but very mild and just took deep slow breaths. I held the LVE for about 5 minutes. When I expelled, I just let my body and colon action do the rest. No bearing down to expel -- what a wonderful feeling. I did this three times and feel just great now. I didn't have any of the oil to add to the LVE. I have used a colon tube in the past but this time was the best one I ever had.

Keep up the nice things at OHN.

B. C.
Another Woman Heals Using Colon Therapy

Thank you for your web page. It is good to hear that someone "else" deals with issues in life and finds a healthy end! It is interesting to follow life's curves and in our pain we find ourselves helping others!

I am in the process of detoxifying my mind, body, and soul as I type! I've been in to see my naturopathic and have had blood work done. Findings are that I'm very toxic! It didn't surprise me. With a change of diet, exercise, and a few months of colon health (colonics), I am feeling renewed, although with the "new me" it has been very expensive for my upkeep! I am looking into a colonic board and kit for my personal use, as the clinic I go to is an hour both ways, which takes much valuable time. Can you direct me to a colonic home kit that is exceptional?

Thank you,
Appreciation for Enema Education

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for OHN, and especially for Kristina, who has helped and educated so many people (many of whom, like me, used to harbor feelings of guilt and shame) in the benefits and joys of enemas, and for making available quality enema products to responsible adults (again, like me) who have this special need. Truly you are one great lady and liberator, Kristina. I believe I can say without contradiction, on behalf of many, many who may never say this, THANK YOU. You are loved and appreciated! I hope that you continue and prosper in your valuable work.

May I offer hugs? Sure, I can: hugs!

Pleased with Colon Cleanse Treatment and Retention Catheter

I just had to e-mail you on how PLEASED I am with my double retainer enema equipment!! It works wonders for me. No more leaking or cramps. It was well worth the investment. I've wanted this equipment for years, but didn't know if it would pay! It's a pleasure to have an enema now. I don't dread it like I used to. I will always come to you for advice on this matter. I started enemas at age 5. I hope no one will wait 60 years to do it right, like I did.

I remember the day you never even talked about this subject! Yet here I am e-mailing a stranger about an intimate thing! I'm relieved I have a source to contact now. I enjoyed my visit with you on Dec. 22 and loved your staff!!! Please give them all my best regards!

Put me on your mailing list, okay?

Man with Back Injury Adds Enemas to His Health Regime

I am 40 years old and have suffered from back pain for over 20 years. It is probably due to a severe fall I had from about 10 feet up were I landed on the top of my head and shoulder when I was about 19 years old.

As I grew older the condition got worse especially as I became a family man and gained weight. By 1997, I would take 45 minutes to an hour to just stand straight every day. A few times a year, I would not even be able to get out of bed for a day or two. My medical doctor sent me to physical therapy which just seemed to make it worse. The surgeon said I had a back of a 63 year old (this was 5 years ago) and I could only expect the degenerative disk disease to get worse as I grew older. Surgery would not help.

I decided to go on the Atkins diet and I lost the 25 pounds I needed to very fast and kept it off. That helped with the severe pain. I felt great for a while but once I started getting healthier I guess I started to expect more. Even though the severe pain was gone I got tired of the uncomfortable throbbing pain that still existed all the time. I was able to find a good chiropractor and with regular adjustments I was able to reduce the pain significantly.

I started to notice that the pain would start to become more noticeable when I had to go the bathroom. The chiropractor explained that some of the nerves in the lower back (where my lower three disk are all but gone) can reach into the bowel. I started to figure that if I cleaned myself out, whatever was pressing on the nerves would go away. (I was always constipated or had diarrhea.) I searched the web for help. I found your website. I purchased some equipment and needless to say, my back has never felt better. I don't have ANY daily pain and for the first time in years I can stretch and work out again. I feel great and I also have a lot more energy. The use of regular enemas has taken away all the pain and I don't even need to go to the chiropractor anymore. Thank you for your site. It has helped me improve my standard of living!

Starting Up With Enemas Again

Your enema videos were very informative and helpful. I tried several enemas, including the coffee enema, and have felt so much better after taking the enemas. Your easy-to-understand manner really was the key to starting up with enemas again. My mother gave me a few enemas in my childhood, and they were usually given with a bulb. I received one in my teens with an enema bag, but I found it unpleasant and hard to hold. I think I was over her lap and not comfortable. I have learned a lot since those days and I have given my daughter, age 15, her first enema today. It took quite a while to get her to agree to an enema, but after a long talk and watching the video, she agreed she probably needed one. Like most that age, she eats a lot of junk food, so I am trying to be a better example of a better diet.

She took the enema quite well, and I am going to give her a coffee enema as well. She felt good after her enema. Although it was embarrassing for her, it seemed to bring us closer when it was finished.

Thank you,
J & S
Colon Cleanse Product

I wanted let you know that the herbal fiber blend is the best thing I've been on. This product has regulated me so well, I have decrease the dosage to 2 teaspoons a day. When you started me, I was taking 1 tablespoon a day just go to the bathroom. I have cut sugar out of my diet and I am eating healthier. I have added more fruit and roughage to my diet and am drinking more water. I want to thank you for this wonderful product. I am so glad it is still working because with other products I've taken, my body adjusted to it, then it stop working.

I am doing well and I love it.

Colon Hydrotherapy and Colon Tubes

My name is Mike. I live in Lower Michigan and am a very high-tech Radiology Technologist and also Medical Massage Therapist. I wish I were closer to your clinic, as I am a real believer in the stress reduction process as well as the healing internally of warm, healthy irrigations. I was talking to one of our finest medical doctors this Saturday about my stress levels and needing to find a local colon hydrotherapist. In this area unfortunately colon hydrotherapists are only found by word of mouth, but she thinks she can find someone in Michigan for me. In Michigan it's legal to practice colon hydrotherapy, but not in Indiana. Strange laws. Alternative medicines are great, I think, when used correctly in the trained hands of the giver.

Oh, also, I am amazed how comfortable the colon tubes are that I purchased from you. I got the silicone 32. It is amazing how comfortable this makes the treatment sessions. I usually use a series of about 8-10 over the whole day and into the evening. I take 2-3 enemas a week. Thanks for your fast shipping and your great products. I will get more equipment later. Great colon cleansing live chats you have.

Thanks, Kristina, for being a great, sharing person.

I Was Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia Some 15 Years Ago

My name is Daniel. I just want to say thank you for your website and the heartfelt description of yourself and a little bit of your life experiences. You touched me greatly when I realized in only the second paragraph your willingness to open up your emotional self and describe things that only someone of great integrity would share.

And as you may have guessed, the reason all the above is so important to me is because I too have suffered from, and continue to suffer from, many of those diseases. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia some 15 years ago. (I'm 47 now.) Basically I am going through the treatment treadmill. Experiencing temporary results. Despite the pain and exhaustion, though, I've manage to convince myself not to drop out of life...

I'm very grateful to have found your website, as sifting through many others on colon cleansing wasn't very pleasant. Although my persistence was my belief that this alternative might work, most important was your telling of your experiences with your own health. That gave me a sense of confirmation that I'm doing the right thing, that it's not going to hurt me. Rather, it may help me.

Thank you again, sincerely,
Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

Thank you for the frankincense and myrrh soap. It already has had positive effect on my urine stream. I also took an organic coffee enema with the JBL Cascade which I retained for 20 minutes with no difficulty. Thank you for all the advice I have found on your site, and thank you for caring for ALL of us!

Without Cholesterol Lowering Medications, I Have Lowered My Cholesterol!

I finally learned that taking an enema series slowly and with patience works. I still have a slight leakage problem, but giving myself enemas in the bathtub eases clean-up and I can successfully complete an enema series. As a new member, I am grateful for your advice and your forum. It is your message board forum that gave me the confidence and support to stick to the enema and get it right. The really good news is that I went to my doctor last week and, without cholesterol lowering medications, I have lowered my cholesterol!

Thank you so very much.

Satisfied Customer in England

Thank you for the efficient and discreet supply of my order for enema equipment for use by my wife and me. We are in our mid-fifties and fortunate to enjoy good health, no doubt at a time when our future well-being merits our consideration. We have been married for 30 years and regular enemas have been a healthy pursuit for us; however, our old enema equipment was long overdue for replacement. The new 3-quart latex rubber amber bag is simply beautiful, especially when fully filled. It proudly hangs in our bathroom, ready for use, along with its black rubber tube and 1.25-inch-diameter Delrin nozzle.

We thought you might be pleased to hear of some of our experiences and at the same time we would appreciate your expert opinion on a few matters.

My wife and I have always acknowledged the important contribution of regular enemas to colonic health plus the therapeutic merits, the feeling of well-being and freshness of mind bestowed by such healthy a practice. We assist in each other's administration, providing abdominal massage and words of encouragement during the enema. Whilst my bowel rhythm is daily, my wife is sometimes prone to bouts of constipation usually followed by a heavy and solid evacuation. Regular enemas help her greatly.

I had never used a colon tube before and whilst I was able to gently cajole the tube's insertion to the full 20 inches, I found the flow very restricted, only increasing if the tube was withdrawn 10 inches, hence my initial question: Why do I experience restricted flow at full insertion, or am I expecting too quick a flow rate? This particularly applies to secondary and tertiary administrations during extended repeated sessions. Also, does a 30-inch colon tube reach into the ascending colon, and should I buy a silicone one?

Without doubt we find a full shoulder stand to be the most effective position for taking a deep 3-quart enema whilst avoiding the urge to expel. The knee/chest position is good for quickly cleansing the rectum and sigmoid colon, although after about 1 quart the urge to evacuate develops. During the latter stages of an extended enema, moving to a nice warm bath and alternately filling and expelling a clean discharge is a soothing and pleasant experience. When we feel energetic, kneeling on the edge of the bath in a somewhat exaggerated knee/chest position, supporting the torso on outstretched arms to the floor conveniently positions the anus and provides for insertion of the nozzle in a steep downward angle into the rectum. Though tiring to maintain, we find the position excellent for receiving and retaining a high enema with the sigmoid rarely stimulated to expel.

Whilst I adore the 1.25-inch Delrin nozzle, I have to confess to leaking at higher volumes. Are you able to supply to special order a larger black Delrin nozzle with a bulbous 2" head reducing to a slimmer neck for the anus to seal around? If so perhaps you could be kind enough to let me have a price in due course. I am able to pass a 2-inch-diameter and whilst the insertion would be slow and steady, the large head sitting internally against the sphincter would provide an excellent seal, and I love the feel and quality of the smooth Delrin.

Today's pace of life necessitates making private relaxation time with our partners. We ensure a warm and comfortable environment for our enemas, the carpeted floor of our en suite bathroom adjoining our bedroom providing the ideal place. Repeated cycles during extended sessions means we move large volumes of water through our systems. We wondered whether you advocate taking the sachets containing electrolyte salt replacement either just prior to or immediately after a prolonged enema session to make good loss through repeated flushing?

Given the potential for leakage owing to drainage following deep enemas, we both find inserting a silicone anal plug after the final expulsion prevents subsequent embarrassing problems with undergarments. With KY jelly applied, the silicone plug is comfortable in position during the day or night time and also comfortable to wear for extended periods. You advertise a similar plug on your site for implant retention and we wondered whether it was the standard Tantus Ryder plug. Do you promote the use of anal plugs to prevent leakage in addition to their use in retaining implants? Also, is silicone your recommended choice for plugs when inserted for extended periods, irrespective of whether it is for leak prevention or pleasure?

Regular enemas, we believe, are contributing to our colonic health and are providing many therapeutic benefits, probably better known to you than to us.

Finally you will understand the importance we place on the lovely new amber bag with its tube and Delrin nozzle hanging in our bathroom, contributing as it does so significantly to our shared desire for continued colonic health.

A great website, by the way.

Once again Kristina, thank you.

Kind regards and good health,