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Testimonials Archive 3

Today I Have The Energy That I Had 30 Years Ago

Thank you, DeeDee, for the appointment today. Each time I come to Optimal Health I leave feeling much better about my health and having a positive energy about my life.

For the past 40 years I have had a very busy working life. I have been a maintenance electrician and my job was at least 72 hours a week. Tobacco replaced many of my meals and gave me a false sense of energy.

Toward the end of my working career I developed a number of physical problems that were unexplained until I visited Optimal Health. The answer was simple: improper nutrition and my adrenal system had shut down. At this point I started working with Optimal Health. They recommended a healthy diet, supplements, and a coffee enema implant when the tobacco urge became too strong. This was a long process, which I am still working with, but my hair analysis results have shown an amazing turnaround.

Today I have the energy that I had 30 years ago, my attitude is positive about my life, and I am doing physical activities (mountain biking) that I never thought of 4 years ago.

Chewing tobacco is the toughest thing I have tried to stop in my life. It can be stopped with a lot of determination and the proper support.

Thank you, Optimal Health and DeeDee. I will be forever grateful.


Professionalism Resolves Frustration

Optimal Health Network offers a wide assortment of healthy supplements, enema equipment, and literature on alternative healthy living. I have found that your gem of greatest value is not on the catalog page. Let me explain...

Recently my doctor noted minor nodule swelling on my prostate. I mentioned this to DeeDee and she suggested using the frankincense and myrrh enema soap and retaining it for 15 minutes. These compounds were known for reducing prostate swelling. Introduction by bulb syringe was suggested with the recommendation to keep the solution low in the colon. When I tried the frankincense and myrrh enema soap solution, I was unable to hold it. Several attempts were all failures, so I called Optimal Health Network, spoke with DeeDee, and related this failure. Let's face it - holding a pint of strong, soapy enema solution in a standing position for 15 minutes seemed to be against nature.

Her response was concern and then caring advice about why the solution was rejected. We worked together over a four-week period with different preparations, better methods of introducing the frankincense and myrrh soapy enema, and using different positions to effectively keep the solution against the prostate for optimum absorption. Finally the frankincense and myrrh soapy retention enema was successful and is now being effectively used weekly.

The experienced and informed professional, DeeDee, changed frustrating failure to an effective treatment program, thus preventing this customer from going to trial-and-error methods with hope of a better outcome. DeeDee's competent customer service was focused on the needs of this customer. I sincerely appreciated her caring, effective intervention.

Optimal Health Network offers high-quality equipment, diet supplements, literature, and professional services, but the GREATEST value of OHN is the well-informed and caring quality of your staff. Service is alive and prospering at OHN. Be proud of that.


Huge Improvement Thanks To Your Vertigo Advice

Dear DeeDee,

You may remember that some time ago you gave me some advice here about ways to manage onsets of vertigo. I've just come back from a great day's hiking in the snow -- 22 miles and 4,100 feet of ascent -- and felt it was time to send you a big thank you! Echinacea, a Neti pot, and minimizing dairy seem to have made a huge improvement.

At the end of March I'm off to spend a week with the Iona Community at their Camas Field Centre -- vegetarian food, hard physical labour, wind, sea, birds, fellowship around the fire in the evenings. Just getting to Camas is fun: train to Edinburgh, train to Oban, boat to Mull, bus down the peninsula, and then walk! On the way back I'm going to see my friend Cathy Miller (EH1 Colonics) for my "spring clean." Camas and Cathy = a :) William.

Many thanks once again,

Experienced Impressive Benefits of Your Researched Enema Techniques

Dear Fine Folks,

Enemas were an old way toward relief and Grandma's, and the old hospital technique of Soapy, Big, Fast, and Frequent did work, but not without discomfort. Once learned, this technique continued and so did the toleration because when finished, the clean feeling was much better.

Your All About Enemas video introduced different techniques, effective receiving positions, and equipment that made it actually comfortable to receive enemas. The SLOW introduction is very comfortable, and by changing positions the enema juice actually reaches deep and does an effective cleanse.

The Coffee Enema needed a lot of mental preparation. I wasn't sure about this. Your book Ten Days to Optimal Health did extol the benefits. But there was a lot of confusion about the recipes and how to hold an enema for 20 Minutes!!!!! (A two minute HOLD seemed long with the old soapy enemas.) Dee Dee worked out the details, effective recipe, colon tube introduction, and implant plug, and it was time to try. The preparatory cleansing enema series allowed effective large volumes of cleansing water. The SLOW, DEEP three quart coffee enema that followed was surprisingly easy to take with the colon tube, and HOLD easily with the plug.

WOW! The results were phenomenal. I felt great, refreshed, full of vitality, alive, alert and clean. I actually didn't want to eat. To do so might make this great feeling go away. This feeling is continuing, and I am impressed and thankful to you for the fine information and equipment that made this possible.

Thank you for your research on nutrition and health, and for taking a brave and controversial position on the healthy use of enemas. I have just experienced the impressive benefits of your researched techniques and effective deep cleansing of the enema series and a well done coffee enema. There are health benefits to therapeutic enemas and they don't have to be uncomfortable.


Staunch Believer in the Benefits of Enemas

Dear Kristina,

I am a staunch believer in the benefits of enemas, and have been taking them for years on a regular basis, usually weekly, occasionally more frequently, as opportunity and necessity presents. (I feel I should add here that I am rarely constipated and don't use enemas for that purpose; I resort to the therapy for general colon cleansing -- as an internal bath -- and for their tremendous relaxant and de-stressing power; I find nothing more relaxing.) I use the 2-quart amber enema bag, which I purchased from OHN earlier, which is simply beautiful (more so since I substituted matching amber tubing). I can normally take the full enema bag without difficulty, but lately I had been experiencing discomfort and even pain, compelling me to stop, release, and start over again -- a nuisance to say the least. Rarely have I had such difficulty before!

On my physician's recommendation, I had a colonoscopy, which revealed "Grade 1" hemorrhoids, but otherwise my colon was normal. (My doctor is aware of and does not object to enemas.) I thought the nozzle I was using might be the source of the problem and, when reviewing your product offerings, I considered the Delrin nozzles, which are larger than "normal" sizes, but I was intrigued by the product description, which stated, among other claims, that they were "easy to insert, ... stay in the body and assist most people to not leak" and, most important for my purposes, "are particularly useful for people with ... hemorrhoids." It was rather pricey, but well worth it if it would solve my problem!

And did it ever! With its black "patent leather" sheen and four concentric rings on the shoulder, is strikingly attractive, but, to tell the truth, I found the size of the Delrin a bit intimidating at first (it seems much larger than its photo on the website), but, by dabbing just a little KY on the bulbous tip, it slid easily and comfortably into place, and, exactly as advertised, stayed in place, did not leak, and delivered a relaxing and gentle enema. I took it very slowly (as you recommend) and easily managed the whole bag, without discomfort, cramping, or reflux, and I believe I could have taken more! It was wonderful. I love the Delrin! It is a welcome addition to my few nozzles. It certainly will have its "work" cut out for it, and I am happy that I can look forward to enjoying enemas again, and I recommend it without qualification to any of your clientele who may suffer from a similar problem!

Your website and the products you offer are wonderful, and know that you have brought great joy and comfort to many. Keep up the good work!

W. W.

I Think Your Advice and Knowledge Is Really Helping Me

I did not know you were in recovery until I read your book :) I have 15 years of sobriety, and really wish I had found you earlier! I have been struggling with my health for 6 years now, and have gone to three different naturopathic doctors. Every test known to take has been within normal range. It drives me crazy sometimes, and feels hopeless. I am so tired all the time and have two kids, and care for my father-in-law.

I will never give up. That is how I got sober and I know I can heal. I just need to find what it is that will heal me, and I think your advice and knowledge is really helping me. I am so glad you are doing everything you are doing to help people.

I have been doing enemas and following your movie about how to do so. Today I passed 40 to 50 seed-like objects with what I can only describe as dark roots coming from them. Some were in tangled masses or clusters, others single. They were about half the size of an almond, some smaller. Could that be a massive yeast infection? These things were NOT microscopic. The roots were able to be seen with my reading glasses. I have passed them before, usually after a liver cleanse or drinking sea salt and vitamin C, but never so many at one time. I had one analyzed at a lab, hoping maybe to find the key to my illness, but they just reported it as being a seed. I can see why they thought so, but they are not seeds. They are some sort of either fungal or candida I believe, but unbelievably huge in scope if that is the case.

I also have been diagnosed with impaired adrenal function and hypothyroidism, but nothing seems to help even though I am on Armour for the thyroid and licorice for the adrenals. (Still overwhelmingly fatigued constantly.) I lose a ton of hair in the winter right around December. This started three years ago. I am going to be doing a hormone profile soon. I have had a hair analysis done on my own, before I heard of you, last October. It showed I am a slow oxidizer, and have high aluminum. I do not process sugar or carbs well at all.

I am using your Adren-All product, the Pituitrophin, to improve the functioning of my adrenals and h-p axis. I have been on your diet and using these supplements for about 3 and a half weeks, and I am feeling better already. I already have my own goats and chickens, I switched to all raw, cut out all grains and sweeteners, and have really been happy with the way I feel. When I was young I would eat raw steak, but I thought it was not right. Everything I heard said "Don't do that!" It has really made a big difference. :)

My family has also really noticed the difference. I was telling my husband that before this I was only dog paddling and felt as though I were slowly drowning. Now I feel as though I have found new strength and I am actually swimming. My kids are happy to see me laughing and joking around instead of being serious and tired all the time. Thank you again. I don't know how to put in words how happy I am to feel normal for more than one day out of a month, if that. I cannot wait to get better and better each day. I have tried so many things for so long.

Take care, Kristina :) Hugs!

Effectiveness of Anal Fissure Healing Kit

Kristina, I have been suffering for the last 4 years with an anal fissure. After trying everything including botox shots, my only remaining option was surgery. My sister recommended your website, where I ordered the Anal Fissure Healing Kit as a last resort. After less than one month on the health plan and weekly enemas, I have ZERO pain, my skin has cleared up, and my sugar cravings have disappeared. I just cannot believe that the modern medical community does not refer this plan to patients. I can't believe I have healed easily after going from doctor to doctor. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I plan on continuing the diet (with exceptions here and there) indefinitely because of the changes I am seeing. You have changed the way I think about food, and healing. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


Doing Well at 75 Using Kristina's Approach to Good Health

As I have shared in the past, I have had many rejections on the subject of how to maintain good health when I brought up the colon cleanse. What is interesting is that recently, more people I share with are beginning to see the advantage of how you approach good health. I have one experience in particular. The wife is a nurse and I shared my experience with her. This summer I ran across the husband and he shared with me that he is now using the coffee enemas to help with his enlarged prostate. I had gone so far as to get an extra block of goat's milk soap with frankincense and myrrh for him.

I had my three-year colonoscopy last May. The team was surprised I didn't want any sedation. I said this is no big deal, I use a 48" colon tube regularly and it is fully inserted. The team helping the doctor were interested in what I do. The doctor made an interesting statement to their surprise reaction to how well I look at 75 and what I do for maintaining good health. His statement was, "It is what you believe in." That was a good answer. I now am five years out for my next exam.

May your family enjoy a Merry Christmas,
F. E

It Really Is All About The Colon

Hi Kristina,

Thanks greatly... I can tell you that at this stage in my health (30 years of working with my weight starting at about 475 lbs. as a teen, now about 160 lbs), few people make the impact that you have in changing my life.

Thanks to your videos, I learned how a home colonic could work for me and you confirmed my personal findings that we live in a fat-phobic world that is increasing obesity. Also, thanks to you, I have found a local farm that will sell me 1/32nd of a cow so that I can buy raw milk and make my own cream and butter.

I have been using the tools I bought on your website and I do an enema with Lugol's iodine (Not much... 8-11 drops per 3 qt). I muscle test at 2 years to more years to clean out my colon. Fortunately, I have not been consuming sugar for the past six years, so many of the dietary craving issues based on candida and parasites are now manageable for me.

You really are a complete blessing to those of us who have "done everything for our health" but still knew there was something more... it really is all about the colon.

Best to you!
Thanks, MJ

Losing Weight: A Byproduct of Eating Right

Dear Kristina,

Just to let you know that I am on day 23 of the Ten Days to Optimal Health Program. I have been tired for this whole week but not as badly as I normally am. I have also been out of town a lot for the past five weeks but that is now over and I can stay home. I have not strayed off the diet even one time. Also, I have lost 10 pounds. That puts me at 170 now. I have not tried to lose weight. It's just been a byproduct of eating right. I find that I can live without all that sugar I used to eat. Everything is good at this point.

Doug C.

Convinced That Cleansing Works

My name is Chris. You have built a marvelous and helpful website. I have purchased a few things, and plan to purchase more. I have gone for monthly colonics for about the last five years. I started shortly after my father had to have his prostate removed due to cancer. Fortunately, he has made a full recovery. In reading everything I could get my hands on, I kept finding information about colon hydrotherapy. I asked my doctor, who is somewhat semi-retired, and he was very much in favor. Due to recent changes in our state laws, he now even writes me prescriptions for monthly colonics.

Since I have started, I have not once had a cold, the flu, or any other ailment. Before this time, I never seemed to get over such things. Antibiotics were an ongoing routine. I used to have stress-related acne; but not once in the last five years. I would like to say that I follow every other good health idea too, but I don't. I don't drink or smoke, but I should exercise more and eat better. What I am trying to say is that good colonic maintenance goes a long way. When I first started, I went three times in three days. On the first day, I wasn't convinced either way. But on the second and third day, I saw the buildup and "road tar" my body had been accumulating. I was immediately convinced that nobody should be having that stuff in their body. Since then, I go every month, and do a 2-3 enema session about halfway in between. And, following the advice on your page, I pay more attention to my daily bowel habits. I'm not a nut or a freak, just a guy who likes feeling healthier than he used to. And this feeling is leading me into improving those other habits.

Again, thanks for your website, and for your time.


Latest Colonoscopy Shows No Dysplasia and No Polyps

A year ago you saw my father in your Madison office. I wanted to tell you how his story turned out. He was told by his doctors last year, after having multiple polyps removed and a biopsy that showed dysplasia (a term used in pathology to refer to an abnormality in maturation of cells within a tissue), that he should consider having his colon removed and later reconstructed. He almost did it.

That's when I contacted you through your live chat. After reading your book and meeting with you, my dad decided to adopt a "wait and see attitude" and have another colonoscopy in 6 months with the supervision of his doctor. He made some of the dietary changes you suggest in your book. Mostly he switched completely to raw milk and some raw meat, and began eating yogurt and more fresh foods. He removed sugar and refined flour from his diet. He also started being compliant taking the sulfasalazine he was prescribed.

A year later he just heard from his doctor that the latest colonoscopy shows no dysplasia and no polyps. He doesn't need to have another for 1 year. Surgery is clearly no longer necessary. He is elated. Thank you so much! I thought you might like to know.

Best wishes,
D. B.

What I Have Been Doing To Relieve My Constipation, Chronic Headaches, and Insomnia

I hope you are well and your outreach to help people gain physical healing is refreshing you. I admire your dedication to guide people to optimal health. I have seen the benefits while incorporating your advice. I thought I would share with others what I have been doing to relieve my constipation, chronic headaches, and insomnia, and to lose 36 pounds in 3 months.

Here is what I am doing for myself:

1. I take 1-2 tablespoons of cod liver oil daily.

2. I eat the Celtic sea salt you recommended, at least 1 tablespoon daily.

3. I eat organic, raw coconut oil daily. I am still having trouble consuming as much as you want me to, but I am working on it. Currently I probably only eat 1 tablespoon a day.

4. I eat four slices of organic, raw cheese daily.

5. I drink one to two glasses of organic orange juice daily.

6. I take the Licorice and Ashwaganda that you recommended from my cortisol readings on the Adrenal Stress Index test. I also take the supplement for regulating my HP axis with pituitary in it.

7. I eat omega-3 eggs 4-5X/week.

8. I eat organic, 100% grass-fed beef 5X/week.

9. The only grains I eat are raw oatmeal, about 1/4 cup, 4X/week.

10. I drink a glass of raw Kefir daily.

11. I take Catalyn, the multivitamin from Standard Process.

12. I am out in the sunshine every day. It is shining here, which has been every day until three days ago.

13. I drink 8-12 glasses of purified water/day.

14. I do daily stretches and am working on exercises at least 3X/week. Currently, I have exercises 2X/week not counting the consistent gardening and yard work on our mini-homestead.

I remember you asking me to include gelatin in my daily diet and I have not yet done that. Other than that I think I am doing what you recommend.

Thank you for your time.


Rheumatic Heart Condition Went Into Complete Remission

Dear Kristina:

Thank you for this message. Unfortunately, due to time zone differences, I will be unable to attend the chat session. I know that no reply is necessary, but I wanted to use this opportunity to express my appreciation for all you do to educate, inform, and help people with colon health issues, and especially by providing quality enema products to responsible adults with this special need, such as myself.

I am not going to give you the whole "David Copperfield" life story or anything, but suffice it to say I was a sickly child with a rheumatic heart condition, in and out of hospitals and rehabs, until my stepmother, an R.N., began giving me enemas at about age 7. Mom was always loving and gentle about it, and always explained everything suitable for a child: "Do you know how daddy has to clean out the ashes from the fireplace every so often?" I nodded that I did. "Well, Billy, that's all an enema is: it's just an internal bath that cleans out the ashes that accumulate inside our bodies, and leaves us nice and clean inside again." I always thought that was a wonderful analogy for a child.

Anyway, my rheumatic heart condition went into complete remission, I gained strength and health, my heart was healed, and I developed into a healthy adulthood, which I enjoy to this day (I am 64 with perfect blood pressure). Although I have no proof, I credit my remarkable recovery to the healing power of the enemas, which, let anyone explain, allowed my body to heal and rejuvenate itself! As an adult, I have found that the responsible, regular use of enemas, together with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, continues to bless me with good health and happiness. I expect that I shall take them the rest of my life, as did my mom, who lived a healthy life, virtually untouched by illness, until she died at age 90, with nary a wrinkle on her face.

I apologize for going on so long, but I wanted to share my story with you. It takes courage to do what you do, to operate the site, run the forum, to educate and inform, and encourage others, who understand and have this special need, to do this also. It is a wonderful family you have created! Your assistants are remarkable and caring people, Janet and Lisa among them. It is good to put some faces to the names. If I recall correctly, in one of the early chats, one of the participants expressed on behalf of everyone that he felt blessed that you are there for those of us who love enemas and their benefits, and you expressed your love back to everyone. "Blessed" and "love" were the right words. Thank you for being there for me and so many needful souls like me. That is as it should be. Keep up the good work that you do. God bless you.


All About Enemas is a Fine Introduction

Since receiving your All About Enemas VHS tape, I have had a chance to go through it a few times, continuing to pick up new insights about this now-neglected health tool. As a child of the 1940s and 1950s, I and many, if not most, of my peers were introduced early in life to the mom-given enema, like it or not, in times of illness or troublesome constipation. For the many younger people unfamilar with the treatment, All About Enemas is a fine introduction, and your professional but relaxed approach and tasteful handling of the subject are a great contribution. As one who has received enema series from you similar to those in the tape, I can assure others that "the real Kristina" is who they are seeing. I look forward to any follow-up videos.


Comfortable Way to Take An Enema

I just bought the Smooth Flow Syringe and Hose System and I'll tell you: It's wonderful!

For some reason, the gravity flow system caused me to cramp before I took in much water, but now I can take all the water with only mild cramping. When I felt some discomfort, I just stopped squeezing the bulb. I did lower my bags so the water wouldn't flow in when I didn't squeeze the bulb.

I have to take a couple of enemas a week because my medication causes me big problems in the elimination department. For me, this is the most comfortable way to take an enema!


D-HIST Helps Pregnant Mother

I have been taking D-HIST for two days and absolutely love the results I've been getting.

I'm six months pregnant and couldn't take my regular medicine and my chiropractor turned me on to D-HIST. The only question I have was if it is OK to take while pregnant.

My chiropractor thought it would be, but I wanted to make sure. I haven't had any side effects and it doesn't seem to be bothering the fetus either.

Please let me know and I will be more than happy to spread the word about your great product.

Thanks for a great and safe natural product that ACTUALLY works.


Energy and a Pervasive Sense of Peace and Joy

I hope you and your family prosper in all ways throughout the year. I'm doing very well. I'm following virtually everything you recommended, including eating meat. In fact, I've just received 25 pounds of steak from Grasslands.

I've taken colonics the past five days and I've been able to take all the recommended supplements without any adversity. I've had a lot more energy and a pervasive sense of peace and joy. Thank you for your great advice and wisdom.


Informative Video on Enemas

Thanks so much for producing the enema video, All About Enemas. This is the first time I've ever seen someone explain in great detail the different choices one has when choosing the enema that's best for them. I was one of the fortunate ones that grew up in the 50's when enemas were a part of the care that was given.

I try to have a series of high enemas every three or four weeks since I feel completely relaxed and refreshed afterwards. As you point out in your video, it's good to have a partner, or someone that knows what they're doing, when using certain equipment (like the retention nozzles or colon tubes).

I wish I were closer to Madison, as I would not hesitate to become one of your regular clients; however, California is just too far away.


Supported By The Message Boards

I am glad that you wrote to me, for it gives me an opportunity to tell you how wonderful the forum is and what a great service it provides. I have met many special people there, especially Lisa, who is so candid and helpful to everyone. I try to contribute when I feel I have something of significance to share. Perhaps you have read some of my posts.

Of all the health-related fields, enemas are perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood. People who believe in and practice this wonderful therapy (as do I), seek and need understanding, support, and a sympathetic ear to talk to. We find that on the forum. Many of us (as did I) have suffered misgivings and struggled with deep-seated feelings of guilt about our need (that would be a good topic to raise on the forum), but we should be grateful to Kristina for helping to dispel these concerns.

Though good for our minds, bodies, and souls, enemas can be a lonely activity, and there was a time when I thought I was the only one in the world who had this need, and it was so wonderfully reassuring -- a breakthrough in my development, if truth be told -- to learn that there are many, many others just like me who have discovered and embraced the benefits and yes, joys, of this simple, safe, wholesome, old-fashioned, timeless therapy -- the enema. You may find it of interest that, although I have no scientific proof, in my case I believe that enemas healed me from a debilitating condition as a child, restored my health, and brought me to and continue to sustain a healthy adulthood. If anything had that powerful of an effect, is it not natural to become enamored with it, embrace it, and become a lifelong devotee?

I apologize for going on so long. I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. I wish you well in the valuable work that you do. Thanks, and God bless you.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief With a Colon Cleanse

I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have introduced me to. After my colon cleanse session with you I began to feel a lot better and this feeling has only continued to increase. As you know I was having problems feeling like I was full after meals. Since I started eating on the OHC plan, this has all changed. In fact, I have had to cut back on the size of my portions! I have lost weight and I am feeling less fatigue, cravings, bloating, and gas, and my gastrointestinal pains are gone. I have read your book in full and I really enjoyed it. I plan to continue this plan and improve it with an all raw and organic diet when I have the financial means.

C. L.

Colon Cleansing Newcomer Feels Great!

Since 4 weeks ago, I began doing daily coffee enemas and they have been going great. I am feeling a tremendous sense of well-being after being somewhat overweight with poor digestion, poor elimination, and likely a clogged liver. I am 38 and have lost 20 pounds (now at 186). I have been juicing daily and just feel great.

Your wonderful site has been an inspiration to cleanse; I now know that I'll never stop working for the sense of well-being experienced by cleansing and treating my body well. Thank you so much and many, many blessings to you.

All the best,

PS: I began using MSM and aloe vera recently in enema flushes. My goal is to rid my body of the years of abuse and build-up in my colon.