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Enemas Are a Life Saver

I love your website and it has been literally a godsend. Since being re-introduced to enemas (I was given them as a little girl from my grandmother), I have found them to be a life saver. Thank you so much for what you and Dee Dee do for all of us.

Coffee Enemas Quickly Turned My Health Around

I'm 79 years old. Forty years ago, I couldn't walk without the help of a walker because I was so exhausted. I had no energy; I tried everything - the medical doctor, diet, massage, chiropractic -- nothing touched it. Then I began a coffee enema and supplement program with Dr. Kelley. Turned out all my organs were shutting down; I had chemical sensitivities. For 6 months, I took coffee enemas every day and quickly turned my health around. Over the years, I have taken coffee enemas about once or twice a week. They have never interfered with my regular bowel movements. Now I take a coffee enema every morning, for about the last three years. I'm telling you, I have such marvelous health. My physician says, how do you do it? Of course, I would never tell him. Every time I have blood work, I come back with healthy results. I can honestly say that today, I am healthier than I have been throughout my entire life. If you keep the colon clean, it just keeps you feeling better. If you come from where I was and you now have great health, you know the coffee enema is a great thing.

I have a sister who sometimes doesn't move her bowels for two weeks, it's no wonder she doesn't feel well.

I'm always telling everyone about coffee enemas. Yesterday, my husband was a little snuffly because of pollen. He took your enema series, finishing with the coffee enema and his symptoms were gone by the time he finished the coffee enema. Thank you for all the good, good work you do, Kristina.

I May Avoid Surgery After All!

I was skittish, but after carefully studying the instructions and watching your DVD, I tried my first enema, and it was not uncomfortable at all! The good equipment, salts, soap, lubricant, and Young Living essential oils made it pleasant, and I've looked forward to the next enemas. I may avoid surgery after all!

Awesome Customer Service

Thanks for the awesome customer service, replacing a broken item in my order!

After a couple hectic weeks non-stop, I'm hoping for an afternoon free enough I can do your recommended series, including coffee. Last time I was able to do that, it seemed as cleansing and refreshing as a visit to the colon hydrotherapist!

And as I'm doing some work on the phone and computer this afternoon, I'm trying the coconut oil suppository and plug again. (By the way, coconut oil is a marvelous lubricant!)

Your Website Deserves an Award

I am thrilled to have such access to vital knowledge. My only regret is not having found you sooner. The website is informative and very easy to navigate and filled with dynamic knowledge from which to learn.

You Know What You Are Talking About

Hello Kristina. You are clearly the expert in your field. I have seen your video for the Large Volume Enema several times and looked at it again yesterday. It is the one where you have your client Judy lie on her RIGHT side. A series of enemas taken yesterday left me pretty cleaned out. Then I looked at your video once again and decided to take one more two-quart plain with water enema before bed time. I decided to try the RIGHT side position with the bag hung about the same height as you had the bag hanging from the chair in the video. It went very well. I controlled the flow like you told Judy to do and the feelings were pleasant without much cramping. However, the last third of the bag did cause some discomfort. But it was not the same discomfort as when I used the left side position.

After taking the entire two quarts, which was easy because of the series of enemas taken earlier, I felt like I could hold the enema more easily while staying in that RIGHT side position. I was surprised about that. In the left side position, the turn in the colon where it connects to the rectum is higher than the ascending colon so water would have to flow uphill into the rectum and then out. I thought that would make holding an enema easier in the left position, but for me the left side position is harder to hold the enema. Maybe that is because so much water fills the ascending colon, which is at the lowest place on the left.

In the right side position, the turn in the colon where it connects to the rectum is lower than the ascending colon. I thought this would make it easier for the water to flow back into the rectum and therefore harder to hold an enema, but no so. So I was surprised when it was EASIER and not harder to hold the enema in that right side position. Maybe it is because the right side position places the ascending colon higher and it does not fill so easily from the back pressure. I relaxed my muscles and did not feel an uncontrollable urge to release. That would be the best position for larger volume enemas, like more than two quarts.

Just thought I would share my good experience, after seeing one of your videos and give some positive feedback. You know what you are talking about. :-)

Let me add that the release was a different and better experience also. Something about taking the enema in the right side position affected how the water flowed throughout the entire colon. The release was very thorough and I was surprised that some gas came out at the end that I didn't even know was still in there. I will use the right side position more often, and try larger fillings in that position.

Thanks, Carm C.
Coffee Enemas Make a Dramatic Difference in My Life

I have found coffee enemas make a dramatic difference in my life. When I was in my early thirties, I didn't think I would hit 40. I found out about coffee enemas and they have saved my life. I feel better now than I did when I was 35. I am now 51. My daughter is 11 and had been sickly with asthma and pneumonia. She now has no respiratory problems. I thought coffee enemas worked later on. I told my wife, "We know it has worked for me; why don't we give her a coffee enema?" My daughter's oxygen level went up 40 points within an hour with the coffee enema. I take a coffee enema two times weekly.

If I don't do a cleanse before I go into a newly renovated building, I feel my lungs tighten up. If I do the coffee enema, I don't have any negative effects from any toxins that I am exposed to. My wife can always tell if I have done a coffee enema. I have been taking coffee enemas for a couple years now. I would have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the doctor telling me what was wrong with me and not doing anything. I run a cleaning company so I thought I was doomed to illness. My symptoms were difficulting breathing, congestion in the chest, burning in my left lung. It got bad enough that I had a chest x-ray to determine if I had cancer. I've used regular coffee but it doesn't work as well. You take very good care of my body. I even can't believe the difference this makes to me. I am just a normal guy. I found out this natural remedy in one of my wife's books.
Your Work Really Helps People

I have a prolapsed colon and I take enemas two times daily. I have done this for years but it wasn't until I started working with your enema series that I started to feel like I was really clearing out my entire colon and making it so my rectum doesn't come out. My rectum only comes out when I don't have the colon cleared out well each day. I can't thank you enough. I read your book while I sit on the toilet and it is amazing. I love people and I want to help others. Your work really helps people. Now I use the 3-enema series and can tell you that my bowel care has never been so complete. My body and I thank you so very much.
I Truly Appreciate the Good Work That You Perform

Dear Kristina,

Your article, Safe and Unsafe Enema Practices, on your website has enabled me to make a complete paradigm shift about enemas. I was one of the millions of people who did not know the proper technique. I used to suffer with the "one shot fill" enema practice which I endured only because I needed the "results" to happen. I didn't know how easy and comfortable taking an enema could be until now. I was surfing the web to learn as much as possible about enemas and found your article the most valuable and needed one for me. Going gently and slowly is the key to the whole process.

I loved your last blog (11/11/12) and for the first time can truly "treat myself to an enema" or a series of them. I have made my morning enemas a relaxed healing and spiritual ritual for myself. I use soft music and a scented candle to relax and prepare myself. I take my first clearing saline with essential peppermint oil enema followed by a retention coffee enema. While I am retaining the coffee solution I close my eyes to ground and center myself while focusing on my root chakra. To additionally help with retention, I tighten my anal sphincter muscles to lock the root chakra. This helps to circulate the chi or energy within the body. I thank Dr. Lawrence Wilson for this useful information. I then meditate for 15-20 minutes before finally releasing the coffee solution. Besides using the coffee enema for cleaning and healing the colon and detoxifying the liver, I'm also using it for pain relief from arthritis. I can't believe what a difference this has made for me. My goal is to be able to folk dance once again and I can now see the possibility of this happening. The next step for me will be taking a third high-volume enema, which I don't think will be too difficult.

And yes, I am proud of my progress in finding this new experience in healing and mindfulness. I feel satisfaction when (1) the nozzle is inserted in the correct position and (2) seeing the enema bag flat and empty with all of the solution inside of me. I should mention that my renewed interest in enemas stems from a recent positive experience with my first well-delivered colonic in a professional environment. It accustomed me to the sensations of a good enema and demonstrated the effect to be achieved in a self-administered enema. What a learning experience that was! I truly appreciate the good work that you and other certified colon hydrotherapists perform. I am so grateful for your beautiful and informative website. Thank you, Kristina.

May the waters of life continually flow freely,
A newly happy and joyful enema taker
Thanks for Your Great Website and Tons of Useful Info

Thanks for your great website and tons of useful info. I currently practice functional medicine. Following an hemicolectomy for villous adenoma, I continued to have very erratic bowel function, bloating, etc. In our practice we often recommend patients stop drinking so many cups of coffee per day (excessively) and begin green tea, which contains ECG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), one of the most potent antioxidants known. Additionally, another even more potent substance, Tibetan goji berry, also contains extremely potent antioxidants. I began using green tea and goji concentrate in an enema 3-4 times weekly (once with coffee), and have had no further problems. Although one might think this excessive, I feel overall much better and have incredible energy. At 62, I still enjoy a full practice routine daily and play ice hockey, as well as deep dive (deep tech and trimix), which is quite demanding. Thanks, Ms. Amelong, for your love for your work, your passion, and a wonderful website. Hope to meet you one day when I attend anti-aging and functional medicine meetings in the northern U.S.
Colon Cleansing Helps to Improve Skin

I recently received my first order. My wife suffers from skin trouble. With the help of your video series, I was able to change her mind about cleansing her body. Her skin has already improved. Thank you very much.
Excellent Colonoscopy Prep

I had a colonoscopy the day after you gave me my last enema. The doc said I did an excellent prep, so... thanks! Not sure if you remember, but I purchased some Vitamin D. Got my result from the VA, and I went up from 27 to 44. Thanks for that... I think I told you for two years I was at 27, therefore I'm not sure if there was anything in the Nature Made Vitamin D... or at least it makes you wonder about some products... Thanks again.
Relief from Frequent Urination

Your how-to enema advice made taking a daily enema series easy as pie. Each night, after I did this, I then have used your essential oil suppository for prostate health and my benign prostatic hypertrophy, which my doctor told me was as natural to aging as gray hair. I didn't want to believe that - I am only 52 years old. After a week, I no longer was dealing with frequent urination. Now, three months later, I am still in great shape. I take a weekly enema and use the essential oil suppositories twice a week. Thank you. This is such a relief. I would wake up as many as 5 times a night to urinate. Now, after using your program, I sleep like a baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Believe me, I am telling all my friends - those who will listen, of course. It is kind of a touchy subject...

Reasonable Prices

As always, thank you so much for stocking products (always the best at reasonable prices!) and providing services so many of us need.
Best Equipment Available

You offer the best equipment available, and all of the therapy I have experienced is just absolutely the best. For the person who for whatever reason is considering colon hydrotherapy, I just think you and your business offer the best experience available anywhere.
It's Such a Pleasure Working with You

Thank you so much for all of your invaluable advice as well as assistance in my order. As usual, you were outstanding! It's such a pleasure working with you. You make me loyal to your wonderful company. Also, it made me feel good you remembered me. Again, I love your videos!
A Trustworthy and Intelligent Source

Thank you for all your wonderful information and products. I was so glad to find your websites last spring to learn about colonics and coffee enemas from a trustworthy and intelligent source. I never thought I would say that I love enemas, but thanks to you, I do! Thanks so much! You have been a godsend for me!
Thank You for the Openness and Knowledge That You Have Shared

Kristina, your website is the best website that I have been on concerning health. The site is so informative. I just want to thank you for the openness and the knowledge that you have delivered/shared with the world. I myself have IBS and just by reading your site I have made some changes in the coffee enemas routine. I have watched many people explain the enemas, but yours is detailed and it is the best instruction that I have received. Thank you for your time and please continue to keep us informed.
Compliments on Your Customer Service

Hi Kristina. First, I want to compliment you. I ordered from your site for the first time over the weekend. I forgot something on the order and sent an email to your customer service department. She called me this morning and added to my order. I didn't get her name, but I was thrilled with the assistance I received.

Second, I live in NJ. I have been looking locally for a doctor who would work with me for a very long time. I'm so frustrated that I'd be willing to drive to Wisconsin and stay for a while. You are in Wisconsin and so is the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders!
You Are So Knowledgeable, Caring, and Effective

Once in a while everything works beyond belief -- I had the time and privacy for a deep clean-out enema series followed with a frankincense and myrrh coconut oil suppository. The next morning I went through the enema series, taking six enemas, finishing with a coffee enema. That entire day, I felt very GOOOOOOOOOD -- revitalized, alive, refreshed, alert and full of energy for the rest of the day. This was the most effective cleansing, essential oil implant and coffee enema process I have ever experienced. The vitalization of the digestive system was so good that I didn't eat, fasted, until the next day and I still felt great. I had the feeling of not wanting to "contaminate my system with foods"... NOW that is different for me as I love food and lots of it.

Thanks to you it was a great weekend and the start of an energetic week. It is now after work Monday and instead of napping after work I have completed jobs, done cleaning, planned ahead for the rest of the week and feel GREAT. YES, your advice is right and pays dividends.

Thanks again. You are so knowledgeable and caring -- and effective.
Appreciation for Wonderful and Most Considerate Customer Service

I would like to begin by saying that I have been a customer for well over 10 years. I am long overdue to express my appreciation for the wonderful and most considerate service I have received over the years. I have NEVER had an unpleasant experience or a single disappointment with anything ordered from you. Let's face it, you deal in a product line that is in the least an indelicate area for discussion and can be somewhat embarrassing to talk openly about. You and DeeDee have a wonderful way of putting your customers at ease while at the same time giving explicit and most sensitive advice and useful instruction. You have never made me uncomfortable or ill at ease during any contact I have had over the years.

Another area where you two excel is in your excellent packing and shipment of your products. Considering all of my orders over the years, it is amazing that nothing has ever arrived damaged or labeled in an embarrassingly designated manner. Kristina, your firm does an outstanding job in every area. If you have a listing of extremely satisfied and grateful customers, please add my name to the list.

Your customer and friend,
After Trying Colon Hydrotherapy As A Colonoscopy Prep, I Would Never Go Back To Oral Preps or Sedation

I was quite interested in your recent article concerning the use of colonics/enemas for colonoscopy prep. I had a very negative experience with the oral preps several years ago and was disinclined to go through that again for my recent colonoscopy.

I decided to use colon hydrotherapy as a prep and also to have the procedure done without sedation. The colon hydrotherapist told me of a prior patient who was denied a colonoscopy because she told the gastroenterologist that she had used colonics as a prep. The hydrotherapist had a consultation with the doctor and a protocol was agreed upon for a subsequent test.

I scheduled a colonic on the afternoon prior to my appointment and again on the morning of my early afternoon appointment. I fasted for a 24-hour period (clear liquids only) just to make sure that nothing was forthcoming that might create issues.

When asked how the prep went, I merely stated that I gotten through it. The procedure was undertaken without sedation and I was able to communicate with the doctor as the scope was inserted and then removed. The entire procedure was completed in less than 20 minutes. Aside from spending 10 minutes passing gas, it was an easy process and embarrassment minimal.

The nurse who attended me asked about my comfort level and I told her that I would never go back to oral preps or sedation. She said she was due for one soon and was quite impressed with the ease that I tolerated the whole process. She was a bit puzzled when I said I wouldn't use an oral prep and I told her of the colonics. She commented that it obviously worked well and I was as clean as any other patients. She told me that she may try the same protocol. I was up in no time and walked out to my car without the need for transportation or other assistance.

The Inflatable Nozzle and Colon Tube Are The Best Investment That I Have Made

I got the two colon cleanse enema videos, All About Enemas and Cleansing, Coffee Enemas, and Colon Tubes, from you and watched them both. Excellent!

I also received the Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable Nozzle with the same order. One of the problems that I have had is that for every 2 ounces of fluid that went in, 1 ounce came out as leakage. No matter how hard I tried to squeeze and keep the leakage from occurring, it was to no avail.

The Enema Retention Flexible-Inflatable nozzle has allowed me for the first time to do a 2-quart enema fluid without any leakage at all. What a difference!

After completing the first enema, I then set up with the 24" Silicone Colon Tube and was able to insert it a good 12". I never experienced any discomfort at all and was able to get to the transverse colon for the first time that I can recall achieving that. The next step will be cleansing the complete colon.

My energy level increased by a great amount that evening and the next day I really experienced a new level of energy. In 1996 I was exposed to the toxic chemicals hexene, tolulene, and benzene.

I have had seizures since that exposure. I did a round of sessions with a hydrotherapist and it greatly helped, but then she moved away.

This year I decided to do my own hydrotherapy and am setting up to do enemas myself. The inflatable nozzle and colon tube are the best investment that I have made, along with the colon cleanse enema videos.

Any suggestions for addition equipment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the information.

First Time I Have Been Able To Keep Bowels Moving

Thank you for the help your site and video have given me. As a Candida sufferer I have realized great results from chronic constipation. I have been doing either daily or every other day high volume enemas. Typically when I aggressively deal with Candida I become severely constipated almost without remedy. This is the first time in 3 years since I realized I had Candida that I have been able to keep my bowels moving. Typically for me it is once a week...even with flaxseed daily. I am feeling better daily.

Thank you again for your help.

Kevin G.
Since I've Started Practicing The Enemas, I've Come A Long Way

Here are my final thoughts after 35 days of intense nutritional focus and body cleansing:

Since I've started practicing the enemas, I've come a long way. The experience is something that you can't describe in words but has to be tried. With each attempt I learned more about my body. First it was a realization of where the water was traveling in my system. Then the awareness of how to work through and diminish cramping. Envisioning the water cleansing and healing my ailing colon was invaluable. Or picturing a sun setting over the crystal clear water helped during rough moments. Wow, I actually have some control over my body! An awareness, a connection. What confidence this brings, knowing I am becoming in tune with my physical self. Yet somewhere it crosses the line of physical. Maybe that's because it isn't a line -- maybe it's more like an opening.

How do I feel? I feel improving strength and energy; improving endurance and hope. I feel like I'm getting my sparkle back. What's more is I feel like that sparkle will grow to shine brighter than I could ever have imagined.

But I did it! What a sense of accomplishment to achieve something that before seemed so difficult and mysterious. It wasn't easy but it felt like slow and steady plodding up a mountain. Hiking this mountain required lots of sweat and discomfort, but along the way there were plenty of beautiful vistas to keep enticing me. I sit at the final view and it is more revealing and breathtaking than all. For I see many other magnificent mountains. I will savor this one for the moment but I'm also encouraged that the journey has just begun. I look forward to growing stronger from many more amazing climbs.

It was interesting how food affected me and going through some emotional issues. I struggle with anger over not being able to eat like everyone else and the hard work of preparing or planning meals so specifically. I also have some frustration and fear over not being completely healed and fully vibrant. I know in my head that this is a long journey, but my heart is so impatient. Any backsliding of symptoms is so discouraging but reminds me how impaired my body is. It is vital I take care of myself and I must constantly recommit to the "steady plodding" this journey requires.

Thank you so much for all your support, knowledge, and efforts. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Great Relief Through Daily Enemas

I have been taking enemas for about 3 years on a daily basis; they have brought me great relief. I was very sick with horrible headaches and upset stomach and gas and someone told me to do an enema. I have since visited colon hydrotherapists and had colon irrigation done, as well as the enemas at home. I would be very sick right now, and have had many surgeries, if I had not discovered the enema. And, even though one nurse told me there was no harm, I read the warnings from doctors, and of course they try to scare you. Now I am starting to have normal bowel movements on some days and continue the enemas on other days.

Tremendous Help with Severe Constipation Problems

My main problem now is actually my hormones. I am a 53-year-old woman who has been going through severe menopause symptoms for the past 8 years: hot flashes, constipation, fatigue, heart palpitations, mental fog, depression, anxiety, insomnia. I have been on bioidentical hormones which had helped me when I first started them. As the years went on they not only stopped working, they caused many problems with my thyroid and adrenal glands. My cortisol levels were off also. Kristina has been working with me with various supplements and suggestions for proper nutrition and exercise, and this is helping to clear out the overload of hormones and make my own body heal and balance. The HTMAs that I have been getting and saliva tests are helping to see where I am at hormonally I am delighted to say that I am continuing to make progress every day. I feel so much calmer and balanced. I don't crave sugars anymore and my hot flashes are getting much better. Nothing I had tried over the past 8 years had worked. I have not been able to find any doctors who can or will address this issue naturally and without drugs. (Beware of the pushers of "bio-identical hormones" -- they are not as safe as they say.) I am so thankful for Kristina and her vast array of research and cutting edge understanding of all of these women's issues. She is very diligent at continuing her learning so that she can help others. Reading her book, devouring her website, and reading any information she has suggested me to check out, has helped me in my ongoing research to improve my health. Also being patient helps because it takes time to truly improve your health. But it can happen and I am living proof and most thankful I have found her and her wonderful staff. I look forward to the day when medical doctors will join with those studying integrative medicine -- together they can then help many people.
Small Meals, Animal Protein, Healthy Fats, and Enemas

I am writing you from La Belle Province, Québec, Canada. Optimal Health Network has wonderful enema products. Your dedicated work offers educative tools to learn how to use them.

Kristina, you have opened up a new avenue for me with your simple approach to health. Through your book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, I am learning about small meals, animal protein, healthy fats, and enemas.

This summer after planning my fast, I took a week off work to experiment with enemas, coffee enemas, and implants. The result: I experienced a wonderful vacation!

Years back, I learned colon cleansing form Norman W. Walker's books. I regularly visited a colon hygienist. Knowing enemas now, I prefer to invest in food and supplements. I have the Norwalk Juicer at home, I regularly juice vegetables, but now add Living Fuel!

We share a common goal, Kristina, which is to live a quality life past 100 years!

What is my motivation?

a) Seeing my father die of cancer, when I was 15 years old. He was 46.

b) I am now experiencing this precious gift of life more and more... through this body. So the very least I can do is learn about maintenance. I do it for my car. I do it professionally as well, owning a cleaning company. I am very, very happy that I am learning how to maintain this body.

Ten Days to Optimal Health is a wealth of information for me to attain my goal.

Best regards,
Esmond D.
Back to Old Self

I am 57 years old and have always been a healthy, active person, but 4 years ago things started changing. My blood pressure got high; I had starting signs of osteoporosis and chronic constipation, was extremely tired, and had lower back pain and intense foot pain.

My career was spent in a plant where there were a lot of toxic chemicals and I thought this was the cause of most of my problems.

This is when I found out about the Optimal Health Center. The center made me very comfortable in the meeting because there were a number of things that I never talked to my own doctor about.

It was recommended that I do an enema series, the 10 Day Optimal Health Nutrition Plan, a 5 Day Fasting Plan, and an enema series at the completion of the visit. During this therapy I took the Adrenal Stress Test and the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

During my therapy I noticed a big change in my body. My energy began to come back, much of my pain disappeared, constipation went away and my blood pressure became normal. Another problem I had was a prostate problem which went away also.

The final analysis to my problem shocked me: malnutrition. The reason for this was working too many hours on the job and living on sandwiches and fast food with no cooked meals. This problem was never found by any doctor I ever went to.

For the past 4 months I have followed the Optimal Health Nutrition Plan and an taking the recommended supplements. It has turned my life completely around. I feel healthy, full of energy and am now enjoying life.

Thank you so much, Optimal Health. I especially want to thank Dee Dee and her staff for their loving care and understanding.

Sincerely Yours,
Alan H.
Herbs, Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes Restored my Health!

For nine years I have struggled with systemic inflammation, which began with an initial injury and with time manifested itself as, for a lack of a better name, fibromyalgia. In addition to this I had various other miscellaneous health issues, such as extremely dry eyes, exhaustion and lack of energy and, of course, depression as result of trying to deal with such serious problems and never getting any effective help from the regular allopathic medical establishment. I had seen countless kind, wonderful family doctors and specialists who offered me little but anti-inflammatory drugs, which helped somewhat while I was using them, but there never seem to be any end to taking them. And as the years wore on these medications were creating serious digestive problems for me. I often wondered why my body did not seem able to heal itself...

My search for answers led me to the Optimal Health Network, where Kristina and Dee Dee began to give me a whole different way to understand my health issues. I took a hair analysis and it was clear that I suffered from adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. As strange as it sounds, I was greatly relieved for here was a finally diagnosis that explained both why I felt perpetually tired and dizzy and why my body was not producing natural glucocorticoids that would heal my inflammation, as well as a host of other small and irritating symptoms that had plagued me for a long time. The other good news also was that there was a natural treatment for all of this! Nine months later, I feel tremendously better and am grateful to the OHN for revolutionizing my diet and being an important part of helping me heal myself. Being a mother, I have also been able to change my family's diets and we all feel better than we have in years!

Thanks OHN,
The Power of Cleansing and Detoxification is Profound

I was born constipated. As an infant, child, teenager and young adult, I was lucky to have 2 bowel movements per week. In my teens I suffered some minor health problems, but it wasn't until my early 20's that things really fell apart. At the age of 21, I experienced a major health crisis. My entire body shut down, and for the next 8 years, I was barely able to get out of bed, let alone move or walk. I had a myriad of other strange and serious symptoms as well, all very sudden onset.

I was eventually diagnosed (or misdiagnosed!) with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and remained quite ill for the next 6 years. During that time I had tried many alternative therapies, however never seemed to get results. None of the practitioners I had seen had ever addressed my sluggish bowels however, so I believe that I probably wasn't absorbing the thousands of dollars of herbs, supplements, etc. that I had taken. Anyway, after much disappointment, and when I had finally decided to accept and make the most out of my current state of health, I'd heard about Colon Hydrotherapy.

As a last resort, I tried a few treatments and felt minor improvement. Knowing my history, I suspected I would need to do some very aggressive cleansing, so decided to embark on a 21 day raw diet fast in conjunction with as many colonics as were needed (my goal was to have champagne coming out of me!). I ended up doing 12 treatments, but by the 4th treatment I'd say I walked out of the clinic a completely different person. Ten years of serious health problems gone and I was even able to put on my old running shoes and go running (rather momentous for someone who was barely able to walk for so long!). I can't tell you what came out of me!

Anyway, by continuing to cleanse and detoxify regularly, and by making a few dietary and lifestyle changes, I have experienced "optimal" health since then. Colonics saved my life. The power of cleansing and detoxification is profound indeed! I greatly appreciate your response and recommendations, and again am very grateful to you for sharing your expertise! I will definitely keep in touch. Many thanks again, and blessings to you!

Wow! It's Amazing the Difference Healthy Bowels Make!

In follow up to our previous communications, I just wanted to let you know that I'm no longer getting bloated from the MSM and coffee enemas I've been taking regularly. I'm on a daily probiotic, as you suggested, and I also follow up the coffee enema with an oral binding agent... and boy do I feel great! My bowels are moving regularly and the coffee enemas' detoxifying effect on my body are phenomenal. I have clarity of mind, energy, and an overall sense of physical well-being. Another benefit I've experienced is that I started my menstrual cycle 2 days ago and noticed I did not have the usual cramps I get the on first day. Wow! It's amazing the difference healthy bowels make!

I'm drinking more water...I drink a green drink every morning... and eat 65%-70% live foods daily. I think the enema cleansings are also helping me (psychologically) to be more watchful/responsible of the foods I eat.

Anyway, I'm really very grateful for the information and videos I found on the Optimal Health website. Thanks again for responding to my questions! It really helped. It's amazing to know that you guys really care about what you do!

Wishing you all the best of health!
Thank You For Your Website!

First of all, thank you on behalf of my wife and me for your website and business services. I tumbled onto your site one day (during a search for tubing), and the more we've read and surfed your site the more we've been impressed with your knowledge of health maintenance and disease prevention. I was raised to think natural first, then medical if all else failed. Progressively over our married life (25+ yrs), my wife has come to agree and embrace natural healthcare practices. Coming from more of a medical family, she's now challenging me in the natural area. I love it!

Since ordering your products, we've presently been on a cleansing regimen (for the past 3 weeks) with our first "series" experiences with Enema #1 (Celtic Sea Salt and Peppermint), Enema #2 (Coffee Implant), and as of this weekend Enema #3 (Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and MSM). First, here's some feedback for you in regard to our implant experience. We found that the implant plugs are a tad too large. I purchased the one black plug w/ a round disk-like bottom -- too big for even me. Jeanne patiently inserted it, but I throbbed for the first hour. Finally, we switched to the smaller black one w/ a slim bottom. Big difference for me, but there is no way I could insert even the second one into my wife. Upon childbirth of our first son she tore tissue into the rectal area.

The doc did a horrible job of stitching her back up, and it wasn't until the birth of our second son, nearly 3 years later, that a second OBGYN found the problem and corrected the previous doctor's mistakes. Consequently, Jeanne has suffered hemorrhoids from this during BMs and menstrual irritation. Upon giving her the implant this weekend I rigged up a make-shift plug out of a rolled up panty liner and a rubber glove finger to assist in securing the implant overnight. It worked, but it's not my preference. Could you look into producing a smaller implant plug for women who have such issues to contend with? One that is maybe ½"- ¾" smaller in diameter than the second one I used? If you can't, do you have a better solution than what I came up with?

Second, as we reflected upon the benefits of this technique of treatment, Jeanne asked why this couldn't be done for vaginal issues as well. So often a mere douche is not sufficient, nor is there much value being added to the process. Do you have any recipes and guideline for this type of application? The implant technique makes perfect sense to treat infections in this area, along with fibroid tumors and the like. Specific recipe implants could provide positive results. Could you address this for us in an e-mail, or are things like this in your book? We are very interested in other implant recipes and their purposeful explanations.

Lastly, does heating the Enema #3 implant solution cause any efficacy harm to the solution? Is the type of heat (gas, electric, or microwave) an issue here?

Again, our thanks for making this experience a life-giving, couple-bonding act of love.

Dan and Jeanne
"All About Enemas" Revolution

Isn't it odd that the media is full of stories about the food we eat until it is consumed, and virtually nothing is discussed about what happens afterwards? You have started a revolution and provide vital information about a subject long overdue, and much to the improvement of the health and well-being of many.

Your new video, "All About Enemas" is an exceptional guide, providing information not available anywhere else. Following the instructions provided on the video has definitely improved the results and ease of an in-home enema. While you may not feel that you are an "actress", you are most definitely "the" leading lady in bringing health to many.

Thank you very much for your dedication and support.

Best regards,
Comprehensive Plan to Change

I want to thank you for yesterday's telephone consultation. I have a series of tunes in my head this morning, and I am whistling and singing them as I begin my day. I am somewhat surprised, as last night, after my 14-hour day was over, I was exhausted. I didn't think the six hours sleep I had ahead of me would be sufficiently restful. However, I woke up with a positive, even ebullient mood. I'm excited by the decisions I made yesterday and the commitment I made to a woman I had only just met, and that by telephone.

Behind me, as you might guess, have been numerous starts and stops on eating better, getting more exercise, adjusting my lifestyle such that I could accomplish more while having time for recreation and leisure, the making and maintaining of friendships, etc., etc.

This is different. I attribute it to several factors. First, I perused many of the pages of your very large and informative website. Second, and this is somewhat scary, what you offer me is a fairly major but comprehensive plan to change and address many difficulties: weight, diabetes, fatigue, prostate enlargement, edema, dizziness... all the things that seem to be slowing me down these days. And when you told me, in all sincerity, that I am still young at age 66, I believed you. I have had the depressive and depressing symptom of believing that I am dying. I've never been suicidal, but thoughts of death have been recurrent.

Now, these first days are critical. I know that. Ironically, last night I taught a session on the brain. One of the sub-topics is how our brains serve us and how our brains sometimes lead us in directions that aren't so helpful. That led also to talking about habituation and how hard it is to break and change habits.

You are encouraging and guiding me towards more healthy habits.

I see that you have a support message board. I will join that today. And I will place my order for the products that will get me started.

Enemas Cured Anal Fissure

I am a male in my early 50s. I have had an anal fissure for at least six years and have been treating the fissure outside of conventional medicine for about two years. The fissure came gradually, likely from stress. Although examined by HMO doctors early, nothing was diagnosed. After pain and bleeding increased, I went on the web and self-diagnosed a classical anal fissure. A new private doctor confirmed my diagnosis. For about two years I used prescription cortisone creams and other ointments. Cortisone relieved pain, but cured nothing. All mineral-based ointments agitated the fissure. The slightest bit of alcohol, chocolate, or fish oil in my diet agitated the fissure. A surgeon was recommended. After two consultations, I got scared off by the prospect of surgery.

A friend recommended holistic medicine. Another friend recommended hydrotherapy. I discovered Kristina and we used a combination of nutrition, stool softeners, herbal medicine, and timely hydrotherapy with self-administered enemas to subdue the fissure. While experimenting with the enemas, I discovered that a bulb-type nozzle was an effective tool, without the enema, to apply the herbal medicine on the fissure and to massage the anus. This technique has been superb. I have retorn the fissure during defecation only twice in the last year. Except for some occasional itching, I have been free of pain and bleeding, have been able to pass occasional hard stools and have been able to drink alcohol, eat chocolate, and eliminate stool softeners. I do watch my diet, however, following the guidelines set out in Kristina's CD book, Ten Days to Optimal Health.

Besides treating and curing the fissure, there is also a larger message here. It appears that cleansing, massage, and other natural therapies are as useful and important for the lower end of the body as they are for other more visible areas, for example as brushing one's teeth or combing one's hair.

Treatment components:

* Colon hydrotherapy and enemas. Besides the benefits of cleansing, hydrotherapy gives a person a clean rectal area and a break from defecation for about three days. Enemas allow a one- or two-day break. I initially used an enema recipe from Kristina including aloe vera and olive oil. I now use just warm water. These therapies allow the fissure some healing time. If I feel I have re-injured the fissure during defecation, I will do 2-3 enemas over the next week to avoid normal defecation.

* Stool softeners. I started with a fine fiber supplement made from flax. I have always been a fruit and vegetable eater, but added more dietary fiber. I then found flax oil capsules. One or two a day will keep the stool soft. I also took vitamin and mineral supplements. At present, I am totally off of stool softeners, but will add them back as necessary.

* Herbal paste. Kristina prescribed an herbal paste which has been the only topical treatment of the many I have tried that not only prevents fissure swelling and infection, the main cause of fissure pain, but facilitates cure and lubrication. The ingredients may vary, depending on how often you use it. I typically make enough to fill a common photo film canister. You may want to look for a better container to carry around because the canisters do leak a bit. Ingredients include 3-5 drops of liquid lavender, 4-8 drops of liquid garlic, one emptied capsule of MSM (ask Kristina what it is), and fill the remainder of the canister with a high-quality olive oil. If you do not have all of the ingredients on hand, the garlic and the olive oil may suffice for a start. You may also add a drop or two of aloe vera. During the early stages of treatment, I carried this paste with me to apply after defecation. Be advised that too much garlic or lavender in the mix or too long of an application time can cause external itching or burn the inside of the rectum, so don't overdo it.

* Enema nozzle. At one point I decided to purchase a bulb-type enema and noticed that inserting the thick, rounded, hard plastic nozzle and stretching the anal sphincter actually seemed to make the sphincter muscle feel better. I discovered that using it to apply the paste in a relaxed manned in bed offered immediate relief. The nozzle enabled me to apply the paste inside the anus where the fissure was. Dipping the nozzle in the paste and then inserting and removing it slowly several times effectively massaged the muscle. With only 10-15 minutes of this therapy once a day for just a few days, the fissure seemed to heal quickly. Muscle tone returned, the anus began to dilate properly before defecation and defecations became largely painless. I initially used a nozzle that was just under an inch in thickness. I then purchased a nozzle that was 1 1/4 inch thick with the intention of stretching and massaging the anus to the width of the widest stool.

This therapy seems to be working. I do it less often, maybe twice a week. Once the fissure surface healed and stopped hurting, I stopped using the paste. I now do the massage with K-Y jelly or a similar product. If the fissure should again cause problems, I would go back to earlier steps. The fissure surface heals much faster than the underlying muscle tear, so expect the treatment to take time.

I hope this helps a lot of people.

Helped With Eczema, Acid Reflux, and Headaches

This is a thank you for the consultation I had, back in May, concerning my eczema problem. When you first mentioned getting me on a regimen of enemas, I was somewhat dismayed over the idea. But, after listening to your sincerity about the benefits they would bring, along with vitamins and diet, I decided to give it a go.

I proceeded with the aid of your CD, "The Illustrated Guide to In-Home Colon Cleansing," which gave me the mechanics of administering an enema to one's self and learning to allow the fluid to drain into the colon at a rate of 1 to 2 cups per minute. The enemas are not what they seemed as a child growing up. (Maybe Mom was on to something and we were too young to understand it back then.)

With a few reservations, I went ahead and ordered your 3-quart enema bag. I proceeded with what I called "what the h--- good is this going to do for eczema anyway?" attitude, but after about 10 days I started noticing less itching and the sores seemed be healing faster. Now 6 weeks later, after doing clear water enemas every other day and a coffee enema once a week, the eczema itching has receded to almost nothing, and the blisters that go along with it are healing at a much faster rate.

Not only have the enemas helped the eczema, but they have helped rid me of my bouts with acid reflux, which was keeping me awake several nights per week. In addition, I must add that the headaches, backaches, and constant tired feeling I had believed to be just part of the aging process are nearly gone after six weeks of your programs of enemas and diet. My appetite has improved to where I don't crave sweets and carbohydrates as prior to the colon flushes. Now I feel like getting out and doing things.

Looking back, my biggest mistake was not continuing to repeat the enemas until my symptoms cleared. Growing up as a youngster, I cleansed 4 times a year as the seasons changed, and if I was not better, perhaps once or twice a month with 1 or 2 enemas instead of 3 or 4 each session. Although I must admit, the cool water enemas we got would bring down a fever quicker than the modern antibiotics will ever do.

So Kristina, thank you ever so much for courtesy and professionalism on the phone, and your kind and understanding way. The CD and the home enemas which you recommended to me were a godsend. Also, thanks for suggesting the 3-quart bag instead of the standard 2-quart. It saves having to add more water as I can now handle the 3 quarts quite easily. It's hard to believe what 2 or 3 quarts of warm water do for body.

Same Effect as Headstand Enema

Here is an account of some of my experiences with enemas. Get a three- or four-legged stool about 11 inches in height and with a platform surface area big enough to kneel on. In taking your enema, lie on your left side (Simms position). After taking in all the enema solution and removing the filling tube, kneel on the stool and bend over as far as you can, hands on the floor, with the goal of touching your head to the floor.

The object is to get the upper body as vertical as possible to use gravity to get the enema solution moving from the descending colon, through the traverse colon and into the ascending colon. This is similar to the knee-chest enema-taking position but more effective because of the increased verticality. Also, it is less strenuous than trying to do a handstand or headstand to achieve the same effect. The stool also comes in handy later.

After dismounting the stool, lie on your right side for the 5-minute-or-longer period before evacuating. Normally, the peristaltic action in the sigmoid will cause cramping and moving the solution away from the sigmoid will relieve the cramping. This can be done by massage but the stool can really help here. While lying on your right side and with feet near the toilet, lift your hips up and move the stool under your right hip. At the same time, place your feet on the closed toilet lid. Your right shoulder in on the floor. Your body is basically an inclined plane. Your body's weight is supported at three points: the feet on the toilet lid, the right hip on the stool, and the right shoulder on the floor.

This may sound difficult to do, but it isn't. The effect is that the enema solution is mainly contained to the ascending colon and traverse colon. Little or no solution is the descending colon. The result is that is little or no cramping whatsoever. What little there may be is easily managed by minimal massaging of the belly from the sigmoid, in a left to right motion. Using this technique, the total experience of the enema is very enjoyable.

Suspect Taking Enemas Would Help

Your excellent videotape arrived this morning. I had only ordered it on October 26, so, given that it had to cross the border into Canada, and come through Canadian customs, this is a very quick delivery.

I just watched it this morning for the first time, and must commend you highly on it. It is very well done indeed, and your client/patient is to be greatly commended for agreeing to act as a model.

Now I have to muster my courage to show it to my wife, as a few months ago she told me she didn't think I should be giving myself enemas, as that they are something only to be given in hospitals. Further, if I continued doing so, it would come between us. We both have diverticulosis, and I suspect taking enemas would help us both. If I wasn't so far away, namely in New Brunswick, Canada, I'd make an appointment to come to see you! Again, many congratulations on making such a fine instructional video!

Best wishes,
Sincerely, Roger
Olive Oil Implant

I have actually been using the olive oil implant every day since I contacted you. I was able to gather this information from your website, and my mother has ordered the anal fissure kit from your site for me. The olive oil implant has been working great! My pain is bearable now and the bleeding has stopped. I will continue to seek advice from your website. Thank you so much for contacting me! I know that it's hard to advise someone when you have not met or spoken to them. Also you have to be careful from a legal standpoint!

Thank you so much!
Suspect Taking Enemas Would Help

My sincere appreciation to the professional staff of the Optimal Health Center for their wonderful care and concern. The colon therapy treatments I received were invaluable in providing significant and much needed relief form my internal problems.

Thank you for a very rewarding health experience.