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Testimonials Archive 5

Your Support and Guidance Has Helped Me to Regain My Health

I am so glad I found your Facebook page. I learned how to do the coffee enema the right way after I purchased my equipment from your website in 2008. I started to do the coffee enema because I was diagnosed with secondary cancer in 2007. Your support and guidance has helped me to regain my health. With diet and lifestyle changes, I am now cancer-free.

I Found Your Website and It Has Helped Tremendously

I am a three year stage III rectal cancer survivor. After all my treatments and surgery, I was left with fecal incontinence. Immodium and adult diapers became the normal life for me. Just recently, I began using a daily enema with the approval from my colorectal surgeon. My life has become so much better, in every way. I found your website and it has helped tremendously. It's good to know that I could research everything I might need to know on this one site. I am still in the learning process and will be using the Optimal Health Network for all my questions.


Colon Hydrotherapy Works, Plain and Simple

I received your book last week and want to thank you for a job well done on writing this book. I visit your website a lot but this book is great. I would love to visit you but I live in West Virginia. I do use your information in my life every day. I am 51, disabled, blood clot in my leg, and two major back operations in the last two years. Last year I had 6 screws, 2 rods, and 2 plates put in my back. I was also put on pain meds and depression meds. I started having trouble going to the bathroom so did some homework on the net. Then I found a place in Fairmont, WV, called the colon spa. She does colon hydrotherapy. I went on May 7 for a colonic. I did 5 colonics that week, did a detox for 7 days, then another colonic.

Kristina, I am a new person. Before the colonics I could hardly walk 1 mile; after them I am walking 5 miles a day. Let me tell you, colon hydrotherapy works, plain and simple. I started getting more information on your website about coffee enemas. I am wanting to do them to detox my liver. I did do one a few days ago; it worked. I did buy some equipment from you and it worked great. I love your book, website, and would love to visit your place some time. I hope to talk to you some time on the phone; would be helpful for me, I think. As for your next book just keep us updated with what you have taught us. I have found out that people don't even know what colon hydrotherapy is. Have more in your next book about colon hydrotherapy; I think it will help people who don't know about it. You and I do have something in common. I am disabled too. I am living a good life now but my life has changed for ever. Thank god, I have a great wife. I hope to talk to you soon about using coffee enemas and a few other things. Until then, you have a great day!


Peace Of Mind Regarding Colonoscopy Without Meds

I am very happy to report that it only took three days shipping to receive the products that I ordered from the Optimal Health Network. I now can take a three enema series until clear like never before using the XL 2.5-quart bag. I tested the clear part with the colon tube - fantastic. DeeDee, I can't stress the advantage and peace of mind regarding a baseline colonoscopy (without meds). If nothing is found, I don't have to go again for ten years. I have had three so far (first one only went halfway) and everything is OK. Felt strange at first but no real pain. It would be terribly ironic after years of colon health plans to miss doing this. The 2.5-quart bag really gets the job done in a hurry.


Your Company Offers Wonderful Enema Equipment

I can't say thank you enough. Your enema equipment has kept me alive. Your company offers wonderful enema equipment. I have a prolapsed rectum that comes out unless I do regular enemas. The doctors tied my hemorrhoids onto my rectum. This was a mistake. When I go to bathroom now, without the use of enemas, it is a mess. My rectum comes out. Stool sticks all over the rectum. At times, I would even get gangrene. Before I figured out the enema route, I went to the Mayo clinic -- nothing they could do! Enemas saved me! Now, I take one or two enemas every day. I feel very good. I also take coffee enemas. I want others to know to not have any surgery with hemorrhoids but rather to take enemas. I know a lot of people are embarrassed when they have bowel troubles so they don't talk to any one about it. TAKE ENEMAS. Talk about your problems with at least DeeDee or Kristina. They will help you. Thank you. Enemas, coffee enemas, and the Optimal Health Network saved my life. I feel very good now.

A. A.

Colon Hydrotherapy Helps Me To Stay Vibrant

Regular colon hydrotherapy has been beneficial to me so I wanted others to hear my story:

Back in the late 50s, I was visiting an aunt in Los Angeles who was a client of a colon therapist. I had been constipated for a few days. I told her so. Right then and there she took me to a colon therapist. I went three days in a row and felt great.

I returned home. Thirty-five years later, I became constipated again and recalled my early success and turned once more to colon therapy. I found a woman in Madison in 1992 whom I saw 3 times, 6 weeks apart. She decided to return to nursing so I found a new therapist. I saw her every 6-8 weeks for 8 years. I have now been coming to the OHC for 9 years.

I am 81 years old and I know colon hydrotherapy helps me to stay vibrant.


I've Learned a Great Deal from Your Site and Your Downloadable Videos

I'm looking forward to tonight's chat. I'm an absolute novice that just started about two weeks ago. I hope I can get some guidance tonight on detox for lead fumes. I was exposed for several hours in March and can see a direct influence on my overall health. By chance, there was an article in our health club newsletter about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy here in Rockford. A bit of surfing led me to your site and really opened my eyes. I've learned a great deal from your site and your downloadable videos. I put together a large order from the things I learned and it should be arriving in the mail tomorrow. I think your book will be a good start and I've scheduled a colonic session in May, after I return from a two-week trip.

Thanks for a great website and abundant information. Will chat tonight!


Fine Equipment, Comfortable Technique, Functional Recipes, and the Caring Instruction of DeeDee

It was time for my 10-year colonoscopy exam. The last one did not reach far enough, was very uncomfortable, and the prep was violent and not totally effective. This time I used a different clinic and was determined that the exam would be clean and complete.

In ten years the colonoscopy preparation has become a more user-friendly, three-step process with less cramping and less violence. The desired result was for "clean and clear returns." After the second step, I began questioning the laxative's effectiveness -- optimally clean was the objective. The user-friendly prep was not completely effective.

Thank heaven for OHN. Their fine equipment, comfortable technique, functional recipes, and the caring instruction of DeeDee were put to work. The supplemental large volume enema series (really large) reached and effectively cleaned the entire colon. Using your techniques the large enemas were surprisingly comfortable, and the water was easily released. The "clean and clear" objective had been accomplished.

At the exam the doctor commented on how clean my entire colon was - and that made it easier for him to do the complete colonoscopy (all the way to the appendix). The procedure was comfortable and with great "clean" visualization, three small polyps were found and removed. These may have slipped by if the prep wasn't supplemented with the enemas.

Modern health care favors laxatives - but it took enemas to do the job right. Thanks for your great information, professional equipment, proven and researched recipes, and caring advice.


Simple, Gentle, Healthful Therapy: The Enema

You may find it of interest that I recall that on the outside box of the first syringe I bought was printed the descriptor: "For health, therapy, and comfort." It got me thinking how very true that is, and then realized that you, DeeDee, and your staff have consistently provided that throughout the years to grateful people through means of your wonderful colon cleanse products and services! That takes courage and a consistency of mind. I consider you are doing God's work, as in, "Cleanliness is next to godliness!" I hope I may say, without giving offense, that I wish you that same health, therapy, and comfort, and that sense of inner peace, wellness, and joy that comes from that simple, gentle, healthful, and simply beautiful, old-fashioned therapy, our friend, the enema.


DeeDee Put Me at Ease Right Away and Made the Whole Experience Very Comfortable

My friend, Sue, had told me about enemas and especially the coffee enema about 3 or 4 years ago. She kept telling me to have one... not something on my bucket list of things to do. She said they are wonderful! However, never having had an enema or colonic, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. I bought an enema bag and never used it.

Then several years passed and I had scheduled a far infrared sauna at the Optimal Health Center in Madison, WI. Little did I know, they also offer colon hydrotherapy. Of course, I was curious and after getting more information on this from Kristina and DeeDee, I felt it was something I needed to try. So I scheduled an appointment... I figured as long as I was having the colon cleanse, I might as well jump in all the way and have the coffee implant as well. I was a little nervous and thought it could be messy, but DeeDee put me at ease right away and made the whole experience very comfortable. The colon cleanse and the coffee implant were very relaxing, and I felt really uplifted and invigorated afterward. Much to my surprise it was a wonderful experience just like my friend, Sue, had told me. I wish that I hadn't been so afraid of the colon cleanse for all these years. I really liked it.


I Am Pain-free for the First Time in Ten Years

In December 2011 I started having blood in my stools and a tremendous amount of mucus coming from my rectum. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy on the 15th of February, but meanwhile the pain that I was having was so bad that I realized that I could not wait until the results of the colonoscopy in February.

I was put on Cipro twice but still did not clear up. The mucus was out of control and I seriously thought that there was something really wrong with me. I scoured the web looking for answers. There were a lot of people with similar symptoms to me but no answers.

Finally I stumbled upon a site that had hydrotherapy colon cleanses, www.EnemaBag.com. I had never heard of them before, so I spoke with DeeDee who explained what a hydrotherapy cleanse was. On February 1st I went to Optimal Health Center not knowing what to expect. The room was soothing; classical music played in the background and DeeDee put me totally at ease. Warm water flowed into my body and all those toxins flowed out. It took about an hour, with DeeDee massaging my colon, and I felt great.

As we were chatting, DeeDee suggested that I might want to add a probiotic to my daily regimen as antibiotics tend to take out the good bacteria as well as the bad. And also that I might want to try going gluten-free to see if that helped with my stomach and pain problems. Within 2 days I started to feel better. I have lost 10 lbs. in weight since I started and after living with chronic pain since 2002 have had no pain in 2 weeks. I honestly considered that I didn't need the colonoscopy, but I thought that since I had done everything to help get a good colonoscopy, that I should follow through.

On Valentine's day my hubby and I had a date with a hydrotherapy cleanse. My food intake all day consisted of clear fluids only, as I had another date the next day for a colonoscopy. I went to the Optimal Health Center and was finished by 2:00pm. I was feeling good. Having had 4 previous attempts at a colonoscopy with no luck being able to keep down that nasty drink, I opted for OSMOPREP, 32 tablets. I started at 5pm taking 4 tablets with 8 oz. of fluid until I had taken 20. At 8.00pm I took another 4 tablets every 15 minutes with 8 fluid ounces of liquid until they were gone. Having had the hydrocleanse earlier in the day, I felt that this time my colonscopy would go off without a hitch, and it did. For the first time ever I had a complete colonoscopy on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012. It was beautifully clear and I don't have to go back for another 10 years. Thanks, Dr. Theodore Parrin.

So what have I gained from this adventure, I think, is that the hydrotherapy cleanse, combined with the probiotics and a gluten-free lifestyle change, have made me pain-free for the first time in ten years. And to find that I have a beautiful colon, what a huge bonus, as I was diagnosed previously with IBS and GERD.

An extra bonus that my hubby loves is that he can hug me and I feel no pain. I guess we have a lot of hugging to catch up on.


DeeDee's Essential Oil Prostate Blend Really Worked

I am 73 years old. Before I started using the EO blend in August 2011, I had to make 4 or 5 nightly visits to the bathroom. When I took my 2-mile walk, I could barely make it back in time to use the bathroom. When traveling the interstates, I would have to stop at every rest stop. All that changed after using the blend in suppositories that I made according to DeeDee's video instructions. Now I get up only once, or sometimes twice, each night to use the bathroom. I have even gone the whole night without a bathroom visit. I can do my 2-mile walk, get back and relax for 10 or 15 minutes before using the bathroom. Thank you, DeeDee, for improving my life.

I Credit Enemas with Maintaining My Health and General Well-Being

I have been a regular enema taker for years and I credit them with maintaining my health and general well-being. My syringe is the two-quart open-top amber bag OHN sells, which is simply beautiful, provides heavenly enemas, and is a joy to use and care for. For any of your patrons who prefer an open-top bag, I unqualifiedly recommend it. As you once suggested, I am on a weekly routine and, opportunity permitting, try to take an enema (very warm, cleansing, Castile, soapsuds) the same day and time each week.


My Experience At The Clinic Was Very Relaxing

I was in Madison a few years ago on business. The trip had been quite hectic and I needed a break. My system was a bit out of whack and I figured a good colonic would help. I had been reading the Optimal Health Network site and decided to initiate the contact with Kristina.

Because I was traveling on business, I had not packed any of my own enema equipment. I usually travel with some type of equipment but this time I was concerned about airport security and potential embarrassment affecting business. I wound up purchasing an antique enema bag from Kristina and submitted for an enema series rather than a colonic.

My experience at the clinic was very relaxing and the enema series was very thorough. When finished, I felt much better and far more relaxed. My trip was memorable and the service unbeatable. Kristina shipped my purchase and it was home when I arrived. It's too bad that more clinics don't exist elsewhere in the country. Avail yourself to her services if the opportunity arises.

Thanks Kristina and DeeDee!

Best wishes, Mo

What You Are Doing Has the Potential to Really Help People

This place is tremendous... I am in the process of preparing myself for yet even more changes to diet, lifestyle, etc., from being exposed to the raw food idea, Optimal Health Network, Price, Fallon, Rubin... Heard about a place called Rawesome Foods in Venice, CA. Trying to find a place like Optimal Health Network that offers enemas has not been user-friendly in Orange County, CA, so I'll seriously consider purchasing all your materials and equipment on doing coffee enemas myself. May buy your book as well. Colonics everywhere but the therapists do not seem to warm to idea of doing coffee enemas. I'd like to find a place that would do them, but so far have not found one. If a drive to San Diego or Los Angeles is required, I'll just learn how to do them myself. I wish Optimal Health Network the best; I think what you are doing is great and has the potential to really help people.


Delighted with 4-Quart Clear Silicone Enema Bag

I can't tell you how delighted I am with the 4-quart clear silicone enema bag I purchased from your store, along with the single inflatable silicone nozzle and "ramp clamp"! I could hardly wait to take my first high enema using my new equipment! The sight of a bag full of a hot soapy water is a little intimidating at first, but by the time I got my second enema, I was able to take a full 4 quarts with no discomfort at all! I think the inflatable nozzle and ramp clamp help a lot. Insertion is comfortable and it's easy to change positions without fear that the nozzle will come out. The ramp clamp is great for slowing the flow so that my colon can fill completely with no cramps!


In Two or Three Days My Rash Disappeared Using Super Salve

I work in the cleaning business. About a year ago, I started struggling with a terrible rash that I couldn't get rid of it. I had numerous medical tests done. The doctors thought it was probably the chemicals I was using or an allergic reaction to latex gloves. I stopped using gloves, but the rash didn't go away so docs thought the chemicals were causing the rash. I used both a triamcinolone acetonide cream and predisone (terrible!) The side effects of predisone were to gain weight, plus the rash didn't go away. I kept using the cream, but, again, the rash didn't go away still after weeks of use. My husband, being a customer of yours, recommended that I try your Super Salve, which I did. I used Super Salve each night at bedtime. To my amazement, in two or three days my rash disappeared. I continued using the Super Salve for 5-7 days. Four months later, with my same lifestyle - same chemicals - I still have no rash. Now, I am recommending to mother, who has several different skin conditions going on, that she use the Super Salve. I am also giving sample to my sister to use with daughter who has eczema.


Thank You So Much for Your Informative Video on Large Volume Enemas

I downloaded your video on large volume enemas. It is great and has made me feel much less scared about doing it myself.

Thank you so much for your help, and for your informative video. I am trying to cure myself of chronic tiredness and feelings of "detachment" I have had for most of my life. I had IBS in my teens which later turned to chronic constipation. The latest episode lasted a whole 6 weeks when I didn't go at all. It was at that point I realized that this might be the reason why I feel terrible all the time. My husband normally goes 3 times a day and he says he feels ill if he misses just one day! Two weeks ago I started oxy-powder but I need 30 capsules a day just to go 3 times!


Your Site Has Been a Big Help to Me in Establishing a Healthier Way of Life

Want to start by saying that your site has been of a big help to me in establishing a healthier way of life. On my own I did drop 100 lbs. but still was a junk food junkie. But thanks to your site you have now made me see that eating healthy is the way to go. And I like it.

Also want to state that I ordered my product 11-27 and it arrived today 12-01. Again, Ma'm, thank you ever so much for sending it discreetly. That was very kind of you and I surely appreciate it. God be with you and have yourself a great rest of the week and this upcoming week ending.


Thank You So Much for All the Amazing Information and Products You Offer

Wow...it is such an honor to receive an e-mail from you personally! I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all the amazing information and products you offer. The Optimal Health Network website has changed my life.

I am an opera singer, as you saw from my website. In 2004 I begin to experience grave allergies which made it almost impossible to sing without the use of over-the-counter drugs and steroids. A friend referred me to a colon hydrotherapist. The therapist helped me cleanse my body through dietary changes, followed with regular sessions of colonics. Over a period of about 6 months, the allergies went away and my overall health greatly improved.

I wanted, however, to maintain this lifestyle of cleansing, supplementing, and detoxing in a knowledgeable fashion. I searched on Google to find out more about detoxing and cleansing, and found your website. EVERYTHING I needed to know was contained on your website!

I've purchased your videos, the flowmasters, and several other products which I now use regularly. Since 2004, I have been able to maintain the healthy lifestyle. I no longer use pharmaceutical drugs. I supplement, eat a "clean" diet, and cleanse my system regularly through enemas. I also must say that my voice is healthier, clearer, and stronger than before.

I cannot thank you enough for the invaluable information you've made available to common people such as myself! It has changed my life! I am living in Germany now and singing throughout Europe. I am happy that I am still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by ordering your products online.

Thanks again, Kristina! Really! Thank you so much! You're the best! I wish you well on your voice lessons! And I look forward to remaining in connected!

With sincere gratitude,