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Recent Testimonials

A Call to Action to Take Care of Myself

Hi Kristina,

Thought you should know that I healed, but the original cause of the small fissure was a very bad case of pruritus ani. I've stayed on the coconut oil -- great stuff, and am feeling better every day. Also, I like your book, and all of this has been a huge call to action to take care of myself.

October 2014

Your Wisdom and Products Are So Appreciated

Thank you for SUCH an informative and quality website. This is one area I just haven't gotten right in my life. Been around this mountain one too many times. I SO appreciate your wisdom and products available here! Are you familiar with Dr. Daniel Pompa? You all would get a long GREAT! Enema products are very hard to find. I am starting with the coffee enemas and would like to graduate to the colonics. Do you have a retreat center in Madison? Would like to check into a room and receive therapies for a week. I would go on my vacation time with my husband! Again, thank you!

October 2014

I Refer All of My Clients Here

Thanks for the practitioner discount. I refer all of my clients to this website only. Thank you, Kristina and crew. Your website is beautiful and continues to remain on my resource page.


October 2014

Like Family

I feel like you are family, you are the best! Thank you!

October 2014

Enemas and Salve Help Heal Anal Fissure

I am happy to report that my husband has been doing enemas daily and using the salve for his anal fissure and it's been a life saver. He still has the fissure but it is healing, albeit slowly, and he's able to much better manage his pain. So thank you. He had no luck with the suppositories. The size was way too big as he's still too sensitive.

October 2014

Thankful for Coffee Enemas

Quite honestly, Kristina, in this whole experience, I want you to know that I am very grateful that you have created the bags and special coffee, and taught me the enema series. With the Lyme disease, and all of my co-infections, if I hadn't had the resources and education of the oils in the specially made bag for them, along with the special coffee, it is possible that I might not have made it alive this long. There are many other factors weighing in to keep me "okay" until l I get intervaneous therapy, but I want to say thank you and tell you that you made a difference in sharing and creating a way for others to utilize tools that are crucial in our lives, due to the environment alone. Thank you for your help. You make a difference.

October 2014

Therapeutic Enema Series Helped Me to Heal

Enterovirus d68 has been rampant in my community and state with several deaths. I truly believe that I have been affected by it as I have had 6 symptoms . Right away, I took the therapeutic enema series which lowered my fever to almost normal and seems to have controlled the cough. Although I still have some symptoms (runny nose, rash on chest, weakness in one limb), I attribute my healing to the 11 essential oils I used in the series and implant. They include: Peppermint, Aroma Siez, Nutmeg, Purification, Di-Gize, Lemongrass, Geranium, Frankincense, Helichrysum and Anti-Inflammatory. I will continue treatment with the oils which I believe are best introduced into the colon.

October 2014

Great Customer Service

Thank you... I will order the enema kit you suggest... You have great customer service.

September 2014

Keep Up the Great Information!

Just wanted you to know that you made a big difference in my life. Have tried to apply many of the principles in your book: stopped eating carbs, no sugar or artificial sweeteners (only RAW honey), moved over to gluten-free, eating many more raw fruits and vegetables, using almond milk, etc. Lost 12 pounds and keeping it off.

Thought that the suppositories did not work for me. Just discovered that I was not getting them far enough inside. Am now using flex tip to push them in and it works.

Am sending a copy of your book to my closest friend of 48 years. She thinks she knows about nutrition but she does not. She has not heard of range-free beef. I intend to send her a silicone set as she is in for some problems down the line since she can no longer have coffee or caffeinated tea.

You are correct in your latest newsletter to point out some of the pollutants that we are exposed to daily. One of them is sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate in shampoos and conditioners. It is possible to avoid them with brands like Abba and Australian.

Keep up the great information!

September 2014

I Appreciate Your Newsletter and Health Tips

Thanks for recommending that we take an enema if we might be exposed to the flu. I did and will do so again whenever I am in the same environment. Appreciate your newsletters and health tips.

September 2014

Coffee Enemas Got Things Moving

Feel better. Coffee got things moving. Will count on the new [suppository] cubes. Thanks, Kristina.

September 2014

Di-Gize Essential Oil Relieves Gas

I will continue using your suppositories every night. I plan to alternate peppermint essential oil and geranium with Di-Gize and lemongrass. Went in to your website one night and typed in essential oil for gas. Di-Gize came up. Clicked on it and it suggested one drop in water. Tasted bad, but it worked! Thank you.

September 2014

So Satisfied with Your Products

I'm so satisfied with your products and essential oils. Have lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks. I did the initial series, then about every 3 or 4 days. I believe that the enema series is very hydrating. Have not felt better in months. I take the RutaVaLa every night and sleep well. Will add RC to it. Will add Ocotea too.

I have no more sugar cravings. I drink only one cup of coffee (large) instead of two, and I'm drinking much more tea. Working on cutting out carbs. No more artificial sweetener (I use honey). I use fruit spreads with no added sugar. Working on gluten-free but need to finish my cereals. THANK YOU.

September 2014

Muscle Spasm Relief Using Essential Oils

Occasionally I get a cramp in my left lower leg in the middle of the night. When I get out of bed and stand up the cramp goes away. I’m aware that cramps can be brought on by electrolyte deficiency so I make efforts to address it from that angle.

Last night as soon as my wife and I sat down to eat dinner I noticed the beginning of a cramp in the back of my right thigh. I tried the usual movements and standing to make it go away, but it kept growing. To my chagrin the pain and spasm kept increasing to the point of "I may be in trouble". It was puzzling as I have never gotten a cramp like that during that time of day and especially of that intensity. It was pretty debilitating.

My wife looked up muscle spasms in the Essential Oil Desk Reference and of the recommended oils that we have on hand, she pulled out basil, fennel, and rosemary. First I put Young Living's Ortho-Ease Massage Oil on the area to dilute the oils and to help with absorption and then three drops of each of the oils spread over the area. I then rubbed my hands together and breathed in the oils. I had hopes but no expectations. What followed greatly surpassed any ideas I had about what might happen. After I took about three breaths of the oils the cramp started to melt and within 10 seconds it was totally gone. This is not an exaggeration. I was amazed and almost shocked by the results and how quickly they occurred. I sort of said to myself, "Did that really happen? Wow!"

September 2014

Essential Oils Facilitate Emotional Release and Healing

I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with the Young Living essential oils. First of all, I always feel a subtle electric feeling all over when I smell them, put them on my skin, put 2-3 drops in a glass of water for drinking, or use them in a suppository. We also bought an ultrasonic diffuser, which puts the oils into the air for breathing, and it’s wonderful. Being new to this, my wife and I are in the early stages of the benefits that will unfold.

When we got our second order of oils we sat down that night and smelled the oils and played with them. Just due to intuitive feeling, without knowing much at all about how to use the oils, I put a drop of geranium on my upper lip right under my nose, a drop of clove on my throat under my chin, and a drop of wintergreen on the center of my forehead. Very quickly the wintergreen started to sting a little bit. A few of the oils need to be diluted just a bit with vegetable oil (not water) and those are indicated in the literature. Wintergreen is on that list. So I put a drop of olive oil on the wintergreen and spread it out over my forehead. The stinging quickly subsided and within 30 seconds I felt an amazing rush of energy and light all over my forehead accompanied by an awareness of a cocoon of energy enveloping my body. I felt very enlivened, energized, and expanded. This experience lasted for quite a while, 30-45 minutes or so. It was so beautiful!

A couple of days later I was feeling some very intense emotion that I was fully aware of but it seemed to be held back somewhat from fully emerging into a release stage. I felt moved to apply the same combination of the three oils in the same way and when I did so, within 30 seconds, whatever “membrane” was keeping my emotions from fully emerging to release stage suddenly disappeared. Deep tears swelled up and I was able to fully experience the emotions and it felt so good for this unfolding to emerge. This was deeply confirming regarding what I had read about the ability of the oils to facilitate emotional release and healing. And so I’ve ordered a couple of books about how to use the oils for emotional release and how to handle and facilitate the release once it has begun. The Raindrop technique is said to also be very powerful in this regard.

September 2014

Your Newsletters are Very Informative and Helpful

I want to thank you for all your newsletters. They are very informative and I like reading about what some others are doing. It's also helpful to know what equipment is available.

I take regular enemas here at home, and they are very helpful. Dee Dee has given me your 3-enema series on 3 different occasions. I would come to OHN more often, but I live in Pennsylvania, so that is difficult for me to do.

Thanks again for your newsletters.


July 2014

Your Products Help Me Immensely

I received the order yesterday and everything was intact. I thank you very much for your prompt attention. Your products are great in every way and help me immensely. I will be ordering another large order soon.

Thanks so much,

June 2014

Successful Enema Following Recommended Protocol

Just finished my first ever successful enema where I followed your recommended protocol. Used Purification oil with sea salt on the second enema and took 10 minutes to let 2 quarts in. Then was able to hold a quart of enema coffee for 12 minutes on the third enema. Will try for 15 minutes next time. Feels great! We will be ordering more Young Living Essential Oils very soon. Thanks so much for your work and support! Now I'll go put in that Melrose coconut suppository that I forgot to put in last night. Just made a big note that I taped to the kitchen stove so I won’t forget to insert it before going to bed.

Cheryl is getting closer to success with the protocol too. She is really juiced about all of this!


June 2014

It Amazes Me How Much Better, More Relaxed, Lighter, Happier I Feel after an Enema

I got my package today! And of course, I was terribly leery! Didn't know what to expect. But I was not going to be outdone. I first did a cleanse with a little castile soap with the nozzle and that was fine. Then I did a salt water with Purification with the tube. I did perfectly the first time. All the way in! It was easy. I had no cramping, no pain, nothing. Of course I did it very slowly. And it is amazing how much different it is.

I'm 60 years old and my body just doesn't work like it used to. It amazes me how much better, more relaxed, lighter, happier I feel after I do one. It's like a new lease on life!

Six months ago, I would have never thought that I would consider sticking something up my behind ON PURPOSE. Now I can't imagine not doing it.

Thank you so much for being so helpful.

June 2014

Improvements in Troublesome Areas


Since I’ve been working with you, I am noticing improvements in different areas that were really troublesome. Thank you so much for that.


May 2014

Enema Series Feels Great


I did my first enema series today and it feels great. Thank you for all the very useful information and tips.

Best wishes,

May 2014

Enema Use Rapidly Improves Skin Condition

Dear Kristina,

First I want to say thank you for your tireless advocacy of the benefits of enema. I had to push my wife at first, but the rapid change in her skin condition convinced her.

Respectfully yours,

May 2014

Flowmaster Enema Series Has Made Radical Difference in My Well-Being

Hello Kristina,

I ordered the Flowmaster 3 QT system and have been using it for one month, daily. The 3-step enema series has made a radical difference in my well-being already. Thank you!


May 2014

A Cloud of Toxins Is Leaving My Body after Second Enema Series


Thank you for the consult this afternoon. Took my second enema series today and feel so much happier. I can almost feel the toxins exiting my body and as the cloud of toxins leave it is like the fog lifting to reveal a much happier self that has been there all along but has just been shrouded by so much ill health.

I took a look at the Lyme protocols you mentioned. I would like to start on the one for mild Lyme and if necessary bump it up from there. I will go ahead and set up a Young Living account for myself with your distributor ID (1300516), so I can get started with the Lyme oils.

I can hardly wait to see the results of rotating the oils to see the benefits.

R. E.

May 2014

My PSA Dropped 2 Points in a Month Using Frankincense

I have started using Sacred Frankincense with 3 drops under the tongue after breakfast, and following some of the Gerson cancer therapy. My PSA dropped 2 points in a month. Finally. SOMETHING works!

May 2014

Wellness after Enema Series

Dear Kristina,

I did the enema series for the first time yesterday morning and I have to say that the rest of the day I felt "WELLER" (is that a word?) than I have in a very long time! Thank you, Kristina! I don’t sleep well at night with RLS (restless leg syndrome), although last night I slept VERY WELL!

Thank you,
D. B.

May 2014

Feeling Truly Invigorated and Like a New Person
after Coffee Enema


I e-mailed you a couple weeks back, telling you that I set a week in May aside for my health. I would be doing a full enema series every day. I began it today, and I just wanted to "check in" after my first enema series.

It was fantastic. I was a little concerned about taking three large enemas in a row. I was only able to take about 1.5 quarts of the soap solution, but managed right at 3 quarts of the Celtic Sea Salt. I believe the success of the coffee was predicated on a thorough cleansing prior.

I was left feeling truly invigorated and like a "new person" after the coffee. I absolutely will be doing all three for each day this week, and will "stick to" the enema series afterward. It REALLY does work!

Thanks, Kristina, for all that you and your site do!


May 2014

Successful Colonoscopy Prep Using Large Volume Enemas

Good morning Kristina,

I've been using Metformin, a drug for blood sugar control. It has digestive side effects -- bad stomach and constipation.

The colonoscopy prep was fasting and Miralax with Gatorade, and magnesium citrate. They did their job, but when I checked in at the clinic, "I flunked the prep." They sent me home with a larger and stronger laxativen (Golytely) and two bottles of magnesium citrate and another fasting day and restless night.

The desired "clean and clear" effect was obtained early, but contamination and residue returned the next morning. When modern corporate medicine didn't do the job well enough, I called on an old, always reliable friend -- the large soapy enema -- to finish the job. The at-home large volume enemas effectively cleared out the remaining contaminants and a successful colonoscopy exam could be done. The clinic nurse questioned how I was able to use a Fleet enema to get the entire colon clean. She was unaware of the large volume enemas, and the benefits of deep cleansing. Optimal Health Network has supplied all my high-quality, effective enema equipment. Thanks for being a great supplier and for the information to make enemas effective, comfortable, and healthy.


April 2014

Anal Fissure Healing Method Works Perfectly

I just wanted to let you know that I used your anal fissure healing method to deal with my anal fissure and hemorrhoids. It worked perfectly and much faster than I expected. I am pain-free for the first time in years! Wow, I can't believe something so simple like an enema along with some essential oils could be so powerful. I am overjoyed. I also just wanted to thank God for my healing and using you and your wisdom as an instrument of healing. Thank you so much for what you do!

Also, I am presently still doing daily enemas just to make sure of my healing. Part of my problem I have discovered is that it is not just the physical stress of hard stools that causes the fissure to "flare up" but also the chemical action of having a perpetually "poopy" butt. I have an underlying issue of a narrow "high-tension" sphincter muscle which makes it very hard to make a totally clean elimination and so I end up secreting more poop throughout the day and it aggravates the fissure chemically and causes itching and bleeding.

I have found that a daily enema is the only way I can have at this point a totally clean elimination and thus be free from anal fissure pain. I am fine with just doing an enema every day after dinner. I find that a high-volume enema every day gives me more energy and helps me sleep better. Thanks again of your help! God bless you and all you do!


March 2014

Super Service!

This order arrived today. Thanks for the super service!

March 2014

Pleased That My Order Was Attended To So Quickly

Wow, what phenomenal service! I'm pleased that my order was attended to so quickly. Very much appreciated. I believe I've been using poor (possibly toxic) equipment for the last 14 years. I don't have natural bowel movements, so rely on daily enemas. I'm so glad to have discovered your website.

At some point soon, I would like a consultation, and also to discuss the possibility of scheduling tests for mineral, adrenal analysis, and anything else you might suggest. I have a twin sister who will likely want the same.


March 2014

Best Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced

Thank you so very much for helping me resolve my issues! Also, much appreciated is the forthcoming gift! I must say this is the best customer service I have ever experienced... Kudos to the OHN Team! :)


March 2014

You Have Taught Me Much

I'm sitting here full and just got your email. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Your website/you have taught me much and I'm doing my best to practice what you preach. I believe in your advice. Thanks for teaching me how to flush and fill and feel so much better. My wife is paranoid and pops pills that do nothing but add chemicals to her body when warm water would solve most all her ills! LOL Oh well. Así es la vida, verdad?


March 2014

Vast Improvement in My Health, Well Being, and Spirit

Thank you in advance for your help with this. I also wanted to let you know how blessed I was to find the Optimal Health website. I am seeing a vast improvement in my health, well being, and spirit, with the informative, helpful guidance you provide. After trying many different approaches, your valuable work has truly made a difference. I am slowly incorporating products recommended in your store.

March 2014

Very Pleased with The Quality of The Products

We received our first order with your company. We're very pleased with the quality of the products, as well as how promptly they arrived.

March 2014

Thank You So Much for Your Kind Help

I was diagnosed with lazy colon. Went to a hospital in northern LA. They told me I would have to live with chronic constipation. Pressure so intense. I wasn't able to go. I was given all sorts of medicine, which didn't really work. I've tried many, many things. Some would work for a while and then I would get sluggish again. Through a friend of mine, I heard about you.

I've been going strong ever since. I have been ordering from you for 10 years.

Thank you so much for you, and for your kind help over the phone.

March 2014

Great Information on Website

Thank you, Kristina! I really appreciate all the great info you've shared on your site. It's been a blessing.

February 2014

ImmuPower Suppositories Bring Constipation Relief

Kristina, I had a consultation with you recently. You did a lovely job listening to all my struggles and responding with genuine caring and compassion. The best thing is that you heard that I really didn't want to take enemas, because I hate them. Instead, you set me up with a daily suppository with coconut oil and ImmuPower. I have been constipated off and on for years. After just 7 consecutive days of suppositories, I am relieved of my constipation. Now, I just use the suppository once or twice a week to support my colon to do its job on a daily basis. This has now worked for me for a few months. I have never had this much relief for this long -- and with such a healthy and simple tool. Thank you so much, Kristina. I can't recommend these ImmuPower suppositories enough. They are easy to use and don't take any time at all.

Rupert, NY

February 2014

Thank You for Making Your Schedule So Available to See


It's around 5 am here, and it was so nice to check your schedule and make an appointment at any time. This illness is extremely painful, and I can't plan when I will need help. Thank you so much for being there last Sunday to contact, being so prompt when I needed you, and making your schedule so available for me to see, and make an appointment. It put me at ease, while I struggled with questions, as to what to expect. Knowing I could speak with you today, by simply opening up your schedule and making an appointment without having to even call, was really nice.

Thank you,

February 2014

Using Enemas and Essential Oils, I Feel Better Than I Have in 3 Years

Dear Kristina,

After 3 years of misdiagnoses, severe infections, and many programs, along with constant pain in my stomach and colon, I ran across Optimal Health. Having Lyme disease, and co-infections in our medical industry with little answers, hopelessness settled in. Taking things orally was not an option anymore, due to my digestive system that simply has been beaten down so badly by untreated infections. Even eating has been a significant problem.

I started to do the enema series with Purification, Immupower, and coffee enemas as the last in series. In the past week, I have felt better than I have in 3 years! I can finally heal, without taking tons of supplements, and trying to get it all down orally. There is now a simple process that actually gives me more internal progress than I could have gotten close to by mouth. I am so grateful that Optimal Health has come up with a solution to clearing the colon at home, with powerful therapeutic oils, and not even having to put them in your mouth!

I will be monitoring my progress, and will be delighted to share with others that I'm free of pain, in hopes that no one going down this road will have to suffer what I have. To eliminate disease, toxins, and infection in the comfort of your home, with expertise, compassion, and experience, through a simple process of powerful cleansing oils... This will truly be a miracle for all of us, due to lack of education, and exposure in our environment today. Thank you, Optimal Health. Thank you, Kristina, for the extensive research and wonderful layout you have created, to bring us all back to health once again.


February 2014

Liver Enlargement and Toxic Overload Healed with Coffee Enemas

I work with different people on occasion to help them use coffee enemas. I have a strong testimony of their efficacy. I contracted hepatitis when in my late twenties. It left me with a liver enlarged by three which only got worse as the years went on and my toxic overload increased. My chiropractor counseled me with regard to coffee enemas when I was in my forties. My liver became normal within 6 months after 4 treatments. My energy and youthful good looks were dramatically enhanced. I have never stopped giving myself treatments every so often and counseling others along with other health aids, supplements, raw food, etc. I appreciate being able to get quality equipment. Thank you again for your advice.

G. in Canada

February 2014

You Listened To Me Instead of Putting Me in a Box of Guidelines

Kristina, I want to tell you that I truly felt I was being heard by you on our appointment, and that I really appreciate you being so flexible with me when I couldn't get the intake form out to you. You listened to me instead of putting me in a box of guidelines, and that is the best way to get someone better -- listen to them instead of fitting them into a box of standard protocols. It does take patience, and you have the gift of compassion. I felt that. Thank you for that. You will truly stand out in your business, listening to your clients that way. It has been difficult with other healers not listening to my individual situation, so great job! I felt VERY positive and hopeful! The best part of working with you is that you didn't mention once to me that I needed to take anything by mouth, or buy things, just explaining to me and then allowing me to choose.

Talk soon,

February 2014

Enema Series Helps Dissipate Cellulite in a Very Short Time

I am doing your 3-enema series every day. I have been doing just the coffee part for 3 years and what a difference the first 2 steps make. I don’t always have the time to do all 3 every morning and would like to know how I can do a partial and still get the great results. I have always had an issue with cellulite even though I am slim and eat healthy. When I did the 3 steps enema for a couple days I could actually feel the cellulite soften and is almost gone -- in a very short time. I guess I have been holding a lot of toxins disguised as what I thought was simply fat storage. And my energy is amazing and my mind is clear.

Thanks for your knowledge. You are greatly appreciated!

January 2014

Immediate Anal Fissure Relief with Super Salve

I just received the Super Salve in the mail today. I definitely felt some sensation working on the fissure. And the next time I went to the bathroom, it barely hurt at all! It's amazing how immediate that was. I think the MSM helped, but I think the broth helps everything move a lot more smoothly. I definitely knew I needed something topical though, and I'm glad I bought the salve!

It was funny because I asked my mom about enemas, and she said her mom would give them to her when she was younger if she couldn't go to the bathroom.


October 2013

Thank You for All Your Help and Wonderful Understanding

Dear Kristina,

Thank you again for all your help. The REAL Tonic has really made me feel good in just a few weeks. I am also now starting to use a batch of the constipation suppositories I made up with 10 drops each.

The Frankincense and Myrrh Soap is soothing and I know, good for prostate health. I also tried a second enema in the series with the Purification Essential Oil, which I also thought was excellent.

The new colon tube is also a fine advance.

Thank you, Kristina, for all your help and wonderful understanding. I am really doing well.

P. P.

October 2013

The Enema Support Videos and Info Are Very Reassuring

Dear Kristina,

I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived last Thursday, and everything was in perfect condition. I have just done my enemas, and wanted to say thank you for offering such a high-quality product; the support videos and info are also very reassuring.

Looking forward to ordering the coffee enema kit in a few weeks' time.


September 2013

Your Website Is Truly a Blessing to People Like Me Who Are on a Healing Journey

Hello Kristina,

I spent all day Wednesday watching your videos and scouring your websites so when I received your first email I was like, "Wow! THE Kristina Amelong is emailing me." :) Thank you so much for corresponding promptly and being flexible regarding my order. I'm sure you're very busy so I do apologize for the hassles of my order.

That said, I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason, so I decided that the temporary inability to complete my order was a nudge to review my order one last time before placing it. I went back to the drawing board, so to speak, took a look at a few additional things on your website that I hadn't gotten to the other day and made a few changes to my order. I'm super happy with the changes I made and I look forward to receiving my package.

Lastly, thank you for following through so thoroughly on what appears to be your life's purpose! Your website (information, videos, products) is truly a blessing to people like me who are on a healing journey. Furthermore, the fact that you ship to so many places around the world is AMAZING! I've lived in South Korea for over 5 years and I can't tell you how challenging it has been at times to take care of my health. The worst is when I've finally found what I need on the web and then I discover that the company doesn't ship to Korea!

A BIG thank you to you and your team at Optimal Health Network. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself as you help others take care of themselves :)


September 2013

Colon Tubes Provide Exquisite Enemas

Dear Kristina,

Just to say I got those colon tubes eventually after they dallied in customs clearance for days. The tubes are wonderful to use, providing exquisite enemas.

Many thanks for these wonderful tubes and best wishes for future business.

Kind Regards,

September 2013

Semi-Pro Football Player Sees Health Benefits from Enema Series Detox before Each Game

Dear Kristina,

We won the semi-final game 19-18 Saturday night. On August 3rd, we play in the MLF championship for the title and ring.

I'm the oldest player in the nation to not only play semi-pro football, but also start, and now in the championship game! At 56, that's a miracle.

I always do the 3-step enema series in the morning of the game (around 8 am) and then play that Saturday night at 6 pm. I drink fluids all day after the detox and have one good, solid, healthy meal pregame at 2 pm and then another meal at 10 pm after the game. I feel incredibly strong when I do this, and I use the essential oils in coconut oil suppositories as well.

The health benefits are well worth it. My teammates (in their 20s) think I'm crazy. I attribute everything to me juicing (a lot), your enema series with the chlorophyll from Standard Process (detoxing), exercise, proper diet with emphasis on micronutrients, getting proper rest, and reducing stress.


July 2013


GREAT NEWS! This week I was inducted into the National Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame and selected to play in the National Semi-Pro Football Game on January 11th, 2014 in Palm Springs, CA.

Never dreamed it would ever happen in a million years! Just goes to show what you can do when you take care of your health! The problem with Western medicine is the doctors don't want you to ever die, but they also don't want you to ever get well. They just like to "maintain" the person and Rx a pill, not treat to cure/heal the problem.

September 2013

Enemas and Essential Oils Heal BPH in Five Days

I've been a customer for 10 years. You guys are great. I've always been delighted in the service and products you supply. Gosh, sometimes I can't believe how when I run into a health problem, I just need to turn to you and your wisdom. This time around, I had 2 knee replacement surgeries. The drugs they put me on made me terribly constipated. I tried to do enemas but it was hard to get around and I didn't have the soap or the oils, which I had been using some months prior. I would get relief from the constipation but after a few weeks, I noticed I was getting up five times a night to pee. I was having such a hard time and then I realized that the BPH was coming back. Finally, it dawned on me, I needed to take the enemas with the Frankincense and Myrrh Soap and use your BPH suppositories. I ordered the products, which came in just a few days, and started the daily enema and nightly suppository. It's a shame to see what the doctors put people through with surgeries and medications because when a simple thing like the enemas and oils work great you don't need to go through all of that. After five days, I was back to normal, only needing to pee once a night. I don't know who figured out about the soap and the oils for the prostate, but it works.

Thank you very much and absolutely keep up the excellent work. You all have made my life so much better!


September 2013

Successful Enema Experience

I just thought I would let you know that I had a much more successful enema experience today. On Monday I tried an enema with filtered water and Purification Essential Oil followed by a wheatgrass implant. I don't think I allowed myself enough time to expel all the water because I could barely hold the implant 2 minutes and then had the worst cramping I've ever had. I thought I was going to faint. My palms and then the soles of my feet started itching terribly, too. I'm sure this had something to do with my liver. I felt better within an hour and a half.

I was a little scared to try again today, but I could feel something inside needing to come out, and I didn't want to strain, nor did I want it to get hard. I was not in pain yesterday and wanted to keep it that way. I have stayed on vegetable juice, bone broth, lots of water, and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil. I am experimenting with the magnesium, but am still developing hard stools most of the time. Anyway, I did the filtered water enema with Purification Essential Oil and Celtic Sea Salt, waited until I had released what I thought was everything and followed it up with the wheatgrass implant. I was able to hold it 20 minutes without a single cramp. I have no idea why it was so easy: even at OHC the longest I could hold it was 7 minutes. It still hurt to insert the enema tube, but the stool that came out after the enema did not retear the fissure. I did examine the stool with gloves, as gross as that may be, and it was pretty hard. I'm sure another day inside would have been bad.

Although I still feel a little bit of discomfort and pain, the level is way down. I hope it continues to improve. Thank you for your help.


September 2013

I Appreciate Your Work in Dispelling the Myths and Taboos Concerning Colon Health

I appreciate your work in dispelling the myths and taboos concerning colon health. As a nurse I find that people have a big hang up concerning colon health. In my practice I have dealt with a lot of people who have had serious issues with their digestion and elimination and have dealt with these issues personally. God bless you for what you do, and may you keep on doing it! People are hungry for healing and wellness, and sometimes modern medicine is cold to real healing in subtle ways.


September 2013

Impressed by Product Pricing and Selection

I have ordered nozzles from you before. I am impressed by the pricing on silicone colon nozzles, wider range, and massively improved website!


September 2013

Thank You for Saving a Cancer Patient So Much Pain and Grief

I don't usually take the time to send words of praise to a company due to my busy schedule but Optimal Health Network is the exception I couldn't ignore. You and your staff deserve to be praised for what you provide to people in need of health alternatives. I called last week and talked to you and one other person. Both times you took the time to answer my questions and suggest products best suited to my needs.

The suggestion of Super Salve saved a cancer patient so much pain and grief. She had developed hemorrhoids and couldn't do the twice daily coffee enemas that have saved her from so much pain, depression, and nausea. Thanks to your suggestions and the Super Salve, she is able to keep ahead of the toxic cancer die-off and chemo effects. Thank you so much.

Keep up the great work,

August 2013

I Am in Perfect Health, and I Really Believe That My Enema Routine Has a Lot to Do with That

I just turned 70 and I have been a regular user of enemas on an almost daily basis. I say almost because I travel overseas extensively and am not always able to take enemas when I travel, but when at home I try to have a series of large-volume enemas daily. I am in perfect health, physically active, and I am told I look far younger. I really believe that my enema routine has a lot to do with that; I never had the flu and extremely rarely catch a cold, and if I do it is usually gone after 2 or 3 days. I know physicians tend to discourage the use of enemas on the pretense that they can be harmful, which is absolutely ridiculous. When I grew up in the late 1940s and 1950s, enemas were commonly prescribed and used in most homes, as they were in ours; my mother would not only administer weekly enemas to me and my sister, but would also use enemas for any and all minor ailments, and they worked well. Thank you for your good work and advice.


August 2013

No Digestive Troubles After Using Your Enema Series Each Day

I am 77 years old. I think I was born constipated. My mother starting giving me enemas when I was very young. When I was 17, I started taking regular enemas myself. For the past 15-20 years, I have been taking a daily enema. I have been using your enema equipment for the past ten years and it is the best enema equipment I have come across. Now I use your enema series each day with the made-for-enema Frankincense and Myrrh Soap, the Purification essential oil, the sea salt, and the enema coffee, and have never felt better. I have no digestive troubles. I am telling you, enemas do not cause all the problems that you hear about. You and your company are fantastic. Please keep up with your innovative ideas.

Alex H.

August 2013

Now That I Do Daily Enemas, I Can't Tell You How Much More Energy I Have

About two years ago, I developed an anal fissure. I had done enemas with regular drinking water before but I didn't see the relief. I was desperate and severely impacted with stool in my colon. Those water enemas just didn't do any good. Now that I use the essential oils and salt, I have seen so much relief. This is amazing. Also, I used to do coffee enemas, but I find that the Juva Cleanse from Young Living works so much better for me. I also use Raven and your anal fissure blend in suppositories. With the oils in the colon, I have lost the weight that I hadn't been able to lose. I am 57 years old and now that I do daily enemas, I can't tell you how much more energy I have. I no longer suffer from impaction and my stomach has gone down permanently. The more enemas I do, the better and lighter I feel. I think I have been constipated my entire life. And, the anal irritations are GONE! I found your website by the grace of God and I am just so happy.

August 2013

Prostate Issues Completely Resolved

For months, I could feel that I had a swollen prostate. I would wake up 3-4 times each night. Actually, the night would often be bad. I had taken saw palmetto that the doctor and the health food stores recommended, but it never helped me much. Then I found your website. I first tried the Frankincense and Myrrh Enema Soap with my enema. This definitely helped some. Then you started to offer the BPH Essential Oil Blend. Within 3 weeks, using the nightly BPH suppositories, my prostate health issues were completely resolved. For the first two weeks, I took a nightly suppository. Then, one every other day for a bit. One tray of BPH essential oils took care of it! I was completely healed. Then, I stopped for 8 months and now the frequent urination is coming back. I am going on a maintanence plan of a couple times a week, maybe for life. I love the smell. I love your products. What you say these products do, they really do.


July 2013

Coffee Enemas and Essential Oils Healed My Psoriasis in a Week!

First and foremost, my psoriatic foot is nearly clear. It is truly a miracle! I wish that I would have taken pictures of it! But the people I work with marvel how quickly it is healing (and I won't be going backwards to take a picture).

I have been using my husband's coffee and a regular enema bag for the coffee enemas. I only started the coffee enemas one week ago. I began with one in the morning and one at night for the first 4 days and listening to my body have cut to one each morning until I am clear. And then, probably one a week to maintain. That’s my intuitive thought anyway.

I have been experimenting with the essential oils and believe the best blend to use in the enema is a mixture of clove, grapefruit, rosemary, and geranium. I put one to two drops of each in the coffee for the entire 15-minute retention time.

I am passing things that are about 2 to 3 inches long, slender, look like worms or like the seaweed they put in hot and sour soup. Also hundreds of sesame- to pea-size gall stones. Can this really be achieved just with enemas?

And, my energy is amazing! And, I am losing inches, which wasn’t my intent at all.

I want to thank you for so openly sharing your expertise and making the how-to videos. You have made this process so much easier by doing this. I find having home enemas so much more relaxing than colon hydrotherapy. And also, gentler, more efficient and regular for my body and spirit. I am forever grateful to you.

I will also say that I eat really clean (organic to the point of obsession); have been for some time (10 years?). And I do eat meat (locally farmed and grass fed). But very few processed foods. Nothing white (pasta, bread, sugars). But still could not lose weight or inches.

Thank you, Kristina. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


July 2013

Excellent Therapy for Frequent Urination

I was having to get up two to three times a night to urinate. I saw this BPH blend in your newsletter, so I thought I'd try it. After 4 nights of using the suppositories, the frequent urination had stopped. Three months later, I still do not wake up at all during the night. I still take 2 suppositories each week. Thank you, Kristina, for this excellent and easy-to-use therapy.


July 2013

I Love Your Passion for Preventative Health Care

I do love your website and your passion for health and preventative health care. I attended chiropractic college back in the 80's and a nutrition instructor introduced me and my classmates to coffee enemas. I believe very strongly in their ability to detoxify and cleanse our most important organ of detoxification, the liver. I do at least one coffee enema a week.

Best always and keep up the good work,

June 2013

Your Website and Educational Videos Are Amazingly Informative

Hi Kristina,

I had a 9-session series of colon hydrotherapy about a year ago but will be starting to do my own at-home enemas for the first time. Your website and educational videos are amazingly informative and much needed in the world (so thanks for that). I myself will like to get certified as a colon hydrotherapist in the near future. :)


May 2013

We Both Feel Healthier, and Will Never Eat The Same!

My boyfriend and I both went on the Ten Days to Optimal Health cleansing. We learned so much about nutritional therapy and the benefits of colon cleansing. We watched your videos online and learned to do enemas at home. Priceless! Ms. Amelong was so helpful the whole time, always a phone call away. We both feel healthier, and will never eat the same! Thank you for writing this book, and helping those of us that are searching! We especially love your Super Salve!

Thanks for everything,
Diana & Jack :)

May 2013

Thank You for All the Anal Fissure Information

Hello Kristina,

I've been suffering from anal fissures for years now. Almost every day, after a bowel movement, I would have up to three hours of excruciating pain. This has been an absolutely unbearable situation for many, many years. It was about a month ago when I found your website. I read about the Super Salve and was hopeful. I've been on the Super Salve for three weeks now and I no longer have my pain. My anal fissures aren't fully healed in this short amount of time, but again, I have NO PAIN and they are obviously healing. I have now started with the anal fissure healing suppositories and in just a few days have seen even more improvement. Thank you for all the anal fissure information that you have on your website. Anal fissures are a terrible affliction and I can't recommend your resources enough. If you have anal fissures, try Kristina Amelong's suggestions.


May 2013

Keep Up the Innovative Work with the Coffee Enema

Dear Kristina,

I want to thank you so very much for recommending the chlorophyll during the coffee enema process. I've been taking coffee enemas for quite a while now and I've always felt sick after taking them. I know a lot about health and alternative medicine because I owned a health food store. It wasn't until I started using your chlorophyll complex that I've seen the phenomenal results that I would expect from taking regular coffee enemas. I even looked into the Gerson Institute literature. I just haven't heard this suggestion from anyone that for some of us a binder is so important to carry out toxins while you're taking a coffee enema. Keep up the innovative work with the coffee enema. Thank you.


May 2013

I Learned About the Importance of the Binders When Taking a Coffee Enema

Dear Kristina,

Coffee enemas! I had done five or six and I thought this is terrible, I'm not going to keep doing these, but something inside told me that I should keep trying - so many people have had such fantastic results with coffee enemas. So, I kept researching and came upon your website, and I learned about the importance of the binders when taking a coffee enema. Now, after taking another five or six coffee enemas, using a liquid chlorophyll, I feel great. I have no side effects any longer. Thanks for your support. I am again feeling like I can really kick this cancer!

Susan S.

May 2013

Your Diet Seems to be Closer to the Healing Path


Your book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, is a really good book. I can see you have helped a lot of people. I agree that you really need to have some kind of therapeutic animal products in your diet in order to heal, especially from chronic health conditions like IBS, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, and the like. I've heard many problems with the vegan diet. Your diet seems to be closer to the healing path to me as I have had such a tremendous decrease in my pain over the past few weeks. The no-fat and low-fat diets, they're just not right. All raw even, just not right. I think they are on the wrong road. Your diet is not extreme. Your program is excellent. I wanted to do colon cleansing for many years and it wasn't until I came upon your book and your guidance and your videos that I felt safe and confident. Now, after working through your program for a few months, I feel excellent and you've always been available to help me. You are really compassionate. You are a true gem and really make your case. Keep up the good work.


May 2013

I Learned How Beneficial Enemas Could Be

Dear Kristina,

I have been a fan for many years. I have referred many people to your two websites. I am one of those people who found out how much enema therapy could help chronic constipation. I was born with a redundant colon, and suffered horrendously debilitating constipation my entire life. I met a colon therapist about 20 years ago, and right about that time my condition had deteriorated to where I was too ill to work. She turned me around with a colonic, and I learned how beneficial enemas could be.

Thank you!
B. B.

April 2013

Energetic Cleansing from Enemas

Greetings from London. I have discovered enemas (and coffee enemas) about 1 month ago. I have no illnesses. I do it because there is nothing that cleanses me energetically more than an enema. I feel absolutely refreshed and with clean energy. Thank you!

Blessings to you,

April 2013

Thank You for All the Guidance

Kristina, you are so amazing. You have saved my life. Thank you for all the guidance you have personally given to me and all the information you so freely give on your website. I was so deathly ill before I found optimal health. I can't thank you enough. I love you!


April 2013

After Taking Weekly Enemas for the Past Few Years, I See How Helpful They Are to My Health

Thank you so very much. If I hadn't found your website and started taking enemas, I'd be so sick. It takes a very caring heart to put out the message of such an uncomfortable subject as enemas. I used to be afraid of enemas and now, after taking weekly enemas for the past few years, I see how helpful they are to my health! At first, I used S.A Wilson's coffee but now I use your made-for-enema coffee only and it is does seem to work better with my body. I have never have cramping during and I don't tend to feel lousy after using both your coffee and your coffee enema protocol. I find the enema series to be so helpful. I tell everyone that will listen. We all know that the liver is the dumping ground of the body so supporting it by using regular coffee enemas makes so much sense. Again, I'm so grateful for your heart and that you have grown the business that you have. I want you to know that people out here really appreciate you.


April 2013

Gratitude and Admiration

Dear Kristina,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for so many people. Your insight, strength, and compassion have helped so many to lead better, stronger, and more wholesome lives.

Please accept, along with so many others, my gratitude and admiration.


April 2013

Helpful Instructions on How to Take Enemas

I e-mailed you a while back to thank you for the information I have gleaned from your website on nutrition and cleansing. I am now onto a routine that is working very well for me. When I had my last visit to my primary care physician, my blood work couldn't have been better. In fact, Dr. Kelly looked at my lipid panel and exclaimed, "My, I'm impressed." Needless to say, I was thankful for that.

What has been most helpful to me were the instructions you have given on how to take enemas. Last year, I was taking two enemas per month, more than I ever have, but still I feel beneficial. I would take a small-volume enema first and follow that with a large-volume one. I now have no cramping and take my time when taking them. I would often have gas following the enema. Now, I hardly ever experience that upleasant side effect.

However, it was only recently that I viewed your videos, How to Take a Large Volume Enema and How to Take a Coffee Enema. In both videos, you had a model that allowed herself to be videotaped while receiving the enema. While I am thankful you demonstrated the procedure so well, I must say these women were brave in allowing themselves to be videotaped in this manner. I'm not sure that I would have wanted to do that myself. However, I'm sure you've had many positive feedbacks from grateful clients who've learned and benefitted from these video demonstrations.

Many thanks for what you do in the interest of good health and wellness.

Mike B.

April 2013

Thank You for Your Quick Response

First, I want to thank you for your quick response to my email complaint, and second for providing such excellent follow-up service.

My original order had a broken package of the 1 pound Celtic sea salt which was scattered throughout the inside of the box, so I greatly appreciate your replacing that.

I also mentioned that I was missing my 16 ounce bottle of Castile soap, which you also replaced.

On the soap, I need to apologize because later in the week I looked inside the box again that still contained my book and the packaging bubble wrap and found the missing bottle of soap. I am so sorry I mentioned this in error and couldn't find it originally.

Thank you for everything. I love your products, and the bag is of good quality. Can't wait to read the book to learn more and use my items from you.


Thank You So Much for Your Enema Equipment and All Your Information About How to Take an Enema!

I am a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. I get really constipated and then I can have terrible accidents. I have these emergencies where there's no warning and I get lots of liquid stool in my underwear. It's terrible. I was at the pharmacy looking at the Depends and I thought there has to be another solution so I got a little Fleet enema. The Fleet enemas help but I would still have accidents. Then I found your company five years ago and I now take a 3-quart enema three times every morning. I feel great and your enema equipment is so different than the drugstore type. The elimination is so plentiful and tremendous every day. It's so much more complete. I don't feel great until I've taken 3 consecutive enemas. I tried doctors, naturopaths, herbalists; I had a colonoscopy (and I was fine). Well, I can tell you that what really helps is regular enemas. I don't get the sinus infections, the eczema, the colds; my immune system is in excellent help. I'm a massage therapist which puts me in close touch with lots of people every day and all their germs I don't care if they sneeze on me. I feel great! Thank you so much for your enema equipment and all your information about how to take an enema!


I've Not Had the Flu Since 2002 and I Really Believe It's Because I Take an Enema Almost Every Other Day

First of all, I had an appendectomy back when I was 25. This led to adhesions in the colon, which was followed by a quarter of my colon being removed. After that, I couldn't move my bowels at all so I called my doctor and he said to take an enema, a hot soapy enema. I was surprised but it worked well. Over the years, I learned about Dr. Norman Walker and his work with the colon. I now feel that if I would've known of his work before I had my appendectomy I wouldn't have lost my colon when I was 25 years old. Now I'm 61 years old, and it wasn't until I found your enema equipment that I've really been able to completely feel like normal. Actually, I feel better than I can remember in many years. I've learned how to retrain my bowels with your enema equipment. If I don't take enemas, I can really tell. I don't get sick anymore. I've not had the flu since 2002 and I really believe it's because I take an enema almost every other day. Whenever I need to stop because I'm going somewhere or something comes up, my bowels work fine without the enemas but I feel so much better with them. Thank you so much for your enema equipment and all the information you offer. You are fabulous!


Coffee Enemas Gave Me My Life Back!

I had a severe anal fissure from a terrible bout of constipation during a pregnancy two years ago. The injury resulted in surgery. Though the surgery enabled me to have a fairly normal life again, bowel movements still dictated my daily routine. For nearly two years following the surgery, I still had pain during a bowel movement and for 2 or 3 hours following. The scar was painful and even moderate activity (like jumping jacks, or going down a slide with my children) was debilitating. I was in constant fear of having to use the restroom in public because I would have pain and it took me significantly longer to clear my bowels after the surgery.

UNTIL I discovered Gershon's coffee enemas. I changed my diet to 90% raw food diet and started doing daily coffee enemas. Not only did the pain cease, but I have my life back! I can do extensive activities with my family that I was unable to do before. The scar has healed 100%, and I have also discovered other benefits from the enemas. My hair is thicker and stopped falling out, my skin cleared up, and I feel am enjoying the best health I've had in over 20 years. When my friends ask me what my beauty secret is, they don't believe me when I say "coffee enemas". The coffee helps stimulate the liver to detox my system daily. Now I look forward to a relaxing enema every morning to start my day.

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