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Health Practitioner Discounts at Optimal Health Network


Optimal Health Network is now offering a 10% discount to qualified health practitioners who wish to purchase our products and services for yourself and/or your clients.

Please provide us with sufficient information to verify that you are a legitimate health practitioner on your application. Upon approval of your completed application, your account will be set to a pricing level that is discounted 10% off the regular or sale price of most products and services.

If you wish to make purchases for your clients, you can either have your orders shipped to you or have any order drop shipped directly to your client. Just be sure to fill in the appropriate shipping address at the time you place an order.

If you wish to use Young Living Essential Oils with colon cleansing, colon implants, and/or suppositories for you or your clients, the best way to go about this is to sign up for a 24% off wholesale account with Young Living. Our sponsor and enroller ID is 1563839. The name on the account is Kayla Driscoll, our office manager. Kristina Amelong will help you grow a successful Young Living business using the ideas on the Optimal Health Network website.

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