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Getting Started: How-To Instructions

How do I take an enema (colonic irrigation)?

How often should I take enemas?

What is the proper way to clean my enema equipment?

How do I schedule an individualized health program with OHN?

How do I take a coffee enema?

Are there alternatives to coffee enemas?

How do I store my enema coffee?

How do I use enema soap?

What is an essential oil rectal suppository?

How do I make therapeutic grade essential oil rectal suppositories?

How do I take a colon implant?

What enema kit should I purchase?

How do I detox?

(Detox Diet, Body Detox, Liver Detox, Detox Foods, Detox Drinks, Detox Recipes)

Is there a Candida diet and detox program to help permanently overcome candida symptoms?

How do I heal an anal fissure/fistula?

How do I heal from hemorrhoids?

How do I treat and heal chronic Lyme disease?

How do I treat constipation during pregnancy?

How do I cleanse, lose weight, and detoxify my body with essential oils?

How do I heal from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)?

How do I heal from gluten intolerance, and other food and environmental intolerances?

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How do I prepare for a colonoscopy using enemas?

Are colonic irrigations and coffee enemas safe and effective?

How do I choose the best probiotic?

colon cleanse kit

digestive tract

complete colon cleanse

microbial overload

prostate anatomy

Ortho Biotic