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3-Quart Silicone Easy Enema Kit with Delrin Nozzle
3 Quart Silicone Easy Enema Kit with Delrin Nozzle

New Price: $100.75


lifetime warranty silicone enema bags

This enema kit includes the following products:

  • One vinyl-coated S-hook
  • One 3-quart silicone, open-topped enema bag
  • 6 feet of silicone enema hose
  • One ramp clamp
  • One 3/4"-diameter white Delrin nozzle

This enema kit is ideal for those with anal sensitivities. The 3-quart bag capacity will allow you to clear out the entire colon. The silicone material of the bag and hose allows you to use essential oils in the first and second enema in your enema series. The ramp clamp offers easier flow control of your enema solution. The stainless steel S-hook provides versatility in where you hang your enema equipment.

Delrin Nozzle: Insertable length: 6 inches | Diameter: 3/4 inch | Color: white


The silicone enema bag included in this kit carries a lifetime warranty. (The warranty does not apply to other items in this kit.)

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