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Welles Step
Welles Step Toilet Squat Tool




Throughout most of human history, and still in much of the world today, people squat directly over the ground (or floor level with plumbing) when they move their bowels; there is no upright porcelain toilet fixture involved, as most of us are accustomed to. The Welles Step helps to return you to the more natural and traditional geometry, positioning your body so that you are squatting to a greater degree when you sit on your modern toilet fixture, thereby reducing the anorectal angle (see diagram). Squatting, by supporting the abdominal wall and the bowel as you bear down, brings about a more complete bowel evacuation. In this way, people who use the Welles Step tend to have fewer hemorrhoids, hernias, anal fissures, and varicose veins, and use less laxatives. Complete bowel evacuation on a regular basis helps to lead us to robust health.

The Welles Step fits under your toilet when not in use.

anorectal angle during bowel movement

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