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Ortho Molecular Probiotic 225 - 15 packets
Probiotic 225 - 15 packets



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NOT FOR RESALE! Ortho Molecular allows Optimal Health Network to sell its supplements only for personal use, never for resale. Ortho Molecular requires all products be purchased within the context of an established doctor/patient relationship. If you don't have a doctor, we invite you to CLICK HERE to schedule a personal health consultation by phone with Kristina Amelong. The maximum permitted order quantity for any Ortho Molecular product is 3. Any orders which we suspect are being placed for resale purposes will be cancelled and refunded unless we are contacted by phone within 24 hours to confirm personal use.

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CONTAINS: 15 packets (3 grams each)

Hulston's research is now showing that the "tight junctions" between the cells lining your gut may also break down if the microbiotic makeup of your gut is out of whack. Probiotics have a potential role in shoring up these gut-wall breaches. This is hopeful news for those who suffer from leaky gut syndrome.

Growing evidence supports the use of high-dose probiotics as intensive support for patients with significant GI and immune distress.

Each extra-strength packet is guaranteed to have 225 billion CFUs at the time of expiration, making it one of the most potent bio-therapeutic agents available.

Probiotic 225 is formulated to travel easily and requires no refrigeration to retain maximum potency.

Probiotic 225 is a multistrain probiotic and each strain has been specially selected for its unique metabolic activity and ability to support normal intestinal ecology.

Strength and durability are key elements of probiotic efficacy. The hardy strains chosen for Probiotic 225 have been researched and verified to survive the harshness of the GI environment and withstand a variety of pH ranges.

Probiotic 225 ingredients

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