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Video Download: "Large-Volume Enema"
Large Volume Enema Video Download




This 13-minute downloadable enema video details how a beginning enema user can easily and effectively use a large-volume enema bag to clear out the entire length of the colon at home, providing the same therapeutic effectiveness of a professional colon cleanse session at a fraction of the cost. Kristina Amelong, certified colon hydrotherapist, demonstrates how to set up and use an enema bag, how to prepare the enema solution, how to use a tubing clamp, how to lubricate and insert the nozzle, and how to easily take a full two quarts of enema solution to fully clear out the entire colon. This demonstration uses massage and deep breathing to assist you. This video also details how to clean your enema equipment and how to learn more about effective colon cleansing procedures. This videois available as a download only.

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