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The Prostate: How to Overcome BPH and Frequent Urination

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about the prostate, since the gland plays a role in both sex and urination. So, here we go: take care of your prostate like you take care of your teeth!

Good prostate health throughout your entire lifetime is achievable. As you will see in the testimonial below, most people erroneously believe that prostate problems are as natural to aging as is gray hair.

prostate essential oils

Not true!!!

What should you do to optimize the health of the prostate and overcome BPH and frequent urination?

1. Take an enema series one to seven times per week for a period of three months.

2. Apply our OHN Essential Oil Blend for BPH for excellent prostate health and overcoming BPH (Frankincense, Myrrh, Orange, Balsam Fir, Sage) directly to the prostate using suppositories.

Most OHN clients who have used this self-care prostate protocol has felt improved prostate health and significant relief of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), frequent urination, and other related symptoms of BPH. With restored healthy circulation from in-home colon cleansing and implanting of the BPH treatment of essential oil suppositories, many men are finding that the prostate returns to full health very quickly.

Here I share the success story of one client who has worked with this healing program:

Client Testimonial

Relief from Frequent Urination

"Your how-to enema advice made taking a daily enema series easy as pie. Each night, after I did this, I then have used your essential oil suppository for prostate health and my benign prostatic hyperplasia, which my doctor told me was as natural to aging as gray hair. I didn't want to believe that - I am only 52 years old. After a week, I no longer was dealing with frequent urination. Now, three months later, I am still in great shape. I take a weekly enema and use the essential oil suppositories twice a week. Thank you. This is such a relief. I would wake up as many as 5 times a night to urinate. Now, after using your program, I sleep like a baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Believe me, I am telling all my friends - those who will listen, of course. It is kind of a touchy subject..."

~ Bob

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is an AVOIDABLE enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland (from the Greek prostates literally "one who stands before", "protector", "guardian") is a filter to protect the sperm from toxins. Yes, one of its main jobs is to collect toxins. Of course, after many years of its cleansing work, the prostate needs support to continue to filter toxins without losing all of its elegant functioning.

It is simple, easy, and effective to support your prostate so you don't develop BPH and experience all of its related symptoms like frequent urination, a sensation that the bladder isn't empty, a sudden need to urinate, and so forth.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Watch this video to see how one of the Optimal Health Center clients overcame benign prostatic hyperplasia with our BPH treatments.

About the Optimal Health Network protocol for optimizing prostate health and treatment for BPH:

A blend of frankincense, myrrh, orange, balsam fir, and sage is used in a coconut oil suppository at night, ideally after taking an enema series. Delivering these essential oils via the colon brings their supportive powers directly to the prostate, where they are most needed.

1. How to Take an Enema Series

A good enema program occurs when you are able to infuse enough filtered water into your colon to stimulate peristalsis throughout the entire colon, thus cleansing the entire colon. You take this by taking a series of three enemas.

2. Video: How to Make Essential Oil Suppositories

Essential oil suppositories can be made with our 21-capacity suppository tray, coconut oil, and the essential oil blend of frankincense, myrrh, orange, balsam fir, and sage. Our suppository tray is rounded at the bottom to create easy-to-use coconut and essential oil suppositories for smooth insertion into the rectum. The design of this silicone tray also allows for easy popping out of the suppositories.

Add liquid coconut oil into the bottom of each cup of the tray, freeze the cubes. Once solid, add 5-6 drops of the essential oil blend, and then fill each cup to its top. Freeze again. Use suppositories as needed by inserting into rectum.

Some people may leak out oil. You many need to sleep on a Chux pad or use a pad in your underwear. If you insert the suppository at bedtime, you will have less leakage.

By Kristina Amelong