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Optimal Health Center Adrenal, Hormone, and Gastrointestinal Testing

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Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Testing (ASI) and Gastrointestinal Health Panels (GIHP) are effective tools for developing an individualized health program. Together they assess adrenal stress, hormone levels, gut immunity, blood sugar metabolism, protein metabolism, thyroid function, tissue mineral levels, metal toxicity, gallbladder function, and gastrointestinal function and health.

At the Optimal Health Center, we have found that whether you want to monitor the progress of your colon cleanse program for detoxification, combat a chronic illness, or overcome hormonal imbalances and/or digestive disorders, these unique and accurate assessment tools provide you with a foundation to address your bodily needs with clinical accuracy. The HTMA and ASI and/or GIHP work best in concert and when taken continuously every three months.

We have also recently introduced the Male Hormone Panel Saliva Test (MHP), Expanded Female Hormone Panel Saliva Test (eFHP), Expanded Post Menopausal Panel Saliva Test (ePHP 1), and the Vitamin D 25-OH, Total Test Kit.

All of our tests can be purchased online with downloadable instructions or are available by appointment at the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Contact us to make an appointment or just ask questions. We have many years of experience and have worked with thousands of clients.

When you place your order with Optimal Health Network for one of the saliva tests, you can expect to receive it within 10 days.

After you send the kit back to us and we receive it, it takes approximately 5-6 days for us to receive the test results from the lab. We will email the test results to you as soon as we receive them.




NOTE: Due to New York state regulations, we cannot provide some of our testing services to residents of the state of New York.