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Optimal Health Network Organic Enema Coffee - Whole Bean - 5 lb
Optimal Health Network Enema Coffee 5 lb bag Whole Bean



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The coffee enema detoxifies the liver as well as cleans the colon. Coffee stimulates the liver to make more bile. Bile, from the gallbladder, draws out environmental and metabolic toxins as well as the very irritating toxins from Candida albicans and other parasite-like organisms. The colon is the organ responsible for carrying away these toxins. In addition, coffee enemas stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that clean the blood. In these ways, coffee enemas are an essential resource in a colon cleansing program.

After using coffee enemas at the Optimal Health Center for over 15 years, with excellent results, we have developed our own organic, high-caffeine, high-palmitate coffee blend made especially for coffee enemas. All of our coffee is tested upon receipt to the U.S. for toxins and mold to ensure it is of the highest quality; anything that doesn't pass testing is rejected.

Optimal Health Network guarantees the therapeutic quality of our enema coffee for one full year. Keep your enema coffee in an airtight container stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

If you wish to drink our coffee, the flavor is bright and nutty, with a tart note on the finish.

Seven reasons to try our made-for-enema coffee

Also available in 1-lb. whole bean or 1-lb. ground

How to Take a Coffee Enema

Dee Dee Delkamp of the Optimal Health Center describes the benefits of coffee enemas and gives step-by-step instructions for taking a coffee enema on your own at home.

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