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Standard Process MediHerb Golden Seal 1:3 - 200 ml
Standard Process MediHerb Golden Seal


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Golden Seal contains alkaloids (especially hydrastine and berberine) and other phytochemicals. Golden Seal 1:3 contains a minimum of 8.0 mg/mL of both hydrastine and berberine to ensure optimal strength and quality. The substances in Golden Seal, particularly these alkaloids, work together to:

  • help maintain healthy mucous membranes
  • cleanse the gastrointestinal tract
  • assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support free and clear breathing
  • help maintain healthy mucus function
  • stimulate digestion
  • support the normal production and flow of bile
  • help support the body's response to environmental stress
Golden Seal ingredients

Complimentary Educational Tools:

Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis) is an endangered herb and as a result is very expensive and often substituted by other herbs. The substituted herbs usually contain the substance berberine which provides the yellow color, but they do not contain hydrastine which is unique to Golden Seal. Only HPLC enables this differentiation to be made. MediHerb only buys cultivated Golden Seal to ensure long term sustainability of the herb. MediHerb tests each batch of Golden Seal raw material and finished product to ensure the claimed levels of hydrastine and berberine are present. Using HPLC, MediHerb is able to clearly differentiate true Golden Seal from other berberine-containing herbs. The table below demonstrates the difference between the various berberine-containing species. The top trace is an example of substitution where a professional product being sold in Australia as Indian Golden Seal matched the trace of Coptis chinensis.

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