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Natural Body Care Products

Organic Sunshine Butter LuSa Organics Sunshine Butter

This all-natural sunshine butter is a great product for the whole family to use!

LuSa Organics Better Balm LuSa Organics Better Balm

Better Balm is a perfect multi-tasking body product that heals a variety of skin issues.

Unscented Calendula Lip Balm LuSa Organics Unscented Calendula Lip Balm

LuSa Organic's unscented calendula lip balm is all natural and deeply moisturizing.

Magnesium Mist LuSa Organics Lavender Magnesium Mist

Magnesium Mist is essential for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health, as well as sleep regulation and stress reduction.

Natural Insect Repellent LuSa Organics Natural Insect Repellent - 4 oz

Shoo is a safe, natural, and effective bug spray for the whole family!