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Love Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml
Love Essential Oil Blend




Formulated to bring joy to our lives. When inhaled it brings back memories of being loved, being held and sharing loving times and feelings. Opening our lives where perhaps we have shut down to love, to receiving love or to self-love. When there is grief the adenoids and the adrenals shut down, this blend may open these glands. Helps overcome grief, forgiving others and letting go of negative experiences. What seems like obstacles are no longer obstacles, but opportunities to learn!

INGREDIENTS: Organically Grown Therapeutic Grade Lemon (USA) (Citrus limonum), Orange (Citrus sinensis), Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Roseum), Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Red Mandarin (Citrus nobilis), Ylang Ylang Extra (Cananga odorata genuina), Rose (Rosa damascene), in a base of Wild Fractionated Coconut Oil.

HOW TO USE:For dietary, internal or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid such as water or rice milk. An excellent oil used in suppositories in the colon. Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour three times daily.

CAUTIONS: If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practioner prior to use. Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 24 hours after applying product. Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dark place.

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